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Mod spotlight: Blood series

One Unit Whole Blood and Blood 2: The Chosen, creations of Monolith Productions are two games that keep you in front of your computer for hours. We have some blood... I mean Blood enthusiasts here at GOG, so we asked one of them to prepare a present for all you Caleb fans. do you want to hear “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” or “I'm not dead...yet” again, as you kill numerous armies of zombies? Sure you do, that's why we found some cool Blood mods prepared by the awesome Blood community, played them and now it's time we share them with you.

One Unit Whole Blood Launcher

If you've beaten the game and still want more BLOOD, but you don't know where to look, this launcher is a perfect application for you! It is a compilation of various released modifications and custom maps such as "Bloody Pulp Fiction" with new, original episodes ranging from dilapidated carnivals to long forgotten desert ghost towns along Route 66. Story is short: Caleb has to stop once again the evil plans of Tchernobog and his demons. Other mod available via the launcher "Legends of Iconoclast" takes you back in time. It is a great mixture of original Blood with medieval fantasy. Caleb is taken to the realm of Iconoclast and the only way for him to escape is to fulfill the ancient legend by collecting five swords, including the sword of the darkness. Aside of these tow you'll find loads of other modifications, so check it out!

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Bernie`s Silly Mod and B2K5 Mod

These are two separate modifications but they work best when played together. B2K5 mod also known as "Blood 2005" ads new single player levels to the game. The plot revolves around Ishmael, who appears to have gone against Caleb. Great addition to the original game. The Bernie's Silly modification ads new skins for almost all weapons, explosions, enemies and also improves enemies AI and much more. With those two mods you get more and even better from Blood 2. Are you ready for this? We were not!

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Aug 26, 2010