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“There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly.

“Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, Least of all ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

“The time for the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

– Hopi elder

Hopi Nation

Oraibi, Arizona

October 8th at the UN, Ancient Crystal Skulls event on the 9th and 10th with private sessions and work shops being scheduled on the 11th at the A.R.E Edgar Cayce Center in NYC.


THE LEGEND tells of 13 Ancient Crystal Skulls, the same size and shape as human skulls, but made of pure crystal. Left behind by our earlier ancestors way back in the mists of time, before our collective memory can recall. “Are these the celestial prototypes for human incarnation, or the remains of the Atlantean civilization’s communication with the Gods, or the manifestation of spirit in form now appearing to shift the magnetic frequency of the earth?

Either way these crystal skulls appear to be a source of great knowledge and wisdom. To some they contain information about our past history of the planet and the future of mankind. The legend also prophesied that one day, at a time of great crisis for all humanity, 13 crystal skulls would be rediscovered and unify themselves together again to reveal information vital to the very survival of the human race.

The clarion call is being answered to-gather those 13 Crystal Skulls from around the world for the historic crystal skulls event being called “The Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls”. This will be a full circle event. This is real, this is authentic, and it is time.

News flash 5/10/10: Mystery Crystal Skull Announcement:

This very Mysterious Ancient Crystal Skull from the remote jungle is coming forward with the Guardian. This is simply just an incredible ancient quartz crystal skull. You will be amazed when you see and feel the energy of this ancient crystal skull. This will be an exclusive and the premier showing of this very Mysterious Ancient Crystal Skull in NYC on 101010




Jaap van Etten




Jaap van Etten PhD – Master of Ceremonies

Jaap van Etten holds a Ph.D. in Biology with a specialty in Ecology. About 20 years ago his life changed dramatically, shifting the focus in his life more towards spirituality. He believes that science and spirituality need to be integrated again. This led him to the study of metaphysical ecology: the study of the interaction between the human (subtle) energy system and the (subtle) energy systems in its environment. He currently is summarizing the results of his studies in a book “Earth Energies and Human Evolution” that is scheduled for publication in early 2011.

In 1994 Jaap had an emotional encounter with his first crystal skull. He realized that crystal skulls form a link between the Earth and human consciousness. Since then he included crystal skulls in his studies, summarizing his ideas in a book “Crystal Skulls; Interacting with a Phenomenon”, published in 2007. Currently his studies focus on the role of crystal skulls in the creation of energy fields, their role in the activation of Earth energies and their role in human spiritual evolution. He believes that both ancient and contemporary crystal skulls have a role to play. In his lecture “The role of ancient and contemporary crystal skulls in human evolution” he will present a summary of his latest research and discoveries.

Jaap van Etten was Master of Ceremonies for the 090909 Crystal Skulls World Mysteries Conference held in Tempe, Arizona where 9 significant and ancient crystal skulls came to-gather.



10:00 – 6:00

cahokia008004Opening with The 13 Crystal Skulls Cosmic Unification Code Activation Ceremony

The Grand Elder of the living Maya -Grandfather Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj

The essence of our cultures is the same, we are under the same sky, we occupy the same earth and we are children of one only Creator, one God; lets then walk together, at a slow pace, waiting for the rays of the new Sun.

Then when we speak about the things that are written in our prophecies, they are all words of our ancestors. The thing is that there is a time for everything, and everything will be fulfilled at some time, the proper time. In our Maya calendar ever since 1524 started a period called the path of tears, the name of it is delihev belam tiku each tiku has 52 years and there were 9 (delihev means 9), so this was 9 cycles of 52 years each so this period ended in 1987. August 16th 1987. So this is what is known as the harmonic convergence. This period of the 9 delihev belam tiku also has the name of the 9 hells but when this time ended on August 16th the next day August 17 started the new period, the next period that is called the 13th heavens. So in this cycle that is also called oshlahough belam tiku or the 13th heavens is the time when the prophecies are manifested and being fulfilled.

So this is the time we are living in and now we have even finished the time of the 12 baktun and we are in the 13 baktun and 13 ahau. We talk about the calendar that is from the ancestors. So this is the time it says, the return of the ancestors. So the ancestors don’t return, what it is that returns is their knowledge, and their wisdom, everything they taught us at one time that we forgot is coming back and that is the return of the ancestors and the returning of the men of wisdom that is returning to us all, we are preparing each other.

