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Axl Rose bottled offstage at Guns N' Roses' Dublin gig

Band walk off after 20 minutes, but return to complete set

Guns N' Roses were bottled by fans last night (September 1) at the Dublin O2 venue.

They left the stage as a result, after playing for just 20 minutes, but returned later to complete their show.

Axl Rose's band were over an hour late onstage for the performance, reports BBC Newsbeat. During 'Welcome To The Jungle', Rose stopped the song and addressed the crowd.

"If you don't want to have fun, all you've got to do is let us know," he said. "We've got no problem - we'll go on our way." Three songs later they left the stage.

A member of the venue staff then addressed the crowd, saying they were "trying hard" to get the frontman to agree to return to the stage. After a 35-minute break the band did return to complete their set, but by this time many fans had left the venue.

To see fan footage of the incident scroll down.

Guns N' Roses were an hour late onstage at Reading Festival last Friday (August 27), then staged an onstage protest when their sound was pulled. Two days later, at Leeds Festival, the band were half an hour late onstage and slammed the promoters for not letting them play longer.

Guns N' Roses played:

'Chinese Democracy'
'Welcome To The Jungle'
'It's So Easy'
'Mr Brownstone'
'Live And Let Die'
'Rocket Queen'
'Richard Fortus Guitar Solo'
'This I Love'
'You Could Be Mine'
'Sweet Child O' Mine'
'Dizzy Reed Piano Solo'
'Street Of Dreams'
'Knockin' On Heaven's Door'
'November Rain'
'Bumblefoot Guitar Solo'
'DJ Ashba Guitar Solo'
'Ballad Of Death'
'Paradise City'

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Comments (6)


Sep 3, 2010



Sep 3, 2010

Why doesn't the tour manager just put Axl's watch forward an hour?No, No Axl, it's really 11 O'clock. Sure. Yeah. No. The hair? Oh, it looks great. Yeah.


Sep 3, 2010

These guys and in particular Axl Rose need to start learning some respect for the fans, the people who, after all, got them playing these stadium shows and headlining festivals for ridiculous amounts of money. One of the main reasons Slash cited for leaving the band was due to the lack of respect Axl showed for the fans in turning up to shows late or not at all, I mean he said himself didn't want to go to Leeds after Reading! Having said that, people who buy tickets for G N' R concerts now must be aware they're paying for both the genius and the very worst of Axl, i.e. you cannot get pissed when they turn up an hour late as this is now part of the norm! And Axl Rose is not someone to soldier on through a bottling! Either enjoy GNR shows as they have now become (turning up late, overly-extensive solos, Chinese Democracy overkill) or don't buy a ticket...simple.


Sep 3, 2010

Remind me why people would go see a band and then boo them when they try to come back ONstage after people throw bottles at them?I know Axel Rose is an arsewipe, no one's denying it, but as a musician I know if someone threw shit at me onstage i'd be just as annoyed. But why pay money in the first place to see a band, cheer them and boo them when they go off stage?

Slip kid (2nd generation) 

Sep 3, 2010

Didn't Axl have a prior agreement with the promoters that he could be bottled off stage?


Sep 3, 2010

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. How embarrassing. After NME dedicating a whole article to how much Axl has changed. How he cares about the fans and how he'll definitely be on time for concerts from now on. And then he goes and does this. Late for the next three shows in a row! Even if he apologised and explained why they were late in Dublin, people might have understood.

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Photo: Tom Martin/NME

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