A member of Kamikaze with YAMATO, Shingo, Cyber Kong, Taku Iwasa and Kagetora and Kamikaze USA with YAMATO, Shingo, Jon Moxley and Gran Akuma

Slow Bridging German Suplex, Apron Kara Tozawa (diving top rope headbutt after running along apron), Ganki (diving double knee drop)


The least experienced Japanese member of the DGUSA roster...Tozawa is now staying in the United States to learn his craft before returning to Japan...3rd graduate from the Dragon Gate dojo...made it to the finals of 2009 Battle Of Tokyo Tournament...the tournament was the first sign that Tozawa was realizing his potential...also competes for PWG...he involved himself in the CHIKARA Sekigun vs. Kamikaze USA feud by attacking Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw in Canada.