jews and other cult victims!:

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 Hitler is in drag, eating little burned Palestinian cookies!  Aipac translated the picture to mean:  I was making fun of holocaust victims.  morons, the murderers of the jewish people.  Many of the Palestinian people are jewish and became christian after Israel stole their land and homes.  They were dark skinned, and so driven out of their homes by a cheney-ized Judeo Christian Bushite America.  the jewish american socialists are sending a flotilla from america to break the blockade of the anti-semitic zionists in Gaza!   Zionists are German.  weird hybrid.  In order to defeat euro socialism, Hitler leveraged the rich jewish industrialists against the working class jews.  The Russian accounts say that the last trains to Auschwitz were first class, as that is all the leverage left to the jewish oligarchs within the 'reich', (other than the jews like Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler at the top).  The scientists of the Reich successfully created a mutant human--a hybrid of Jewish mentality and German Resolve, the Zionist-- He who broke the back of the labor movements and socialism,--- which is the goal of National Socialism---(different word for the American Southern Confederacy-the one Anne Coulter loves).  


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oculus    August 6, 2010 3:02 PM
Multidificulti    August 9, 2010 4:53 AM

"Many of the Palestinian people are jewish and became christian after Israel stole their land and homes" is not true.
The area you call Palestine was once the homeland of the jews, they were kicked out by the roman empire.
Later the Turks took over the country and they didn't give anything back to the original people called Jews.
No when the Turks took Palestine they used it as a part of their empire (muslimperialism)and a lot of Turks went to Palestine stealing land from the people overthere. One of the biggest Palestinian Fam. is the Fam. Doghmush see .
The family originally came to Gaza from Turkey in the early 20th century and as a result their name is also spelled using current Turkish orthography as Doğmuş, pronounced "Doe-moosh", which means "born" using the inferential or dubitative past tense.
The Doghmush clan was never jewish and never became christian and Israel never stole their land and homes.
The family has reportedly been involved in extortion, smuggling, arms dealing, and the ruthless dispatch of rivals, and has been dubbed " The Sopranos of Gaza City".

Roseanne    August 9, 2010 9:01 AM

It is true. The racism of the Israeli government caused and still causes them to regard darker skinned jews as 'Arabs' and expel/discriminate against them. I have read all this in Israeli newspapers over the years. Many of the expelled were dark skinned "Sephardic" jews who converted to Christianity. It sickens me that you call Palestinians criminals.

Tamar    August 9, 2010 10:48 PM

maybe if you were here instead of "reading newspapers over the years", you would know better and stop calling our government and our soldiers nazzis. i don't know what were the circumstances in which your family immigrated to the USA, i'm sure it was a lot easier for them instead of coming here to the promised land. and as for the flotilla - you can say words from the kabbalah as much as you want - i'll quote from the bible which came before the kabbalah - he who comes to kill you, kill him first and with that note - i wish they would have drowned the ship with it's "peace fanatic muslim activists. i pity you;

DI    August 10, 2010 1:54 AM
in reply to Roseanne

Dear Roseanne,
i am a jewish israeli woman, currently living in Israel.
what you are saying is not true, but at the same time you will find a lot of people agreeing with you.
the way i see it- you are a victim of the new-antisemitsm, meaning hating Israel.
i know it's easy to live in USA,talking and hating Israel.
you are so wrong, and falling as victim to people who wants to harm jews.
sorry for my poor english.
thank you for poblishing this, i hope you will take it to consideration.

Genius    August 10, 2010 1:59 AM

In the future, all children will learn to recite pieces of Roseanne's wisdom the way they recite the Pledge of Allegiance or the Lord's Prayer today.

Roseanne    August 10, 2010 4:02 AM

to tamar: kaballah was first, not the bible. The oral tradition came before the written. Learn something about Judaism sometime, it will help you! Judaism would never call a flotilla bringing aid to starving people in Gaza an attack on an army, only Zionism (which in not Judaism) would do that. Judaism also teaches about things like justice, peace, and respect for humanity. Zionism teaches hatred and unstoppable war. I pray for the day when Zionists learn about Judaism.

