Biographical Sketch
Member of Parliament
13th Lok Sabha



Father’s Name                 Shri John Fernandes

Mother’s Name                 Smt. Alice Fernandes

Date of Birth                    3 June 1930

Place of Birth                   Mangalore (Karnataka)

Marital Status                  Married

Date of Marriage              21 July 1971

Spouse’s Name                 Smt. Leila Kabir

No. of Sons                       One

Profession                         Trade Unionist, Agriculturist, Political Activist and Journalist

Permanent Address          3, Leonard Road, Richmond Town,
                                          Bangalore-560 025
                                          Tel. (080) 2214143

Present Address                3, Krishna Menon Marg,
                                          New Delhi-110 011
                                          Tels. (011) 3017172, 3016035
                                          Fax. (011) 3793397
Positions Held

   1967                            Elected to 4th Lok Sabha

   1967-70                       Member, Committee on Petitions

   1969-73                       General Secretary, Samyukta Socialist Party

   1973-77                       Chairman, Socialist Party
                                       President, All India Railwaymen’s Federation

   1977                            Re-elected to 6th Lok Sabha (2nd term)

   March-July 1977          Union Cabinet Minister, Communications

   1977-79                       Union Cabinet Minister, Industry

   1980                            Re-elected to 7th Lok Sabha (3rd term)

   1989                            Re-elected to 9th Lok Sabha (4th term)

   1989-90                       Union Cabinet Minister, Railways

   March-May 1990         Minister of Kashmir Affairs (Additional charge)

   1990-91                       Member, Railway Convention Committee

   1991                            Re-elected to 10th Lok Sabha (5th term)

   1993-96                       Member, Committee on Finance
                                       Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of  Home Affairs

   1994 onwards              President, Samata Party

   1996                            Re-elected to 11th Lok Sabha (6th term)

   1996-97                       Member, Committee on External Affairs
                                       Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Human Resource

   1998                            Re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha (7th term)

   1998-99                       Union Cabinet Minister, Defence
                                       Member, General Purposes Committee

   1999                            Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (8th term)
                                       Leader, Janata Dal (U), Parliamentary Party, Lok Sabha

   13 Oct. 1999-             Union Cabinet Minister, Defence
   16 March 2001           Member, General Purposes Committee

   15 Oct. 2001-              Union Cabinet Minister, Defence

Books Published

(i) ‘What Ails the Socialists’; (ii) ‘Railway Strike of 1974’; and (iii) ‘George Fernandes

Literary, Artistic and Scientific Accomplishments

Editor, “The Other side” (English monthly); and  Chairman, Editorial Board of Pratipaksh
(Hindi monthly)

Special Interests

Human rights and civil liberties movements all over the world and anti-nuclear and environmental

Countries Visited

Widely travelled

Other Information

As President of the All India Railwaymen’s Federation led the Railway strike involving
1.5 million workers in 1974, resulting in thousands being sent to jail. This was one of the events
that led to the imposition of the Emergency in June 1975; during the Emergency went underground
and fought the existing rule; arrested in June 1976 on the charge of overawing and overthrowing
the Government in what came to be known as Baroda Dynamite conspiracy case; fought the
1977 elections from jail; Founder Chairman, The New India Cooperative Bank; Co-Chairman,
 Indo-Libyan, Indo-GDR and Indo-Hungarian Joint Commissions, 1977-79; Chairman, (i) India
 Development Group, London, 1979; (ii) Schumacher Foundation, 1979; President, Hind
 Mazdoor Kisan Panchayat; Member, (i) Amnesty International; (ii) Press Council of India; and
(iii) People’s Union for Civil Liberties; associated with Samajwadi Abhiyan—a platform for
Socialist Campaigns; Convenor, National Democratic Alliance of the Parties of the ruling coalition

                                         Election Result of  Nalanda Lok Sabha Constituency

      Total electorate                                           11,80,008
      Total votes polled                                          8,78,611
      Poll percentage                                               74.46%
      Valid votes                                                    8,71,579

      Votes polled in favour of the  first four leading candidates:

        (1) Shri George Fernandes*     [J.D.(U)]             4,64,458     53.29%
        (2) Shri Gaya Singh                  (C.P.I.)               3,58,637     41.15%
        (3) Shri Surendra Ram             [C.P.I. (ML) (L)]   42,612       4.89%
        (4) Shri Siwa Shankar Prasad  [S.J.P. (R)]              1,750       0.20%

*       A break-away group of Janata Dal (United) w.e.f. 23 July 2000.
*    Now a member of Janata Dal (Samata), a break-away group of Janata Dal (United) w.e.f. 23 July 2000