Bulq, Sora

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    Jedi, Confederacy of Independent Systems

From the Movies

Sora Bulq was a Weequay Jedi and one of the taskforce of 200 dispatched to Geonosis to rescue a captured Obi-Wan Kenobi from Separatist forces. He was present during the deadly arena battle that ensued, and was one of the few survivors of that conflict.

From the Expanded Universe

Sora Bulq was one of the greatest lightsaber instructors the Jedi order had ever known, perfecting the various forms of combat techniques, both classical and experimental. He even helped Mace Windu perfect the art of vaapad, the seventh form of lightsaber combat so intense and dangerous, that to practice it was to tread perilously close to the dark side.

Bulq had trained many of the Jedi combatants who perished in the Geonosis arena, including his then-current Padawan, Galdos Stouff. For a time, Bulq was listed as one of the casualties of that fateful battle. Though Bulq proved to be alive, his spirit was irrevocably damaged by the outbreak of the Clone Wars.

The Weequay Jedi was dispirited by the loss of so many of his students. When the call came from the Republic for all the Jedi to serve as Generals in its Grand Army, Bulq vanished. Discontent with the Republic, Bulq was one of several prominent Jedi who turned their backs on their duties. Bulq united four of these Jedi -- Jeisel, K'Kruhk, Rhad Tarn and his former Padawan Mira -- at his family estate on the Sriluurian moon of Ruul. He extended an invitation to parley with the Jedi Council, and Mace Windu, Bulq's old sparring-partner, soon arrived on Ruul.

Just then, Asajj Ventress, the Separatist Commander and a Dark Jedi trained by Count Dooku, attacked. Sewing distrust among the Jedi, she claimed allegiance to Mace Windu. The dissidents had further reason to distrust the Council, but Windu had pieced together the truth. Ventress could only have arrived on Ruul with the full knowledge of their host -- Sora Bulq -- was, in fact, her accomplice.

Bulq admitted his transgression to Windu. His experimentation with vaapad was the gateway to the dark side. He had not mastered the deadly lightsaber form -- it had mastered him. The slaughter at Geonosis only exacerbated his descent. The Separatists had rescued Bulq and Count Dooku had personally approached him to spread a schism in the Jedi order. Bulq, disgusted with the Republic, agreed. He admired Dooku's initiative and drive, and believed him to be of a new generation of Jedi bred to rule.

Mace Windu and Bulq battled, but their personal showdown was cut short. Windu was more concerned with stopping the mysterious Ventress, so he knocked Bulq unconscious to pursue the dark side warrior. Mace fled Ruul, and Bulq lived. He would again return to plague the Jedi before war's end.

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