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Andie MacDowell joins the cast of Fox's new drama 'Lone Star'

August 6, 2010 | 12:54 pm

Andiemacdowell10  Actress Andie MacDowell signed on the dotted line Friday to join Fox's new series "Lone Star" in a recurring and intriguing role.

A soap set against the backdrop of Texas oil, "Lone Star" centers on a young con artist (James Wolk) who has constructed two different lives in two parts of Texas. In Houston, he is married to the daughter (Adrianne Palicki) of a wealthy oil tycoon (Jon Voight). In Midland, he lives with his girlfriend (Eloise Mumford) while he defrauds investors of their savings.

MacDowell plays Alex, a 40ish-to-50-ish art appraiser with an unpredictable streak who catches the eye of Clint Thatcher, Voight's character. In reality, she will prove to be more dangerous than anyone realizes.

--Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo: Andie MacDowell. Credit: Getty Images


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Comments (4)

Now this is a great concept and I predict "Lonestar" will be a hit show. It has all the elements. The next "Dallas".

Great casting addition with Andie M. coming on board. She's always effective and regardless of her love interest connection to Voight, I see her as "prime" grade A "couger material" somewhere down the line. Talk about character arc.

The Vanity Fair edition that will include a free dvd of the pilot is master p&a stroke. Targeting an upscale female consumer base.

Lone Star can be the next break out scripted drama in TV. Whoever targeted this give them a promotion and whoever pushed slop like The Good Guys and Sons of Tuscon, send them over to ABC.

Kevin Reilly is a good guy, he deserves loads of hits.

i hope so---i love the serialized shows--but i predict it will be pulled around episode 3.

40ish to 50 ish?? C'mon....

I so look forward to working with Andie McDowell on Lone Star, she's amazing and simply beautiful!!


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