Roseanne    August 10, 2010 4:04 AM

to genius; WOW! Thanks for your very kind words.

Roseanne    August 10, 2010 4:11 AM

to Di: I have not fallen victim to anything. I do not think it is anti-semitic to condemn Israel's horrible government and it's racist and inhumane policies, in fact, I think that everyone who blindly supports the terrible things Israel does creates anti-semitism. israel will not survive without making peace. Israel needs to stop trying to destroy peace in the middle east.

Sharon    August 10, 2010 4:44 AM

i always tough of you as one of the most intelligent people in the entertainment business,, but your words made me realize are not. not even a bit..
no one is trying to destroy the middle east..we are just trying to survive as we did thousand of years ago and still keeping hanging on until today and a Jew you need to know the stories the history, and i have to tell you, a Jew person who talks about the holocaust as you just did,, doesn't deserves to b called a Jew. and if u hate us so much you can go on convert your self to Islam or Christianity call yourself Fatima or maria i dont care.when you will move to israel b apart of us see whats really happening here..then come and say whatever you want, but until then..keep you racists idiotic thoughts to yourself. thank you! HAPPY ROSH HASHANA!

LovetheLove    August 10, 2010 7:29 AM

Ha, you seem to forget something Sharon, this is Roseanne's own blog, she doesn't have to keep her thoughts to herself. AND she's entitled to be wrong some of the time because we ALL are. But when it comes to THIS issue, I don't even know if she's wrong or not. I'm just here to learn AND to teach what I feel *I've* already learned.

The only thing I know of about the Israeli situation is that the Israeli GOVERNMENT is scum just like ALL governments are scum and always have been. Just like almost all organized religions. Do you REALLY think that Roseanne has anything against ordinary Jewish people? Of course not! Aren't you even aware of the fact that there are some Jewish activist organizations who team up with Palestinian activist organizations in the cause of PEACE???? Probably not. So please consider getting your information from more than just corporate sources and expand your scope of understanding and stop insulting people based on an ignorant philosophy that isn't even your own, but the government's. GET...A...GRIP...please.

But for the record, I hate the Israeli government because I hate ALL government. But I love the Israeli common people like I love ALL common people. Without trying to speak for Roseanne, I'm sure he most likely agrees on that.

LovetheLove    August 10, 2010 7:32 AM

LOL, I'm sure *she* agrees on that.

Roseanne    August 10, 2010 10:41 AM

sharon: let's make this simple: do you think it is wrong to use white phosphorous against a civilian population or not?
PS-- Happy Yom Kippur too (the day where you admit the horrible things you do and the horrible things you support to God Almighty and beg for forgiveness---have you heard of that?)

Roseanne    August 10, 2010 10:51 AM

sharon---do you think anything jews do is wrong at all, ever? I challenge you to name one thing wrong with Israel's government, and I will bet you have no idea.

Kasem    August 10, 2010 12:07 PM

You are totally right.

My family was forced to immigrate from Iraq to Ramat Gan by the German Zionists in the early 1950's.
Then they were discriminated because we have darker skin. Not directly done, but the Ashkenazi Jews(look, there is a Nazi in Ashkenazi, I wonder what Ashke means) forced us to convert to Islam (only correction I have for you) and my parents moved to live in Kiriat Shemona, one of the run down so called "development towns" known to be the places where the Ashkenazis dumped all the Sefaradic Jews. After a while they left to Gaza. My uncle was an informer to the CIA during the 67 war, he was caught and the US gave us asylum in Dearborn Michigan where we met some relatives from Lebanon (I will keep their story for another time).
If my intuition is right, Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, is also from Jewish Sefaradic decent, what may explain his attitude towards the Ashkenazi Jews in Israel.

