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Issue 28 • August 2010

Welcome to AANMC's Summer Event/Career Issue!

In This Issue…

Editor's Note: Career choice, an open path

Humanity's overwhelming desire to heal the planet is being demonstrated with more passion and intensity than ever before. And in my personal experience, a realistic commitment to doing just that is at the heart of every naturopathic doctor's (ND's) practice.

The NDs I know cultivate organic gardens. They’re part of the slow food movement. They teach yoga. They pray. They prevent chronic illness and promote healthful aging. They give back to their communities. They pass on their knowledge to new medical students. They nurture their neighbors. They lead nature walks. They write books.

Their hands are open. And from their fingertips they pour health into the planet, sharing wisdom and understanding with all those they encounter.

Their paths are also open. They build their careers to compliment their personal beliefs and life missions. Whether the focus is international, legislative or otherwise, when NDs build their careers, they practice freedom of career choice. What’s more, the job outlook for NDs in today’s career climate is one of growth and potential.

Come hear about NDs' career experiences at AANMC Prospective Student Days this month, and begin to imagine how you, too, might be able to heal not only your fellow humans, but planet earth as well. 

To your health and to your future,
Coquina Deger
Managing Editor, AANMC


Event: August Prospective Student Days

The AANMC invites you to attend AANMC Prospective Student Days at the 2010 AANP Conference!

This annual event, where naturopathic doctors and students alike will convene to share their experiences and their wisdom, marks an important opportunity to learn more about a career in naturopathic medicine from those who know.

AANMC Prospective Student Days
August 13 & 14, 2010
Portland, Ore.

Please join us for an engaging experience of roundtable discussions on naturopathic medicine, a walk through the natural products exhibit hall and a tour of the famed NCNM campus and research facilities.
Register today!

Looking for some advanced career planning? Arrange a visit to the first annual NCNM-sponsored Natural & Integrative Medicine Career Fair, same location, August 15.

There is no charge to attend these events.


Job Outlook for NDs

Recent developments reflect an increasingly viable marketplace for CAM practitioners, including NDs. From legislative changes to favorable health care consumer choices, it’s a great time to pursue a career in natural health. Learn why, and explore some naturopathic career resources.


ND Careers: Variety is the spice of life

Naturopathic doctors' careers are as varied as their personalities, but in the end, they're all about the same thing: healing the whole person. Through research, program development or private practice, here are a few NDs who have followed a variety of paths to fulfill that common dream:

New ground:


  • Dr. Tabatha Parker, ND – Co-founded Natural Doctors International (NDI), based in a free community clinic, in Ometepe, Nicaragua.
  • Dr. Sharon Stills, NDBegan as a massage therapist; now brings European medicine to the U.S.
  • Dr. Andrew Kaufmann, ND – Established a diabetes treatment and prevention program on an Apache reservation.


Financial health:

Grandfathers of the future:


Your Questions Answered:
NDs and health care reform?

Q: How will naturopathic physicians fit into the new federal health care reform?

A: It's hard to know exactly what the ramifications of the reform will be, because it's an enormous piece of legislation. Now that it's passed, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will write rules and regulations to dictate specifically how the legislation will be applied. The new bill provides multiple opportunities for the expansion of naturopathic medicine's influence as part of the solution to our health care crisis.

And please keep the good questions coming!
E-mail Coquina Deger at


Next Up: Applying to ND school

So you’ve decided to go back to school and study naturopathic medicine. Maybe you've even toured a college campus or two and have a pretty good idea to which ND school(s) you’d like to apply. So what’s next?

In our next e-newsletter, you’ll find out how to navigate the application process, prepare for interviews, locate some good financial aid resources and more. Stay tuned!


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Prospective Student Days

Aug. 13-14, 2010

AANMC Prospective Student Days

AANMC Webinar
Sept. 23, 2010

AANMC Naturopathic Medical Student Webinar

Fall Forums being held
from coast to coast.
Dates TBA in next e-newsletter.

Event Speakers

Kicking off our Portland event is none other than Dr. Marnie Loomis! Voted a favorite by many Fall Forum and Webinar attendees in 2009, Dr. Loomis will be entertaining and educating her audience once again.

Marnie Loomis, ND

A lot of people don’t yet realize that the solution they’re looking for can be found in naturopathic medicine.
I aim to change that.

Marnie Loomis, ND
Director of Continuing Education & Alumni Affairs, NCNM

Dr. Loomis’ patient foci: gastrointestinal disorders, women’s cancer screenings, specific health care needs of highly sensitive people. 

Also speaking on A Day in the Life of an ND Student:

Ellen Mina Lewis
Fourth-year ND student

I wholeheartedly believe in the body’s innate abilities and am extremely passionate about empowering patients through education to make healthy, optimal lifestyle choices. 
– Ellen Mina Lewis

First career: Personal trainer

Patient focus, post-graduation:
Family care, midwifery, Reiki

It’s the meaningful issues that attract the good people. As Pete Seeger calls them, “the people with the live hearts, live eyes, and live heads."

The truly effective advocates of any position are those who lead with their humanity, and are concerned with universal principles…with the problems that affect us all.

– Harry Chapin

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