Jacen Solo

All three Solo children rank high on this list, and rightfully so. That said, none have had quite the profound effect on the Star Wars galaxy that Jacen Solo has. Once one of the most promising recruits among a new generation of Jedi, Jacen proved to be a terrible threat to everything his family had worked to build.

As a boy, Jacen was the target for various kidnapping and assassination attempts. It was his time at the Jedi Praxeum that granted him the power to protect himself and assume a greater destiny in the galaxy. That destiny came calling during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.

Always conflicted about the need for violence and his own pacifistic leanings, Jacen was forced to make many hard decisions during the war. The death of his brother Anakin and his capture and torture by the Vong drove Jacen to the brink of the Dark Side. Jacen seemed to come back from the brink, achieving unity with the Force and helping bring an end to the war.

Sadly, the Dark Side lingered within Jacen. The Dark Jedi Lumiya corrupted Jacen in much the same way his grandfather Anakin had fallen. In order to avert what he felt was the certain destruction of his family, Jacen turned to the Dark Side and became Darth Caedus. Like Vader before him, Caedus became a tyrant responsible for endless bloodshed and suffering. He was finally cut down by his twin sister, ending a year of civil war and the reign of another Sith tyrant

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