Roseanne    August 10, 2010 1:19 PM

thank you so much for the true story! I didn't realize that the jews were forced by Israel to convert to Islam, but that makes sense--I have heard from other jews who were expelled from Israel that their families became Christian. G-d bless all the Jewish people who were thrown out of Israel by German zionists! I was raised Sephardi.

Tamar    August 10, 2010 2:02 PM
in reply to Roseanne

i don't think i'm in the spiritual level required to go and study kabbalah, but i do know that you're the one full of hatred to your own people. i don't agree with a lot of our governments' deeds (hope i spelled it right) but there's a difference between not agreeing and calling them nazzis. it's a word too easily used.why don't you speak of gilad shalit who is in their prison for the past 4 years with no contact even from the red cross? why don't you speak of the civilians who are being bombed from the south and the north? i want to tell you something - i live in the north part of israel and for years my city has been bombed. last week there was a heavy sound of bombs close to our city - my 8 year old son started crying and my 2 year old son never returned to sleep in his bed since speak of the aid that needs to be brought to gaza. the trucks with the supply from israel stood there for days. the hammas prevented the trucks from getting inside the gaza strip. if we were nazzis as you say, we would have left them there to rot and not send aid of food and medicine. and even when they (hammas) do let them in, their families and close friends enjoy all that instead of the people who really need it. if you want to spread love as you say, provoking is not the raise nothing but anger and hatred in people hearts with what you're saying.

Tamar    August 10, 2010 4:04 PM

my god you made me so angry. who the hell do you think you are living thousands of miles away from here passing judgement at our people? i invite you to come and watch closely and learn the truth. not from the newspapers and tv!!!!!!!!people here - innocent people(!!) are being killed on a daily basis just because they are jews (does it ring a bell regarding the holocaust and nazzis?) how can you even talk about love and peace if you don't have them for your own race? are you still our race? families are torn due to terror acts from people who see blood in their eyes and children are being killed just because they live in israel. is that what you mean? for us to leave israel? never!!!!!i cry whenever a child is dead - no matter what race. our army is mercifull and bad mistakes happen, just like road accidents, but the other side does its' terror on purpose against civilians - just like the 2nd lebanon war was mainly against civilians!!!and you talk about praying for forgivness on Yom kipur? you should start now. i think you enjoy this - writing all these nonsense -you need the publicity so why not get it like this.

proudisraeli    August 10, 2010 4:11 PM

Roseanne? first of all, the only reason I signed up for your blog is this debate.
Here's what I have to say - you are ignorant, fed by the anti-semetic world-wide press.
Forgot about all the NECESSARY wars we had? about the cities that are being bombed every day? how about those exploding Israeli buses? or the soldiers being tortured and murdered by those muslim assholes? Or the fact that the Israeli navy just asked to check the ship and they started mercilessly attacking them? did you forget the navy went to that ship with PAINTBALL GUNS? which were over-powered by axes and such? maybe GILAD SHALIT rings the bell?
Yeah Roseanne, till you live here for a while and get a taste of THE REAL WORLD, SHUT UP.

proudisraeli    August 10, 2010 4:15 PM

oh and I forgot. just in case you didn't know, muslims use their babies as human shields. which isn't really a surprise 'cause they have no mercy or respect for human lives, and basicly no emotion at all.

Roseanne    August 10, 2010 4:29 PM

Cut down on the caffeine, hon! Your escalating panic and irrational accusations are stinking up any chance of rational dialogue. Do you know this? Muslims are the same as your people are. You have so much in common, you are being a racist when you say muslims have no mercy or respect for human lives. this is what those who hold gilad shalit say about the jews! You guys are cousins, now figure out how to get along with each other. It is all a labor issue, hon, not a political issue at all. Israel needs to pay their work force, the palestinians better and provide better housing for them, that is all. stop your tribal drum beating now hon, lets learn to communicate effectively when we disagree!

