Hinder's Austin Winkler talks "The All-American Nightmare"

For their forthcoming album "The All-American Nightmare," rockers Hinder decided to mix it up a bit by pushing themselves during the writing process and hiring a new producer. Singer Austin Winkler says he couldn't be any more pleased with the outcome.

"I'm ecstatic about the album," Winkler said via telephone between drags of a cigarette and sips of beer on a recent day off in Nashville. "It's different, babe. I don't know if you've heard this before, but I've never been more proud of a record than I have with this one."

Hinder fans will be able to get a healthy sneak peek of the album on the band's tour, as the group is performing six new songs in concert along with hits like "Lips of an Angel" and "Without You." "The All-American Nightmare" is slated for release during last quarter of 2010, though the specific release date hasn't been set.

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"The heavy songs are heavier," Winkler said of the new tracks. "Where it's lighter, it's lighter. The songs are unique. We probably couldn't label them. You'll have to wait to hear it. It's definitely different. There's some tongue-in-cheek songs in there that the crowd's responding awesome to."

Winkler explained that the songwriting process this time around was far different from for Hinder's previous efforts, 2005's triple-platinum "Extreme Behavior" and 2008's "Take It To The Limit."

"Me and Cody [Hanson, drummer] have been writing for probably a year and a half," Winkler said. "We wrote, I think, 60 or so songs for this record, which is not what we normally do. We normally do whatever the label wants. But for this record, we had to do something different. We had to mix it up a little bit. We wrote a lot of songs. We're going to have 10 on the record and 12 on the deluxe version.

"It was hard. It was kind of cool, though, to sit there and write that many songs and then shape the album, because it all runs together."

Winkler listed some of the song titles as "Two Sides of Me" and "Waking Up the Devil."

"It's all real [stuff]," he said. "It's crazy. 'Waking Up the Devil' is about you have those two sides of you where it comes out every once in a while. You're one way, but when night falls, you're a totally different person."

Hinder also marked the occasion of the new album by hiring a new producer: Kevin Churko, a Canadian record producer, engineer and songwriter who has worked for some big names, including Ozzy Osbourne. The music was recorded at Hanson's studio, while Winkler did his vocal tracks in Las Vegas.

"We needed to do something different," Winkler said. "We needed to change it up a little bit to see where our talent lies."

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