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Thu August 12, 2010
Breaking News
Iranian Guards chief Jafari warns US it is not strong enough for a military strike on Iran • He said Iranian armed forces fully ready to counter an attack • Lebanon does not want US military aid if contingent on non-use against Israel, Lebanese defense minister Elias More says • Assad and visiting Iranian FM Mottaki discuss "Israeli military threats" in Latakia Wednesday • US Special Forces chief in Iraq Brig.-Gen Patrick Higgins: Al Qaeda remains "pretty much intact" • Gunmen fired on the Israeli commandoes dropping on the decks of the Turkish Gaza-bound ship, army chief Gen. Ashkenazi told the panel investigating the May 29 incident • Nine Turkish activists died in the ensuing clash • The IDF erred in assigning too few troops to the mission, Ashkenazi said • When the Navy chief saw this, he correctly sent reinforcements • Ashkenazi stressed the operation was impossible to abort at that stage • In his testimony Tuesday, defense minister Barak said it was up to him to decide on the mission, and the army to determine if could be done • They did not rule it out as impossible • Netanyahu earlier told the panel that Israel acted legally after all diplomatic efforts at highest levels to stop the flotilla failed • He accused Hamas of gross violations of international law and human rights •
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