Roseanne    August 10, 2010 4:36 PM

tamar, why would you move your innocent children out into illegal settlements where everyone on earth agrees is occupied land? Do you love your children? You need to move closer in to undisputed land if you do not want to have rockets coming at you and your kids. you need to think things through clearly hon! You are doing the wrong things and that is why you are so angry! (this is what kaballah teaches--all who are angry and who feel they are being treated unfairly are actually treating someone else unfairly and reaping the karma for that action. Moving inland, and respecting international law will help you to be more respected too, hon! just trying to help!

Roseanne    August 10, 2010 4:39 PM

tamar here are some facts for you--israel has killed one hundred times the civilians that the Palestinians have killed. Do you think that is justice...yes or no?

Roseanne    August 10, 2010 4:43 PM

For those who have any idea of the things I talk about here (not too many!), I am for peace on earth.

Chris    August 10, 2010 6:24 PM

roseanne i do not know a lot on this topic but i trust your thoughts and i am a jew too.

Sharon    August 11, 2010 12:01 AM

i know about yom kippur and i am fasting,, but i didn't do anything wrong. that is way im so upset about this blog. you know why??? because when you talk like that, you saying,,that all the jew are bad all the Israelis are evil..i dont have anything to feel bad about. im volunteering, im donating what i can.. ive marched for the release of gilad shalit.. im living my life as simple as it can in a happy way,
can i ask you something? what will you say about a bombers who gets on a but and blow up 30 people with him? or an hamash soldier who shoot baby's?? or the hamash who use there own children as a human shield? is that o.k? why? because they arabs?
did u even talked to an arab person who live inside of isreal? do u know what he will say? the hamash are poison..they are better off here then in gaza.. not because of the israeli government..because of the hamash. everybody is blaming the government but no one is looking at those terrorist who talking the mony to feed the civilians and spending it on bombs and guns instead of making the strip a better place. we care more about the gazan people then the hamash does.
i have plenty of arabs friends. i respect them and i look up to them. because they are good people. but we have a problem/ not our government..their government. they dont really want the land..they want us gone..and after we the jews are gone..they will want the Christan gone..did you forget 9/11??? who do u think did that?the Israeli government? nooooo it was an Islam terrorist,,and what you have inside of gaze is a big islamic terror group! the hamsh! we r fighting them not the civilians, and they are using the civilians as their human shield.
what about gilad shalit? is that fair? he is 1508 days wihtout seeing light, doctors..his mom and dad..this is his 5th birthday there. and they dont even let the red cross see him. is that o.k? to shot us is o,k? to drop bombs at "shderot" is o,k? why? because we are israelis???

im inviting you to my house as my guest to come here and see for yourself how we live. dont read at the papers dont come with media coverage visit. come here to the tiny persons apartment and see how we live arabs and jews together, see what the arabs israelis think of the hamash. see whats really going on here. because when you are attaching in public the israeli jews you dont attack our goverment, you are attaching us..and its effect us..

and one mire thing..about the israeli govermt forsed spanish jews to convert to isalam.what? before you listen to kasem never happend! not by the israeli goverment, my faters family came from morroco at the early 50's they got a house education help to grow here,,no one never ever told them to convert! i admit there was a discrimination between ashkenaz jews to spanish jews..but its different now. the times are differnet now.

i do wish you all the best, and dont think you are a bad person, i just thing that you see half of whats really going on. and you from all people should know..
never believe what you read in the papers..

again have a wonderful happy new year. and an easy yom kippur..which is for the soul..for you to unite with your god and ask for forgiveness if you hurt someone.

