Trade Federation MTT (Multi Troop Transport)

  • Appeared in:
  • Size:
    31 meters long
  • Weapon:
    Laser cannons
  • Affiliation:
    Trade Federation
  • Type:
    Multi troop transport
  • Manufacturer:
    Baktoid Armor Workshop

From the Movies

A terrifying display of Trade Federation efficiency, the mammoth MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) is an armored giant capable of disgorging over a hundred battle droid soldiers into the thick of combat. The vehicle's bulbous armored front end opens to reveal an articulated deployment rack, upon which rest dozens of compressed battle droids. The rack extends forward and deposits the droids into neatly organized rows. Upon activation from an orbiting Droid Control Ship, the droids unfold into their humanoid configuration.

From the Expanded Universe

Manufactured by Baktoid Armor Workshop, the Multi-Troop Transport's bold lines and prodigious size recall heavy jungle-dwelling creatures known for charging their enemy. The MTT follows a similar design strategy, as its heavily armored fore section can withstand great impacts, allowing it to ram an enemy building, and then unload its carried troops behind enemy lines. The hydraulically powered deployment rack is detachable, and can carry 112 battle droids in stowed configuration.

The vehicle's engines work hard to create the repulsorlift field required to move so heavy a craft. The repulsorlift's cooling and exhaust system vents straight down beneath the craft, creating a warm cushion of air beneath the MTT.

In addition to its thick armor, the MTT is protected by four forwarded-mounted anti-personnel blasters. It has a maximum ground speed of 35 kilometers per hour, and a flight ceiling of four meters.

Behind the Scenes

The revised rough draft script of Episode I described the MTTs as "Maxi-Troop Transports." George Lucas' original design requests spoke of a massive locomotive-type vessel knocking everything down in its path. With this direction, the Art Department crafted a number of battering ram and literal locomotive designs. In the end, Doug Chiang incorporated animalistic qualities, giving the MTT the characteristics of a massive elephant, with a high "forehead" and gun turret "tusks."

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