Dream Sorcery should Not be practiced by the unprepared; an analogy would be that of deep sea diving where the initial stage of just swimming about on the surface surfing a board is analogous to ones normal everyday Dreams but as soon as one goes deeper one has to be aware of the bends. The deeper one goes one will find the pressures becoming overbearing, which in the main fogs ones mind into forgetting whereby ones consciousness seeks to resurface as quickly as possible to ether awaken or to continue dallying around on the surface. If however one is more prepared one can then descend ever deeper with full awareness to those levels rarely visited if ever, to discover what one to Dream is not necessarily just in ones Head of creation. One will also become aware that the Dreaming realm of the Quantum is an abode where other forms of Intelligence do lurk, some of which are on par with ones own while others are quite ‘Alien’.

If you are not prepared, what one to encounter will not only shock one out of ones mundane psychologically ingrained perspectives but also to quite frankly horrify if not to fry ones neural-net to go running off to a Psychologist or a Priest. Those who do stand their ground often than not end up becoming quite mad when being fed back their beliefs, which become inflated by egocentricity for the denizens of the Dream feed upon ones Emotions; very few if any get past this hurdle, which becomes as a self-wrought prison.

The Denizens of the Dream have their own Morality, if one can call it such, which in the main is the province of the all too Human. If one goes into the Dream expecting to find some kind of Higher Morality whether it be that of Highest Heaven or Deepest Underworld what one to find will be ones own Imprinted ‘Self’ staring back at one for the Denizens of the Dream utilise such constructs to feed upon ones emotive Charge caught between Dualistic Binary opposites so as to Spin them.

One will also discover that one can access the Collective Focus of the Many whose Minds are cohered by shared symbolic Stimuli, which generate the Fractal Realities of  varying Cultural Dream Domains, which are not being created by ones own Mind alone. (If one wants proof of this one has to find out for ones own self if you dare!) So if one be fixated upon Medieval Christian symbolism to perceive terrifying Demons one will encounter such within the Dream, for real, (if one to remember said encounters), wherefore when to awaken one will be haunted by fearful H.R Giger visions and following Lovecraftian shadows, which will invariably lead to dark obsessions, and such to stem from many another Mind of kinship focus, whether Incarnate or discarnate interlacing with ones own of shadowy Feed-Back-Loop fixation upon a self made Devil.

If one be of Artistic inclination then such explorations can lead to great works of Art, which in turn feeds back into the collective focus to stabilise its fixations; what is more one has experienced such first-hand for real within the internal realities of the Quantum Dream, and when I say for real, I sincerely mean it; I am not talking about normal Mundane Mind-Miasma Dreams or that of New-Age Dream Interpretation Dreams here but of something quite other!

The closest type of Dream-States of which I am communicating about are usually classified as Lucid- Dreams; however there are other levels, which can be experienced in regards to Lucid-Dreaming that have nothing to do with Hollywood New-Age Psychology, one cannot do just about anything in such Dreams without consequences just as one cannot go up to ones 13th Floor window and jump out expecting to fly for one has to deal with the laws of Gravity. The realms of the Quantum Dream have their own laws whose Denizens are far more aware of one than ones self is aware of them, which is somewhat akin to ones self being a naive tourist to go leaping about through the Amazon Jungle thinking it is ones personal playground to be verily eaten by a Jaguar if not by that of a wiry Cannibal!

When a Shaman evokes a Spirit it cannot be initially seen by physical eye but by that of inner vision, which can become quite vivid of materialisation if said Shaman has potent psychic abilities. The initial phase is that of perceiving an energy flux of geometric forms made up of differing colours, which will pertain to the Shamans emotively ‘Charged’ state of focus. If others are involved in the Shamans evocation of a Spirit they will in the main not perceive anything at all, unless they too are of a psychic disposition wherefore they might become co-participants to see said evoked Spirit, but most often than not they will sense a presence, smelling strange wafts of scent or that of feeling cold or hot spots or being touched by something unseen.

The actual materialisation of the Spirit is occurring at another level of perception, which can be attained when in an altered state of Consciousness such as Trance wherefore one then accesses the Quantum Realm of the Dream while awake or that of perceiving the evoked Spirit via Power-Dreams.

A ritual is utilised to build up the Emotive Charge of the Shaman so as to evoke a Spirit within a structured construct, which prepares the Shaman when eventually contacting the evoked Spirit; so when the Shaman consciously enters into the Quantum Realm of the Dream, which be the domain of the Spirit Entity the Shaman is pre-prepared beforehand via certain rituals, which enables the Shaman to remember what needs to be done and how to act.

