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Jackass 3D Prank Contest
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Published 1 week ago
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Welcome to the Official Jackass 3D Prank Contest Submission Page

Think you've got the wit and imagination to be a Jackass? Well, here's your chance. Johnny Knoxville and Jackass 3D crew are hosting the first ever Jackass 3D Prank Contest to celebrate the upcoming release of their new film, in theatres October 15th!

HowTo Win the Jackass 3D Contest

Submit the wildest prank idea you can dream of and if you win, we will fly you out to shoot the prank with the cast of Jackass 3D!

Step 1 Be Original

We welcome all sorts of prank submissions, but we reward creativity. Be imaginative and bold. We are eager to read your entries, so make them excellent.

Step 2 Written submissions only: No Video

We don't want anyone getting hurt.  Write out the prank or illustrate it...but don't send video.  Official contest rules apply. The contest is open to U.S. residents only. Must be at least 18 years of age.  All submissions must be received by 11:59 pm PST, September 26th, 2010. No purchase necessary.  All entries must be original and suitable for broadcast on network television.  For full rules, please click here.

Step 3 Submit before 9/26/10

Once all submissions are received, we will pick our favorite, most inspired prank. Winner flies to Hollywood to meet Jackass crew. 

Step 4 What are you waiting for? Click below to submit your darn prank!

Step 5 View submissions on Corkboard

Click on the Corkboard tab above to view your entries.  It may take up to 24 hours for us to screen your entry for contest rules.  (And if you and your buddies want to leave comments, we encourage it.)


Derek Nungesser (4) 8/16/10 11:28 PM
I've been dreaming since I was 10 to even pass by anyone working with Jackass. Even to see Kosick in person would be amazing.
Derek Nungesser (4) 8/16/10 11:29 PM
Even an e-mail or two from Jackass would be cool. I actually tear up just to think how cool it would be to be a part of Jackass.
Megan Ward (1) 8/17/10 5:16 AM
i hate not being 18 :'( it sucks hey does bam have facebook ?
Michael Guy Mullaley (1) 8/17/10 10:14 AM
Its on
Clinton Dortch (1) 8/17/10 10:19 AM
Damn 18 or older i would love to be on there show lol.
Daniel Mendoza (1) 8/17/10 10:33 AM
why do we need to be at least 18? why not 16? i would LOVE to meet at least one guy from Jackass, let alone all of them. I can't wait until it's in theaters. i might watch the midnight showing
stephen (26) 8/17/10 7:17 PM
Sorry. And I asked the same question. Legally speaking, there are pretty strict guidelines about minors, contests, and movies that happen to be R rating.
Janelle Bennett 8/17/10 11:05 AM
dang it,I have a few good ones but I'm 15 :( I still want to meet the Jackass guys
Liliana Silva 8/17/10 12:04 PM
Why i am only 13? xDDD
I would love to meet them xD anyway i still doing pranks with my family and friends loool
Jessica Duivenvoorde 8/17/10 12:44 PM
You guys suck! Unbelievable it's one thing we have to wait longer for the movie to come out and now I can't enter the competition because I'm Dutch???! That's like bleeping discrimination... Your loss anyway now your gonna miss my devine and hilarious idea for a prank so #$%@ing great you'll be needing a clean set of under wear to watch it! Too bad.
Robin Parent (1) 8/17/10 1:02 PM
I enjoy the spelling mistake in the full rules...
Hector Vargas (1) 8/17/10 2:01 PM
well im not from USA im from monterrey mexico but i will send my prank to you so you at least can read it jajaja hope you guys like it...... un saludos to all of you all the jackass crew and the guys
Darren Povall 8/17/10 5:22 PM
Fingers crossed guys what a freaking awesome prize this is.
austin kranenberg 8/17/10 5:48 PM
damn this sux me and my friend have been making videos for a jackass video since we were 10 we even have the skits for every single one still too but were only 15
Clinton McDavid 8/17/10 5:48 PM
i cant do this all the pranks i can think of would not fit in with the sponcer's terms of use
Clayton Kenney 8/17/10 9:05 PM
#$%@ it is my dream to de on jackass ..............
Lennart Duivenvoorde 8/18/10 12:28 AM
#$%@ing #$%@ #$%@, why the hell do I live in Europe? :(
hailey king 8/18/10 12:47 AM
im so glad its 18+ sooo im freakin out about what i should think of.
Dim Joy 8/18/10 2:11 AM
Allyssa Patterson 8/18/10 12:45 PM
This is amazing :)
Cory Whitey Kontak 8/18/10 6:06 PM
now is it a prank like that they will surprise someone else with, or is it a stunt?
Raito Hayabuza 8/19/10 8:02 AM
i m a #$%@ing mexican haha
Raito Hayabuza 8/19/10 8:02 AM
Hiromi Dyrdek Pastrana 8/20/10 7:59 PM
It's kinda hard to think a unique prank. Yayyyyyyyyyyy! But we still have enough time to make this. Goodluck everyone :)
Hiromi Dyrdek Pastrana 8/20/10 8:38 PM
This is the best idea ever :) I still keep on watching Jackass, Wildboyz & Viva La Bam on MTV 2 all over again, and I'm not even getting tired and will never get tired of it. I would love to spend my whole time with them just for a day, and I would also like to have the opportunity to thank them personally for giving me an inspiration not to get rid of this life, like seriously. Just to think of their pranks/stunts would really make my day. :)

Jackass Crew = HEROES!
Cheers from Pennsylvania :)
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