Sharon    August 11, 2010 12:34 AM

and about your question if i think the israeli government did anything wrong...hooo i have my issues with the Israeli government especial with our pleasant(NOT) prime minister.. out government is shit.. do you feel sorry for the gazan people? what about us? our government rips us off. the money we make is barley enough to last it trough the month, the prices are hight, pay checks are low. school coast here so much its so stupid..but our government never wake up one day and decided to kill people.if you remember or 1947 when the UN gave us a state, they wanted to give the arabs one 2. half and half we said yes..they said no and went out and massacred woman and children.they chose not to have a state and ever since then they want us out.but i am not the government! i didn't choose netanyahoo to be my prime minister.
but as you should know not only the Israeli government did some bad things also the Hamas, Lebanon, turkey, Ireland, Afghanistan, Iraq, the united sates of america, great Britain, France, Russia, china, north Korea, japan, south Africa, Colombia, agenting, mexico, and the list go on and on and on..whey wont you say something about the Turkish government? did you heare what they are doing to the Kurds? did you hear what they did to the Armenian people? is that o.k because they are not the Israeli government? what im saying is.. if you are attaching governments dont attach only the israeli one..dont attack the israelis the jews,,,attack the governments. your title is those jews,,this is hurtful..write the israeli government every time..dont write the Israelis, dont write jews,, write GOVERNMENT! because im not a a graphics designer..who just trying to live here live as easy as she can. and when im traveling to other country's and hearing: "you jews! you Israelis are animals.."its because people like you who have a voice' who people look up to say: thoes israelis' those jews..

and about some history,,take a look at that..just general information:

Roseanne    August 11, 2010 12:42 AM

israelis always say: "well they did it first. they are bad too, they are also immoral." blah blah blah. I dont care what everyone else does--they do not claim to be god's chosen people, but jews do--so you cannot have it both ways! either you are more moral or you are not. Israelis need to stop comparing themselves to the worst people on earth, like Hamas, if they want to claim the high moral ground. Israel cannot exist without my tax money, and I have a right to tell them: Be godly or perish.

Roseanne    August 11, 2010 12:44 AM

Israel's big justification for being criminal: "Hamas sucks too, so ---we are not the only criminal government!

Roseanne    August 11, 2010 12:56 AM

sharon--you are right--its because of people like me who say Israel sucks that causes problems for Israel--it certainly is not because Israel is a fascist non democratic state that attacks its neighbors, and uses white phosphorous against civilians--it's because people like me do not like that Israel acts like a nazi state--that causes people like you so many problems. if I praised Israel for attacking and murdering civilians, then everyone would love Israel.

proudisraeli    August 11, 2010 6:00 AM

and why do you think anyone listens to YOU? or better, why do you think anyone will vote for you here in Israel? you have no idea what's going on here in this area. you know what? I DARE you to live here and instead of eating all the bullshit that the press feeds you, try to survive here and see the truth as it REALLY is.
yeah Roseanne, here's a reality check for you-what do you know about the wars of Israel? nothing. and don't you dare compairing Israel to Nazi Germany. due to the fact that you are a jew, I suggest that you don't even go there.

Kasem    August 11, 2010 6:32 AM

Cudos Rosanne!
You are totally right, Israelis like Tamar should get out of disputed areas!!!
They call Jaffa Tel Aviv to disguise its Arab origins, they should leave Tel Aviv! Tel Aviv was built by Arabs!
They also say Jerusalem is Jewish, we call it Al-Kuds, meaning "the Holly City". Jews abandoned Al-Kuds a long time ago and the name is proof that it is a Muslim city.

Jews should go back to Germany and Austria, where they came from. They were happy there and we were happy here.

Sharon    August 11, 2010 6:42 AM

dont talk to me about chosen one or not chosen one..its so history! no one is claiming anymore about that. religions is not part of this debate. im not saying im chosen, im not saying we deserves keep reminding the white phosphorous is that the only thing you have? you didnt respond on me asking you if its o.k that hamash get up on our buses and bombing us, didnt respond on gilad shalit..i bet u didnt even see that link ive sent..its easy to judge, and you know what,,at my last command i really tried to have a conversation with you. trying maybe to show u another side but you are clearly dont want to hear anything just keep on sayin white phosphorous white phosphorous white phosphorous white phosphorous white phosphorous well theres not much i can say cause i know u wont even stop for a second to see what we are going trough. us the people who live in isreal. you are keep calling israel a natzi even tough we had NEVER NEVER EVER treated the arabs like how the natzis treated out family's in Europe! we never took a child out of his mother hand and sent him to the gas chambers, we had NEVER lined up people in a row and shot them in front of their family and friends, we had NEVER EVER burned people, made them our slaves(remember the unites state south Roseanne??the african american?) we never did any of these things!! never ever bombs civilians without any reason just like that. and u just look fullish..