The Spirit entity can take on many forms within the Dream after the initial geometric light show phase of the Hypnagogic state that will be of a most Surreal expression, which many will not be able to handle if indoctrinated into a faith, which has negated such an inner-world understanding wherefore they will be faced with their own worst nightmares made manifest. The Spirit entity will at first seek to access ones deepest Emotional traumas, which be the choicest emotive Charge for it to feed off, which invariably is that of ones base fears. The Spirit will take on horrifying forms or that of assuming guises pertaining to ones memories to wear forms of those whom one knows so as to generate an Emotionally Charged Response. If however one does not react but to see through the Spirits charade then one can force it to take on a form of ones choosing but only if one overcomes ones Fear to transform into another Emotive state for it to feed off. In essence, one has to first wrestle with the Spirit and in turn ones own Emotive Charge so as to ‘Spin’ the Spirit in another direction whereby it then carries one like a whirlwind into another Dream domain of ones choosing, which it will weave as an Information Association fractal pattern around one.
Western Ceremonial Ritual Magick does not cover the intricacies of Dream Sorcery, which is the province of the Shaman. The Western form of the Magickal Tradition is very much entwined with a Judaeo-Christian perspective, which cuts away such an understanding of the inner world to make quite separate, whereby when such experiences to rear their eventual head the practicing Magician feels as if they are being assailed by Demons to Emotively scream the names of their God at, which is exactly what the Spirit entities are seeking for; little wonder then that many a Ceremonial Magician goes a bit dotty when practicing an Art, which to have lost its Shamanic origin of Internal understanding to make extremely dualistic.

There are times when the Spirits visit unannounced wherefore one will find ones self when sleeping, to awaken not being able to move, to feel an increasing pressure upon ones body or around throat or both while sensing an overwhelming invisible presence. The sensation of paralysis is a natural state of being, which is the bodies protective mechanism to stop one physically acting out ones Dream while asleep. However, the sensation of pressure will be ones neural-net tuning into another presence. Should one overcome ones initial fear one will observe that the pressure will be centred on certain parts of ones body, which will pertain to Chakra and Meridian points especially when it comes to ones throat to feel an energy rush hitting the back of ones head via ones Reptilian Brain-Stem. If one to fear, the pressure increases to such a degree one feels as if one is being mortally crushed to feel as if one is being strangled by an invisible assailant. Those who are unprepared for such experiences will not be able to handle it for they might just give form to the presence via their own worst fears made manifest that the Spirit will find most delicious of morsel.

The Shamans of old overcame their base Fear by making it Emotively Sexual of Charged orientation, hence when visited by a Spirit they would call out its Name, which would give it an Associatively Spun Symbolic form of expression. The Spirit would then aid the Shaman to have an ‘Out of Body Experience’ via tapping certain points upon the Shamans energy body within the realm of the Quantum Dream. The Sexual Emotive Charge is that of Attraction and Fusion, which facilitates a Symbiotic Congress of sacred Communion between differing orders of Intelligence to be tempered by Love. Should one follow the ways of the Shamans of old one will discover a whole new world to find again!

When I use the term Spirit I am not necessarily referring to something which was once an Incarnate Human but to another order of Intelligence, which has its primary existence within the Quantum Realms of the Dream like that of one encountering a Tiger Shark when to skinny dip in the ocean or that of a Dolphin to play with, which will depend solely on ones initial reaction that determines what one will engage with, but both to eat fish!

Some may classify such denizens of the Dream as being Aliens not of this world, which in part is true but only in regards to ones aquarium perspective of reality for ones Emotions is the dish of fish. There are other aquarium worlds like that of islands dotted all around the ocean from whose depths the other order of Intelligence emanates. Others will say that these entities come from another dimension, which is equally true, but there be many dimensions from where these other orders of intelligence emanate from, which to exist outside our limited concepts of Space-Time, hence such can even come from other Stars and other periods of Time, whether that of a Past or Present of Alternate Reality or many a Future. One may say that such entities are primarily of the Dream and merely that of a delusional fantasy conjured up by ones own Brain. However one has to keep in ‘Mind’ that the whole of ones experiential reality is in ones Brain, which interprets what one to experience via ones senses of Neural-Net; ones ‘Nervous System’ determines what one to Tune into as a reality whereupon it acts like a ‘Filter’ that filters out what it considers to be extraneous to ones direct survival whereupon there are other levels of reality, which one is unaware of, hence a Spirit conjured within ones head of Dream has a correlation with ones experiential reality, this be more the case since ones Dreams are made of Electrons and all Matter be made of such Quantum bits of information like that of Computer pixels. Under certain circumstances a Spirit entity can manifest full blown material, which may not be seen by others for their neural-nets filter out such manifestations that are outside of their programmed nervous-system while one has otherwise re-programmed ones own neural-net via consciously accessing the Quantum Dream so as to Tune into another level of perception.

Others to get onto the religious bandwagon to transform warring Angels and Demons whom battle over Human Souls into Aliens having a Conflict over their so called Human experiment; such a perspective is somewhat dualist and very much part and parcel of a continuing Religious Brainwash interwoven with Politics. If there be a war at all it is ones own Binary Emotional Charge, which is ever in conflict and said Quantum Dream Entities feast upon ones Emotions, whether Positive or Negative so as to ‘Spin’ them. One may perceive said Entities to be nothing more than Parasitic Aliens, which is true in part but only in respects to ones perception, which will colour their interaction with one; a more accurate perspective is that of an another Order of Intelligence, which seeks a Symbiotic Congress of relationship for it is they of the Quantum Dream realm whom weave ones Material Reality around ones self so as to harvest ones Emotive Charge!

