Discover your options with education!
One of the best ways to get ahead in the job market is to diversify your strengths.  Adding on to your resume with training, extra courses, a diploma or an upgrade to your current education level can really help you stand apart from the competition.

With the right training, you can get the job you always wanted, move up on the ladder, or switch career paths entirely! Education gives you options…and opportunities!
Layoffs provide opportunity for a new start
Gordon Nixon has observed an interesting phenomenon in his role as vice-president academic at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary. “What we're seeing in the current economy is typical of what we've observed in the past three recessions,” says Nixon. Applications to the school, he says, increase whenever the economy sours.
Must-have skills in the new economy
Some of the most highly valued skills in today’s economy aren’t necessarily taught at colleges or universities. The hard technical skills are a basic requirement in any given field. But it's the softer, more intangible skills that really set a job seeker apart from the crowd in the marketplace, according to an informal survey of educators and recruiters.
Laid-off workers discover new opportunities in career changes
Jeff Statham was hardly surprised when he received a layoff notice two years ago from an auto parts company that supplied General Motors’ Oshawa, Ont. plants. And he didn’t waste much time hoping for a return to his old job, even though he was a second-generation autoworker.
Childcare Industry in Need of More Qualified Daycares
Quality daycare is always a hot commodity in BC, with parents scrambling to find qualified daycare spots, as soon as their children are born. Thanks to Early Childhood Education programs like the one at Vancouver Career College, certified daycares are popping up in neighbourhoods around the Lower Mainland, making the search a little easier.
The online advantage: Education for everyone
Ready for school but not ready to make the lifestyle change? Consider Online Education. Many schools now offer courses that can be completed online. Check out the top 6 reasons why learning online clicks with your lifestyle!
Health care jobs on the rise
Of the forty or so occupations listed as “Good” prospects for 2009, over half are in the health care industry. As the country prepares for the upcoming 25 years of boomer retirement and its accompanying need for increased health care, this number can only be expected to rise-good news for current and potential health care workers.
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