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The Tables
System Requirements
Microsoft Pinball Arcade tables illustrate the evolution in design and technology throughout pinball's long and colorful history.

Test your pinball knowledge with the cool history quiz included in Microsoft Pinball Arcade!

=Baffleball Baffle Ball
Pinball without flippers? Baffle Ball captured the small change of so many Americans during the depression that it became a national pastime. Named for the pins that the player uses to strategically maneuver the ball, this "pinball" game consists of four high scoring holes and, along the bottom of the table, a row of low scoring pockets.
Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty
As the first pinball machine to include flippers, D. Gottlieb & Co.'s Humpty Dumpty set the stage for a pinball revolution. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't keep the industry from capitalizing on this innovation: three months after Humpty Dumpty's debut, flipperless pinball games were obsolete. Rollovers, kickout holes, and six flippers make up the playfield of this pinball landmark.
Knock Out Knock Out
Only the greatest Knock Out players are rewarded for their fancy flipperwork with an animated boxing match that takes place right on the game's playfield. Loosen up and keep moving! After you score 300,000, the outhole gate drops leaving a wide open space from which only the toughest player can rescue an escaping ball. Get in there, champ-show 'em what you're made of!
Slick Chick Slick Chick
Snap a photo for a memento of your special night out? Roy Parker's backglass art from the early sixties takes you back to a time before culture went counter and hair got big. Complete with pop bumpers and spot targets, this game also includes a center hole through which you can lose your ball, or win a replay if you light it at the right time. Sit back and enjoy the show Daddy-o!
Spirit of 76 Spirit of 76
Hey, man, flash back to America's Bicentennial with Gottlieb's 1976 tribute to American history. Rocket man John Glenn and folk legend Davy Crockett watch over your game from the backglass while you build up huge bonuses and other awards by slyly knockin' out those drop targets and rollovers. But don't freak-do it with cool! Right on!
Haunted House Haunted House
Turn back! If you dare enter this creepy crypt you're likely to discover a little more than you bargained for. Tuck tail and head for the hills or take a bold step forward and exorcise ghoulish demons in the first pinball game ever to have a three-level playfield. Surprising specials and shocking bonuses will leave you screaming for more!
Cue Ball Wizard Cue Ball Wizard
Hitch yer pony and chalk up, cowboy. This here game of pinball just got a whole lot more complicated what with all them rounds and combo challenges. I reckon you'll have to give it more than one go-round before you get this one beat. Rack 'em up!



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