I want to represent the people of
Washington's 2nd Congressional District


Because I heard the Call to Duty
Now is the time
This is the Place


Join with me to take back the Republic.  

It has become clear to every objective thinker that "change" means the fundamental
transformation of the country into an authoritarian managed state economy.
What do you call it when the state controls the banks, schools, housing,
insurance companies,hospitals, and the means of production?

Every act has been to assert power and control over the people.

We have a Harvard Constitutional Lawyer who is an ideologue bent on usurping the
purpose and intent of the founders governing document.  
This will be accomplished through the conventional means of Executive Order,
Bureaucratic Regulation, Judicial interpretation, and lastly Congressional Legislation.

The hour is late and it is a race for power and control.
What will it be?  

Freedom  or  Despotism
Liberty  or  Tyranny

"It's the economy........" Only, now it's fear of economic collapse, and I fear that it is worse
than most people realize. There is an impending perfect storm of historic public and private
debt, deficits combined with declining revenues, increasing taxes and a natural economic
down cycle.  We must create jobs and stimulate the economy now; all other issues pale to

Add to this an administration apparently intent on radical revolutionary fundamental
transformation through a "crisis and collapse" strategy as described by
Cloward and Piven;
and we have a world transformed.

I propose that we take the opportunity to unwind 100 years of progressive legislation
starting with the creation of the IRS in 1913 and ending in the current crisis of bankrupt
health care and carbon trade policies.
I would further eliminate whole cabinet level departments
Patriot Act, Homeland Security, the Department of Education, and Drug Enforcement
Administration for starters.

We are the last bastion of freedom and liberty left on the planet and
there is nowhere else to go.    (maybe Afghanistan or Somalia)

All of the third world countries have been co-opted by the world bank and  IMF through
currency collapse and loan agreements that transfer social and political control to the
world financial institutions.   The same plan is in effect for the rest of the world.  It has
already started with the PIIGS; Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain.  These socialist
countries cannot afford the generous state jobs and retirement pensions that they have
promised their citizens.  Their economy collapses, government pay checks and pension
checks bounce and the people riot in the streets.
This appears to be the plan for northern Europe and the United States.  
We are at the point of no return.
The interest on the national debt will overwhelm the GDP.  

This little experiment in self-government is about to come to an end.  
And, it will be irreversible.  

I propose to Create Jobs by the proven method reducing or eliminating income tax
withholdings, corporate taxes and capital gains.  
And to further eliminate regulations that not necessary for public safety and environmental

The objective is to return to our constitutional principles as set forth in the Declaration of
Independence as those inalienable rights of
Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
I believe that the American entrepreneurs can provide the jobs and we can produce our
way back to lead the world in economic development.
We need the political leadership to get the government out of the way.

I would further reduce expenses by eliminating whole cabinet level departments;
the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, the Department of Education, and
the Drug Enforcement Administration for starters....

Every act by this administration is to increase power and control over the individual
through bureaucratic and judicial fiat.  

We need Representatives who have the personal strength, integrity, knowledge,
judgement, resources and the will to do what needs to be done for the good of the country.

We do not operate in a vacuum.   Again, we are the only obstacle to
global forces in
motion that seek dominion and control.  If we fall, there will be no place left for individual
liberty and freedom.

Do "We The People" really have the power to control the government as intended?    

The electoral process can become a non-event like all the other  so-called "Democracies".  
Carmack for Congress
Had Enough ?    Join with Me

"Preserve, Protect & Defend the Constitution"
Tel:  423-946-7003   Fax:  360-557-5049
I want to thank you for being concerned enough
to investigate this site.  I think that you will find
that I am very different from the other candidates.  
 I am here out of a sense of duty to defend the
Republic against enemies that would destroy her
from within through economic collapse.  
And, my liberty in the process.  

I am working on this website now and all updates
are in blue font and will be cataloged on the
bottom of this page.

I am providing quick links to issues on the control
bar on the left so that you can investigate my
positions quickly.

I am adding links in the text to more information
and what I consider "interesting" information.   
I appreciate any input regarding your issues of

If you agree and support my candidacy I urge you
to help me spread the word as we approach the
primary election on Aug 17.


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