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Advancing Social Media Intelligence

NM Incite, a Nielsen McKinsey company, helps businesses harness the full potential of social media intelligence to drive superior business performance across their organizations.

Consumers are increasingly going about their lives in a digital environment. They use blogs, social networks and other social media to evaluate products, make purchasing decisions, share opinions and connect with friends. Traffic to social networks is skyrocketing and more and more consumers rely on word of mouth and peer recommendations when evaluating a product or making a purchase decision. But companies have yet to capitalize on the insights available as a result of consumer-generated activity. Instead, they’re actively seeking guidance on how to fully realize the promise of social media as an integral source of consumer knowledge.

NM Incite equips companies with the capabilities to better understand, value and take advantage of these rich consumer insights. Using proven tools and new processes to drive organizational transformation in line with strategic objectives, we make it possible for senior executives to extract new value from these insights to deliver value to their product development, marketing, and customer service operations. In essence, with our help they can better embrace social media insights across the very fabric of their organizations. The result? Unprecedented, measurable business impact, new opportunities, efficiencies and competitive advantage.

This collaboration between The Nielsen Company, the world’s largest provider of consumer insight and leader in social media analysis,* and McKinsey and Company, one of the most trusted and respected management consulting firms, is committed to helping clients better understand “what’s next” and advising them on how to transform their organization to capitalize on it.

NM Incite has operations in 13 global markets, including: US, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, India, Brazil, Canada and Korea.

NM Incite Overview

*The Forrester Wave™: Listening Platforms Q3 2010 report