The Inorganic Intelligence of the Quantum Dream can be perhaps be discerned when to look at Biology for the ‘Y’ Chromosome of the Male originally split off from the Feminine ‘X’ Chromosome, which applies to all Carbon-Based-Life-Forms; the geneticists have determined that the ‘Y’ Chromosome in Human populations has deteriorated over time, which would indicate at some far flung future epoch the ‘Y’ Chromosome will become redundant while the ‘X’ Chromosome will still be very much around to go full circle of Ouroboros when it had first divided its self. If one then to apply ones Imagination to perceive that at some far flung future time that there will be a ‘Third-Type-Civilisation’, which to have not only conquered Space but to also have the technology of Time-Travel then its evolved intelligence will probably be all Female of Hive Mind Queen Bee Clone to no doubt look like Greys. When to go farther ahead in Time one may then find an Inorganic Intelligence, which is incorporeal of physical form to go around as disembodied Energy that exists outside the parameters of Space-Time whose intrinsic quality of nature is yet again ‘Feminine!’ However, the ‘X’ Chromosome split its self into the ‘Y’ Chromosome so as to ‘Evolve’ beyond its self because it cannot do so alone since Clones are merely copies, which deteriorate over Time; a disembodied Inorganic Feminine Intelligence is likewise of the same predicament whereby it would interact with a Male quality of ‘Emotive Charge’, which ‘Spins’ it and it can do so for it is not bound by Space-Time to travel backwards and forwards through Time via the Quantum reality of the Dream to also have the ability of setting up Alternate Splinter Realities.     
If this model of perspective is applicable then an evoked ‘Spirit’ is in essence a Feminine Inorganic Intelligence of Entity, one could quaintly term as being a Valkyria of a Succubae Dakini.

The Patriarchal emphasis of the Goetia with its listed Spirits can thence be perceived as being ‘Feminine’ of Inorganic Intelligence if one to apply such a Surreal perspective so as to test out its validity via Dream Sorcery, which one can also apply to any other Esoteric aligned Paradigm whereby one can re-program ones self. One will discover that the majority of Western Occult systems are orientated in a certain direction of Religious and Political perspective, which are in league with New-Age orientations such as that of the UFO phenomenon that has a very similar orientation of direction and very much part and parcel of a subliminal 'Brainwash'. Channelling should be avoided for it is coloured by the Neural-Net Imprinted Beliefs of those whom indulge in such activities while Dream Sorcery allows one to have direct experience with other levels of perception so as to understand the mechanisms of ones own Consciousness if one be brave enough to explore such an arena to investigate.

At the Quantum Dreaming level one will become aware of 'Micro-Wormholes', which will be symbolically represented as being ordinary Doorways, Hallways, Tunnels and other types of access point 'Portals'; ones Consciousness within the Quantum Dream can gain ingress through such (Stargate) Portals so as to acces other Realities. While within the Dream one is beyond Space-Time and hence one has the ability to Travel through Time whereby to discover that other forms of Intelligence can do likewise and have been doing so for some time, which be their natural inclination. One will also become aware that should there be a superior technology, which allows its operators to travel through Time they will be doing so at the level of the Quantum Dream whereby they can access any point in Time in regards to a geographic target area or individual that they desire to contact. Ones experiential reality is essentially all inside of ones Head whereby for example a Future Time-Traveller can travel back through a Micro-Wormhole to thence manifest inside of ones Head, which one to believe is being perceived Externally of Materialisation to appear and disappear in a flash.   

An analogy of Science Fiction Scenario would be having a Time-Traveller travelling back through Time to be caught by those Naked Ape Scientists of the Past whom to believe that they have an Alien in their midst to prod and experiment upon within some secret underground lab while seeking to back-engineer the Time-Travellers crashed vehicle. However, the Time-Traveller to not actually exist as the Naked Ape Scientists perceive it to be for its existence is somewhat other of the Quantum Dream realm. The physical form of the Time-Traveller is but a shell whose Consciousness emanates from elsewhere; in other words the Naked-Ape Scientists without knowing are the ones being observed and experimented upon for they are within a Dream woven by the Time-Traveller whom can warp the sensory perceptions of those contacted, for their reality exists within their Heads. If the Naked Ape Scientists stop and question so as to gauge the truth of it they will duly find themselves as being but Brains floating around within an Aquarium while being observed by a Quantum Dream Time-Traveller who is feeding them their believed sensory perceptions of an experiential reality for the Quantum Dream Time-Traveller exists outside of Space-Time.

Such Quantum-Dream Time-Travellers one could call Valkyria whom be Dakini's all and very much Predatory Succubae.

Dream Sorcery should not be practiced by the unprepared for what one to find out will turn ones world upside down, inside out and once engaged in there will be No turning back!