Kasem    August 11, 2010 7:00 AM
in reply to Sharon

Blah Blah Blah

Rosanne knows Jewish history better than most Jews.
She knows how the government of Israel converted all the Sefaradim into Arabs. She is Sefaradic herself.
You don't teach these facts in Israel schools.

Instead, you attack the building of a Mosque on ground zero, a Mosque meant to bring peace on NYC

Sharon    August 11, 2010 7:18 AM

what king of bullshit are you trying to sell??? who are you? do you even know what ashkenaz ans sfaradic means?? when? i am sfaradic myself and the government never ever tried to convert no one! you claiming to b a jew that was forced to what world??to build a masque in ground zero is like going to the graves of the people who died there and spit on it! what are you crazy? a masque will bring peace to nyc? what what??? what NYC have to do with it?

Roseanne do you really want to live in a state which you will b forced to put a cover on your head? do u want to live in NYC who instead of the twins building they have mosque? are you really letting this fanatic lier a stage here??? leave israel and gaza out of it for this conversation, u read what kasem just wrote and u really believe it?? really?

Kasem    August 11, 2010 7:28 AM
in reply to Sharon

Rosanne stated this fact even before I did, look up on this thread.

Also, you are doing exactly what I mentioned, you are demonizing the Mosque on GZ, just like I said you would.

Mayor Bloomberg is advocating for this Mosque and approved it, and by the way he is Jewish.

The Mosque will bring piece to NYC, it will teach about the values of Islam, not about empty hatred!

Rosanne sees the light and you don't, Allah Il Rahman, one day you will.

Rosanne is not afraid of the trueth, and you don't like it, TOUGH!

Sharon    August 11, 2010 7:39 AM

what you just wrote here shows me your true nature,,you dont care about peace or love or brotherhood you care that everybody will see the "light" your light... that one day everybody will be Muslim like you..that alla will b the god of all..and bla bla bla...

well kasen or what ever your name is..THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! keep believe in it,,its good for your faith,,but know day everybody will see who you really are and what you really want..i just hope it wont b to late and all of the western world will b one big Muslim hell.

Kasem    August 11, 2010 7:47 AM
in reply to Sharon

1. I did not say that

2. to quote you, you just wrote: "i just hope it wont b to late and all of the western world will b one big Muslim hell."
You have hopes, that is good my dear friend.

And yes I do want piece in the world.
Do you even know the meaning of the word ISLAM? it means "by piece" Islam IS the religion of piece.
You are an ignorant to think piece is only between people, piece has lots of meanings, one of which is between one to himself, and that can be reached by Islam. Why do you think Muslims are calm people? Did you ever see a Muslim in rage? probably not.

Fare well my friend, may piece be upon you!

DeanDeluca    August 11, 2010 7:53 AM

Roseanne, you may be for peace on earth, but your knowledge and writing leaves a lot to be desired. I find it difficult to believe that someone who has accomplished the celebrity you did, could write such a rambling tirade that is totally inaccurate.

First, Palestinians were NEVER Jews. And most of them are not (nor have ever been) Christian, though some on the West Bank are(mostly living in and around Bethlehem).

