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canada.com is owned and operated by Postmedia Network Inc., Canada's largest publisher by circulation of paid English-language daily newspapers. Its properties include daily newspapers in cities across Canada including the Vancouver Sun, The Province, the Calgary Herald, the Edmonton Journal, the Ottawa Citizen and the National Post, as well as more than 50 destination websites.




FPinfomart.ca is Canada's premier provider of the best and most comprehensive selection of news and business information and corporate data. Clients get access to more than 275 full-text news and business sources - from major Canadian dailies and newswires to regional community papers, TV and radio transcripts, corporate databases, specialty trade journals and magazines.

FPinfomart.ca provides a range of work modules that support desktop and cross-organizational research, media-monitoring, and distribution of results. The Media Monitoring module allows the user to browse the latest papers and set up Personal Profiles to automatically monitor our sources every day for specific keywords. The Archives module offers targeted searching of over 20 years of retrospective newspaper databases. The FP Advisor modules provide access to financial information products derived from the FP DataGroup's financial databases. For over 75 years FP DataGroup has been the premier, unbiased source for corporate and financial information on publicly traded Canadian companies and securities, both online and in print.

FPinfomart.ca's products offer unparalleled coverage of news and corporate data and are an essential resource for information professionals, business communicators and knowledge workers, money managers and investment professionals. FPinfomart.ca has a strong subscriber base comprised of government, corporate and non-profit clientele and also provides pay per view services for the general public.

For more information, please visit our website at http://www.fpinfomart.ca, or by e-mail us at helpdesk@canwest.com.




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