Bigger waistline, bigger risk of dying: Study
The bigger a person's waistline, the more likely they are to die of any cause, regardless of whether they are overweight or not, a study says. Researchers found that men and women with large waists...
Bollywood show in Beijing wins hearts
Film troop popularises Indian culture with show titled Ticket to Bollywood
'Arranged marriages are back in fashion'
While Bollywood is getting more and more adventurous in its portrayal of romances, is Vivek Oberoi’s decision to marry a non-celebrity stranger picked by his parents, sparking off a trend?
    Riding high
    With high-end bikes making cycling a fun alternative to driving, enthusiasts are de-clogging city roads, reports Suhas Munshi. See graphics
    Mock meats better than the real thing?
     Mock meats are becoming popular, being introduced in restaurants and supermarkets, to give vegetarians more meal options. But are we willing to bite?
    Jaipur makes a debut as fashion hub
    After Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai, now Jaipur makes a debut as a hub for a fashion week with the  Blenders Pride Jaipur International Fashion Week, featuring designers like...
    Spa culture gains popularity in India
    Beauty salons are now turning into 'spalons' to dish out not just the regular hair cuts and facials but also aroma therapy, soothing massages, easy yoga and maybe even...
    The 37-year-old actress, who made her debut in Bollywood with Kasoor in 2001, is finally cured of cancer. She was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in June. We salute her spirit.
    Sex and the City lead has won four Golden Globe, three Screen Actors Guild and two Emmy Awards for this HBO series. Here's mapping her yin and yang.
    A Mediterranean delight
    A Mediterranean delight



    I am a much braver man in the morning nowadays. There are no apprehensions (therefore no snapping at anything that can speak) and absolutely no dread of the...
    Hell yes. Even M S Dhoni, that strong, silent and cocky captain of the Indian team, is not above making excuses for poor showing on the field. He has blamed...