Mission Statement June 20, 2007,
subject to amendment

We are autonomous men and woman who are recipients/bearers of a birth certificate, not of the class or status of the person(s), nor do any or all of us recognize any name registered as if that name identifies one or all of us, nor is one or all of us a name. We are with simple minds.

We recognize that it is not our will that birth events shall be registered and that a birth certificate is required for us to interface with business, government, CANADA and PROVINCES.

We have come to recognize a birth certificate as a trap.

We know from experience that we can be arrested for failing to identify ourselves with government identification or name (stramineus homo), and that if we do, it will be used against us more often than not to get something from us, often under threat and intimidation. Dammed if we have one and dammed if we do not, no apparent neutral ground.

We have heard judges, justices of the peace, crown attorneys, lawyers, government agents, and others say that a name has nothing to do with a matter before the court, or at all for that matter. We recognize that if a name is not entered onto an instrument evidencing a debt or other obligation that the instrument would be of no value and quashed; thus, as it is at the time of this writing, we recognize that it is not in our best interest that births/names are registered and attached to the human body since it is government, CANADA, PROVINCES, corporations, banks, those in the know and that issue (create) only debts (corporate bodies) that benefit directly or indirectly from our use of a birth certificate and other government identification founded on it as a required identifier.

Based on the information we were given or otherwise obtained from third parties that should or ought to know the truth and on an awakening conscience, we recognize the following to be an accurate account.

We recognize that we the people have not been fairly compensated for the fruits of our labour (production) that equates into the assets in Canada/property/goods and services for sale and that back government issued debts (Treasury bills, bonds, etc). We recognize that a birth certificate is not evidence of the identity of the  recipient / bearer, that the bearers name is not on it, and that the same identification is used to establish a social insurance (number) and other accounts in the same name (registered legal name / personality), the promise to pay employment income is paid to. And if the people have been paid directly, it was with a promise to pay (evidence of debt), which we recognize as meaning the obligation to the people has not been fulfilled.

Title in said production has not passed due the non payment, compounded by the fact that what is circulated and accepted as money (legal tender) is nothing more than a promise to pay and not payment.

Either way, we people recognize that we hold a claim/interest here. It is our will and desire, in recognition of the fact that the governments, CANADA, the PROVINCES, corporations are insolvent, that same issue only debt, that the people (recipient of birth certificate) service said debt, are the source of the production (goods and services / collateral) backing that and other debts, and that CANADA is our ship (estate) in which we, birth certificate recipients, have an interest, to give over the value of our claim (interest/equity) unconditionally in order to effect release of all affected parties of any or all outstanding debts and related burdens.

We recognize that we do not own anything while here on earth but our interests, health, equitable, liberty, autonomy, uses, life, free will, treat others as we like to be treated, etc. We also recognize every recipient/bearer of a birth certificate issued in Canada as having an equal share/interest in the assets in CANADA, our land, and in the prosperity of CANADA, the PROVINCES and other corporations from which people and nature (our greatest asset) reap the same.

We know we can pledge our interests (equity/estate) we have in the name appearing on the birth certificate to a bank for a loan, in order to facilitate the purchaser (same name), but would rather give it freely where it serves the greater good. Note what the Queen did when she took reign as reported by the Monarchist League of Canada. "$1.40 is the cost per head of the Monarchy to residents of the United Kingdom, in return for which the Queen gives back the equivalent of $6.69 to each subject in revenue from the Crown Estate which the Queen surrendered to the Treasury at the beginning of her Reign".


It is our will and desire to do the same as the Queen or that which would bring about similar results. We recognize it as free energy and the solution to help our country (estate) and the people, shy of continuing as a source of revenue, account receivable, aiding and abetting in the sinking of  CANADA, due the accumulation of debts, party to a business plan (not our purpose), or dying for same.

We know for absolute certain that not one of us certified or registered any information that is alleged to have something to do with the birth of our body.

We recognize the fruits of our labour (production) as our birth right and that no man or woman is required to pay for such rights but by the payment already made by way of un-compensated sweat equity (labour so invested). We recognize something for nothing as unjust enrichment and/or theft. We recognize that governments, CANADA, the PROVINCES, Bank of Canada and corporations (employers) are incapable of paying for the aforementioned  production / collateral (substance) or claim with substance but with more promise to pay (debt), therefore: we will settle for the free  unencumbered / untaxed use (peaceful possession and enjoyment) of the fruits of our production and of our land (our home) and the necessary fruits of it as fulfillment of the previously mentioned obligation (settlement).

Remember the song we sang in school. “This land is your land, this land is my land, this land is our land.” No mention of a thing called crown land. However, that is not to suggest that the crown does not have and is not entitled to have an interest in our land.

We recognize that we exist on this planet in a body that has necessities of life, and that we did enter this world without legal permits with the birth right of life, liberty, autonomy, use of our land/mother earth, nature, water, air, property, labour, to sustain such (“interests”), and the fruits/uses of same without permits and/or participation in commercial activity (buying and selling).

We believe that if our birth rights (“interests”) are trespassed upon, that the trespasser may subject him/herself to a charge of attempted murder or other consequences.

Tendered by us, this calendar date June 20th, 2007, in good clear conscience, with love, in the pursuit of peace and oneness, to the one(s) with the power and authority and conscience, to cause to be done what any reasonable man or woman of conscience is likely to, should the knowledge of the aforementioned circumstances be delivered to him or her what is happening to his or her family.

——————————— Love is the drug

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