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Throw down with Tekken Resolute by Namco! Intense graphics and animation highlight this new entry to the hit franchise! Bring the pain with crushing combos against eight iconic fighters! Enter the King of the Iron Fist Tournament in Arcade Mode,  discover the motivations of your fighter in Story Mode and battle through enemy-filled stages in Tekken Force Mode! Bow to the King of the Iron Fist!
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• An original entry in the top fighting franchise!

• Fast fighting action for your mobile device.

• The fight card is full with three hard-hitting game modes!

• TEKKEN's most famous fighters! Jin Kazama, Paul Phoenix, Ninia Williams, Marshall Law, Yoshimitsu, King, and more!
Choose one of the available fighters, each with their own array of movements and special attacks. Then defeat all the other characters in best of three matches.

• Use Practice Mode to practice attacks and combos.

• Try combinations of buttons like 6-6-5, 4-6-5, or 6-4-9 to unleash special attacks.

• Earn gold by finishing Arcade, Story or TEKKEN Force Mode to purchase custom outfits!
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