vironment can affect your risk as well - children, pets, and slobs create table based accidents waiting to happen" />

Cool Mac Gear

Laptop Lifts Protect Your Computer From Slipping, Heat, Spills, And Scratching - Permanently

2068 A single spill can turn your brand new laptop into trash. The repair bill can be 60% of the replacement cost of the computer or more and losing your data can be devastating. Your laptop is most vulnerable when you put it down "just for a second" - with your coffee and car keys while you answer that important call on the way out the door. Your work environment can affect your risk as well - children, pets, and slobs create table based accidents waiting to happen.

Laptop Lifts attach to your computer so that it is always protected - in the office, in the home and on the road. Anywhere that your computer goes.

Laptop Lifts can extend the life of your computer and lower your costs of ownership. You avoid costly emergency repairs due to accidents and gain longer component life due to cooler components.

Laptop LIfts Help Your Laptop Cool More Efficiently


MacBook on Laptop Lifts showing airspace underneath

Your computer will last longer and run faster if it is allowed to run cooler. The airspace that is created under your computer allows heat to flow away.

Laptop Lifts Provide a Secure Grip

Laptop Lifts make handling your computer a breeze. A computer can be carried with confidence just by holding the Laptop lift. It is much easier to lift the computer off of the table when it is raised slightly and you can get your fingertips under the body of the machine.

Laptop Lifts provide traction stability and protect your computer from slipping. Your computer will be firm and solid - no more sliding around on the desk. You can concentrate on your work, not a juggling act, and you have this workspace at every table that you use.

Laptop Lifts Protect From Scratches

Laptop Lifts protect the underside of your computer from scratching and other digs and wear. the labels will remain intact with the software registration numbers and serial numbers. You will need to be able to read the registration number from the bottom of your machine in order to recover the operating system that came with your computer or receive technical support. You will also be able to place your computer on furniture without worrying about scratching it.

Laptop Lifts are Durable

Many other stands and solutions are prone to breakage. Not Laptop Lifts. There are no moving parts. The material is so durable that the only way to really damage it is to slice it. They can be pulled, twisted, sanded, or tied in a knot with no signs of damage.

Laptop Lifts are made of soft and durable silicon. They feel soft to the touch and provide a lot of grip to the tabletop so that your computer will stay put. You can confidently put your computer on the hood of a car or other spaces and be confident it will not slide off (within reason). The adhesive is acrylic. The adhesive has interesting properties in that it is very resistent to heat and will not bond to metal or plastic the way cement or glue does. The adhesive and the specific shape of Laptop Lifts have a lot of strength against shearing forces (side to side) but they can be pulled straight up for removal without too much effort. The remaining adhesive can be rubbed off with your fingers.

Laptop Lifts will fit on almost any computer. By using a combination of the Lifts provided you should be able to find spots to place the Lifts so that they will not interfere with any of the computer's operating ports and still support and balance the computer. Be sure to test your placement before committing. Look at the installation instructions. If you are still not sure, contact us and a representative can walk you through an installation.


Laptop Lifts will fit almost anywhere that your computer will. They will fit into any briefcase bag and all but the tighest skin style bags. If you use a computer "shell" product and want the benefits of Laptop Lifts as well the Laptop Lifts can be applied to the outside of the shell.

Laptop Lifts are designed to be permanent. They go on once and can be taken off once. They have a practical shape. The rounded edges do not catch on corners or other obstacles. The height is low enough to be unobtrusive but high enough to create airflow and provide enough room for your fingertips to slide under the sides.

Laptop Lifts sell for $19.95

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