Second, Israel, and the Jews that moved there in the early 1900's and after WWII did not drive Arabs from their homes (and their was no Cheney-Bush Americo ANYTHING. The Jews were more than ready to live in peace with the Arabs in "Palestine," until the Mufti of Jerusalem declared that any Muslim who did not fight the Jews or leave, would be a traitor and would be killed. Hence the start of the war of Independence that began the day the U.N. voted to create the state of Israel. Ever since that time, and the divisions that were created by that declaration, the Jews have been defending themselves, and the Arabs (in various groupings over time) have been attacking. Jewish or note, you need to do a more full and accurate reading of the history surrounding the formation of the State of Israel before being such an ardent critic of the State and its people. And when I say reading, I mean ESTABLISHED REPUTABLE HISTORIANS AND NEWSPAPERS, not some Internet moron or website, who is looking to rewrite history to suit his/her ego or agenda.

Your account of Germany and German Jews, and Hitler and his top Lieutenants is complete and total nonsense, and has no basis in fact. It is utter delusional rambling.

Zionism was founded well before WWII, in the late 1800s by Theodore Hertzl. Jews started moving to Israel in the early 1900s, and started buying land their and working their butts off to cultivate crops in arid desert.

And as for the "Freedom Flotilla" nonsense. It was not the first flotilla to attempt to bring "aid" to the Gazans, just the most public. It was not American (though there were a few Americans on board), but Turkish. Other Flotillas, hid arms, missiles and other munitions in their shipments, so I would say that Israel (in a state of war!) has every reason to want to inspect the goods before allowing them to pass into Gaza.

Any other country under attack would have decimated its enemy by now. Israel has attempted every method it can think of to try to come to peace with its neighbors (not just the Palestinians), including giving land away, unilaterally uprooting its settlements, and going through multiple peace processes.

One can certainly debate the merits of putting the Gazans under siege, but that is very different from your (literally insane) rambling tirade. The Gaza problem, is not a simple one, and humanitarian aid and food go through to the people of Gaza every day, but locking down over a million people because they choose (or were forced to choose) a terrorist group as their government, is unfortunately not going to achieve the necessary forward momentum towards peace and stability.

Israel's actions on Gaza may be mistaken, but they are certainly not without more than reasonable basis. They gave the Gazan's all of Gaza, and the Gazans voted for Hamas, an oganization sworn to the destruction of Israel. Many would say that the Gazans deserve what they get (and then some), for that absurd decision.

I don't get why Israel should just sit back and let missiles (homemade or otherwise) rain down on their population. I am sure that if you were living there and the school of your children was bombed, you would want all of Gaza obliterated. So I think Israel's response has been quite measured in light of those facts.

In addition, Sephardic Jews (or dark skinned Jews as you call them), were discriminated against not because of their skin color (an American perception), but because they were thought of as less "civilized," "cultivated," and/or "religious" by the Ashkenazi (read "European") Jews. And regardless of that fact, Israel flew hundreds of thousands of "dark skinned" Jews from all over the Middle-East and Africa to Israel, and gave them homes and money to survive. And the history that followed is filled with stories of discrimination and lack of jobs etc. etc. But it has nothing to do with what you discuss, or with Zionism. It has to do with bias, cultural prejudice that exists in all people, and unfortunately in our Jewish people too.

Finally, the number of "civilians killed" in war is not a measure of fairness, or of justice. And before spouting off Kabbalah, you must ought to be well versed in Torah and its Oral Law.

As for International Law, the majority of nations that make up the U.N. today are Muslim. The ONLY holidays the U.N, follows as organizational days off for its staff are MUSLIM HOLIDAYS (look it up)!! So keep in mind that the U.N. today is far from unbiased when it comes to Israel.

