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Subscription Type License Fee Features
 Community Colleges US$508 / GB£324 / EUROS €373  per year With FTE up to 1000
Community Colleges US$634 / GB£405 / EUROS €466  per year With FTE 1001 - 2000
Community Colleges US$762 / GB£487/ EUROS €560   per year With FTE 2001 - 4000
Community Colleges US$1015 / GB£649/ EUROS €746   per year With FTE 4001 - 6000
Community Colleges US$1270/ GB£812/ EUROS €933  per year With FTE 6001 - 8000
Community Colleges US$1523/ GB£973/ EUROS €1119  per year With FTE 8001 - 10000

FTE: Full Time Equivalent (Staff and all Students)
For Community Colleges (with unlimited simultaneous users) with FTE more than 10000, additional *US$101 or GB£64 or *EUROS €74 for each block of FTE 500. FTE's over 10,000 will be rounded to the nearest 500. (i.e. FTE of 11,200 will be rounded down to 11,000. FTE of 11,275 will be rounded to 11,500.)
Institutions from Developing Countries are entitled for discount of 40% on the above rates

Subscription fee collection policy:
Subscribers from USA, Europe and UK will be charged in US$, Euros, UK Pounds respectively.   Subscribers from all other regions will be charged in US$.

Consortia pricing and licensing is available on request - helpdesk@eolssonline.net

Due to uploading operations, the website may not be available on alternate weekends (Saturdays and Sundays with reference to (GMT-06:00) Central Time, USA and Canada).

A small percentage (less than 1%) of graphics and tables are also yet to be prepared for mounting on to the website.

Access is normally given within 72 hrs following payment of subscription fee.

   Community Colleges
      For Community Colleges subscribers Continue

The EOLSS is an integrated compendium of Twenty Encyclopedias, regarded as the largest on-line publication carrying knowledge for our times. It is a virtual dynamic library equivalent to about 235 Themes, with contributions from thousands of scholars from over 100 countries and edited by about 300 subject experts.

Five volumes introducing and capturing the perspectives of the vast EOLSS body of knowledge are separately available in print

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