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Islamic militants who escaped from prison in Dushanbe

Tajik Ministry Angry Over Jailbreak

Tajikistan's Justice Ministry is trying to determine whether negligence on the part of the State Committee of National Security contributed to the escape of 25 prisoners on August 22 from a prison in Dushanbe. More

Tajiks Punished For Children's Truancy

A court in the town of Qurghonteppa in southern Tajikistan has passed sentence for the first time on parents whose children failed for months to attend school. More

Kyrgyz President Roza Otunbaeva attended a ceremony marking the opening.

Kyrgyz Launch Hydroelectric Plant

Kyrgyzstan has launched a $200 million hydroelectric power plant, its first since the collapse of the Soviet Union. More

Students of new religious-secular school opened in Dushanbe last year

Tajikistan Urges Parents To Recall Children From Foreign Religious Schools

The president of Tajikistan has asked parents of students attending religious schools abroad to bring their children back home. More

The Qorghonteppa market

Women Appeal Against 'Impending Hijab Ban' At Tajik City Market

A group of women market merchants in the southern Tajik city of Qorghonteppa say they are coming under pressure to stop wearing the hijab. More

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Tajikistan's Official Calm Belies Potential Prison Break Crisis

Days after a major prison break in the Tajik capital, the whereabouts of some two dozen prisoners -- many of whom were convicted of planning to overthrow the government -- remains unclear. More

IMU Announces Longtime Leader Dead, Names Successor

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan has announced that its leader, Tahir Yuldash, was killed nearly a year ago. The IMU also announced that it had selected a new leader, Usman Odil. More

Kyrgyz Envoy To U.S. Says Interethnic Reconciliation Could Take Decades

Arslan Anarbaev has been the interim head of the Kyrgyz Embassy in Washington as charge d'affaires since ex-President Kurmanbek Bakiev was ousted in April. In Kyrgyzstan, he served in the governments of both Bakiev and his predecessor, Askar Akaev. Anarbaev sat down with RFE/RL correspondent Richard Solash recently to talk about a range of issues in his country – from the presence of U.S. and Russian bases to lingering ethnic tensions in the south and the critical time Kyrgyzstan is facing, both now and in the coming months. More

Iran Aims to Revive Silk Road, Escape Isolation

Iran has announced plans for a spectacular festival celebrating the revival of the ancient Silk Road. While strained relations with the West have excluded it from a wider scheme to renew the historic trading route, a series of bilateral arrangements means Iran is playing an active role. More

Tajik Officials Keep Sharp Eye On Islamic Teaching

Mullahs holding private religious classes not sanctioned by Tajikistan's government have been targeted by law enforcement in recent weeks, leaving many bewildered. More

Prosecutor Targets Forerunner's Son

The son of former Tajik Prosecutor-General Bobojon Bobokhonov has been arrested on corruption charges, the latest in a string of moves initiated against current or former judicial officials by Bobokhonov's successor. More

A Tajik Peace Recipe For Kyrgyzstan?

If the Kyrgyz interim government is looking for an immediate example of how to get the mending process going, it need not look any farther than its southern neighbor, Tajikistan. In 1997, following the end of a five-year civil war, Tajikistan faced a similar test. More

Ferghana Valley: A Tinderbox For Violence

The violence in Osh has once again put the focus on the Ferghana Valley as one of the potentially most explosive regions of the former Soviet Union. What makes it that way? More

Unspoken Russian-Chinese Rivalry Is Subtext Of SCO Summit

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is holding its annual summit in Tashkent on June 10-11. The event brings together the leaders of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. But the level of cooperation between the two "senior" partners -- Russia and China -- is being put to the test as the two powers emerge as rivals in Central Asia. More
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