Tamar    August 11, 2010 7:56 AM
in reply to Kasem

my god you are so stupid - i don't live in a settlement or a disputed area, i live in a city, a normal city in the north of israel although every city in israel is a settlement according to you. and maybe you don't know - judaism and christianity were here long before your muhamad came to earth so shut the f... up!!!!!!!!and if you say to us to go back to germany - well they would have gotten to you arabs next. i wish it was the other way around and it was your 6 million killed and not us aravi metumtam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

DeanDeluca    August 11, 2010 8:04 AM
in reply to Kasem

Kasem, I do not know who in your family told you they were "forced" to convert to Islam. But I have lived in Israel, and know MANY Sephardic Jews who live there, who were flown there, and NONE OF THEM was "FORCED" to move to Israel, nor were they "FORCED" to convert to Islam, by the "German Zionist" government. You sound like and Arab making up overblown BS to suit Roseanne's blog.

Maybe your father and family converted, but I don't believe you when you say it was by force of the Government.

Ethiopian Jews walked for weeks on end to get to the pick up point so that they could be flown to Israel.

eupheu    August 11, 2010 8:33 AM
in reply to Kasem

Why is it then so Many Moslems are torn to Pieces in Iraq and Pakistan by other moslems which belong to the relegion of "Peace". Christianity had it's dark age of submission and Terror but middleage has passed ,Islam is just now catching on. Evolution would bring Islam in line with Sanity in a couple hundred of years ,patience.

Kasem    August 11, 2010 8:44 AM
in reply to Tamar

What a violent reply to my piece seeking conversation.

you probably live in Kiryat Shemona, wasn't it once called Halsa?
Unlike you, I do not wish death on any one who is seeking piece. I only suggest that now when Germany and Austria do not pose a threat to Jews you can go back. The European countries are in fact giving European passports to any Jew who had ancestors in Europe during WW2 so they can go back and claim their properties and life.

Not all "Aravin" are "Metumtamin"

Kasem    August 11, 2010 8:48 AM
in reply to eupheu

Maybe Ashkenazi Zionists are turning Muslims against each other?

ROSANNE, I know you are on eastern time but I need your help here against this slew of attacks.


Kasem    August 11, 2010 8:52 AM
in reply to DeanDeluca

That's what I want to hear: "Used to live in Israel"

Thanks for leaving. By your title, I assume you now live in NYC.

Wondering why you left... (it does not sound like your morals guided you out)

eupheu    August 11, 2010 8:59 AM
in reply to Kasem

Kasem why don't you follow your own advice and go Back to Iraq? Yes it's true suicide peacefull Moslems brothers are hell bent on killing other Moslems but hey it' home for you isn't? I never understood the brutality of massacaring scores of innocent people ,fellow Arabs/Moslems ,why is it Kasem? Why Moslems are blowing up Mosques in Iraq why? Where is the Peace of Islam? What good has come from Any Arab/Islamic country in the 21th century? I really want to know.

DeanDeluca    August 11, 2010 9:07 AM

Kasem, I am not attacking you, just your outright BS statements. I USED to live in Israel, because I lived there as a child, and went back during my college years.

I wish no war existed. However, it is Muslims that use the word Jihad to mean holy war. I know there are those who use it mean Holy War against one's impure thoughts, but clearly many today use it to mean something else.

It was Al Afghani who turned Islam back into a religion of war, hate and suicide bombing. And I agree that "moderate" Islam which does not IMPOSE the veil, does not Impose hatred and racism, and does not IMPOSE war will help bring the world to peace.

Don't attack Eupheu for telling you like it is.

Sharon    August 11, 2010 10:16 AM

"one of which is between one to himself, and that can be reached by Islam" this is your want everybody to b muslim like you. and you just made roseanne's blog into a muslim convertion are trying to make everybody think that we better off as Muslims...

and no im not going back to germany or austria because IM NOT FROM THERE!!! i was born and raised in Jerusalem the capitol of Israel a Jewish Zionist country and you know what??? I AM DAMM PROUD OF THAT!!!

Sharon    August 11, 2010 10:19 AM

and by the way i think you have an weird issue with NYC man...if i were the CIA i would keep an eye on you...

Sharon    August 11, 2010 10:23 AM

and yes..not all the "aravim" are "metumtamim" IT JUST U!

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