Woman, by choice
Sex change surgeries are no longer limited to the ‘elusive’ lot, but doctors advise caution.
Jogging in park better than gym
Jogging in the park boosts energy and improves mood more than going to the gym. A walk in the great outdoors is better for body and mind than pounding the treadmill, according to research.
Bigger waistline, bigger risk of dying: Study
The bigger a person's waistline, the more likely they are to die of any cause, regardless of whether they are overweight or not, a study says. Researchers found that men and women with large waists...
It's salsa and rumba time for corporates
It's not yoga and aerobics but salsa, samba, tango, waltz and other western dance forms that constitute the new mantra among corporates to help employees de-stress.
Dear Dr God
Like in the Beatles song, when you find yourself in times of trouble, thinking about God reduces distress. This works only for believers, though, as atheists become more stressed when primed with God-related ideas.
Apricots, day and night
Apricot smoothies and parfaits can be had for breakfast, an afternoon mini-meal or dessert at the end of a long and tiring the day.
Anti-ageing creams do reduce fine wrinkles, but only if used regularly, writes Dr Shehla Agarwal.
Gender harassment, alive and kicking
According to Emily Leskinen from the University of Michigan in the US, gender harassment has a negative personal and professional effect and should be considered a form of sex discrimination, writes Sanchita Sharma.
Riding high
With high-end bikes making cycling a fun alternative to driving, enthusiasts are de-clogging city roads, reports Suhas Munshi. See graphics
Tattooing linked to hepatitis C risk
A new study has revealed that individuals with multiple tattoos that cover large parts of their bodies are at higher risk of contracting hepatitis C and other blood-borne diseases.
Energy express
Ancient medicine of the Vedic period believed that the physical body was only one layer among several layers of energy that make up a body. Chinese medicine and spiritual scholars believe the same.
How to overcome tech fatigue
Fraustrated with the regular stress and hectic schedule at the work place. So its now time for you to take a break and try to pamper yourself by singing loud, having a body massage.
Catch the new fitness trends
Want to know new and improved ways to flex muscles and burn up calories? From Yogilates to Qiangbo, here are a few of the new variations, all available at a gym near you.
5 workout tips for a new gym-goer
New gym-goer, here are some tips for you to follow.
How to avoid vaginal infection
Eat lots of probiotics such as probiotic yogurts to keep and maintain normal vaginal flora.
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The 37-year-old actress, who made her debut in Bollywood with Kasoor in 2001, is finally cured of cancer. She was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in June. We salute her spirit.
Sex and the City lead has won four Golden Globe, three Screen Actors Guild and two Emmy Awards for this HBO series. Here's mapping her yin and yang.
Pakistani plane crash kills 152
Pakistani plane crash kills 152