Grandfather Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj Ambassador for the Indigenous Pueblos Mayas, Xinca and Garifuna of Guatemala & President of the National Council of Elders Mayas, Xinca and Garifuna of Guatemala


Hunbatz Men




Hunbatz Men


Mayan Elders

Don Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech





Stephen Mehler M.A – Ancient Crystal Skulls Lecture

St-Max '97


Stephen has been involved in crystal skull research since 1979, and, as an archaeologist and prehistorian, specialized in the area of ancient cultural artifacts. Stephen will discuss what constitutes an “ancient” crystal skull, how they may have been made, for what purposes and by whom. Stephen will clear up much of the misinformation that has been presented on this subject.

Stephen has co-authored, with David Hatcher Childress, Crystal Skulls: Astonishing Portals To Mans Past (2008). Stephen worked with Dr. Marcel Vogel and F.R. ‘Nick” Nocerino, the two greatest crystal skull researchers. Stephen specializes in the study of ancient Egypt and currently leads tours to Egypt.



Michele Nocerino and Sha Na Ra




 Sherry Whitfield and Synergy





The Known History of the Ancient Crystal Skull known as “Synergy”

“Synergy” weighs in at 15.5 lbs the size of a grown adult human being. Synergy is the name of this skull — or more precisely, Synergy is the quality that this skull represents or manifests. The definition of Synergy is the cooperative action of two or more independent entities, to bring about a total effect or change which is greater than what either can accomplish alone. In other words 1 + 1 can equal 3, or even more.

The exact origins of ‘Synergy’ are not known, however, it came to light in the Western world in about 1980 when it was acquired as a gift from an native Elder by a European man named George. He was told that the skull had come into the custody of a much loved Catholic nun, in the early 1700’s, in Peru. She was quite old when she died, and she passed on the skull, what she called “an inheritance from a lost civilization,” to a young native boy and his father. She asked them to safeguard it until the ‘right’ person came to get it and share its message with the world. “Your heart will know the person,” she said. That boy’s ancestor gave it to George almost three centuries later.

In 2001 while visiting the U.S. on business, George suddenly gave the skull to an American woman that her hardly knew, Sherry Whitfield Merrell. When she asked him why he would want to do such a thing he replied “I don’t know, but I think too much with my head and I need to go with my gut, my heart.” George’s intensity and the sincerity of his words struck a chord within Sherry, and she accepted the skull and the responsibility.

Fascinating new information about the history of this skull came to light in 2005. A representative of an aboriginal tribe, living on an island near Australia, saw a photo of Synergy in a newspaper. He came to see and experience Synergy for himself. It was a profound reunion for him. When he traveled back to the island, he took photos and a small carved amethyst skull that had been with Synergy. He presented them to the tribal Chief. When the members of the tribe saw these things, they spent an entire night rejoicing, feasting and telling stories about their ancestors. Their story is that they had had Synergy in their care for many generations before they ’sent it out’ via a reed boat or canoe from the island, via Hawaii, and ending up in South/Central America. It was to await the ‘right person’ who would eventually come for it and take it elsewhere. This tribe reveres skulls and has other old crystal skulls in their possession that are an integral part of their religion and beliefs. Their stories also indicate that Synergy was not carved by them; the skull was a legacy given to them by a lost civilization that they called MU.

In 2006, another part of this story was verified by Hawaiian Kahunas. They say that it indeed arrived on the islands, via reed canoes. This crystal skull is a part of the ancient and sacred secrets from their ancestors.



Joky van Dieten and ET – Janus – Clouds – The Jesuit



The crystal skull ET was discovered by a Mayan family near Guatemala while digging on their property in 1906. The present caretaker is Joky Van Dieten (Holland) who has amassed quite a collection of ancient crystal skulls, intentionally attempting to re-create her own version of the 13 crystal skulls.

Some might call Joky Van Dieten eccentric – others would regard her as true example of living joy. Her love of travel and her background as the first female racecar driver in Europe is partly the inspiration for a Crystal Skull World Tour in her Hummer.

Like most crystal skull guardians, Joky Van Dieten promotes the message of peace and unity – and travels the world to share the crystal skulls and their mission of peace. My goal on my journey will be offering to provide opportunities for other people to have a personal experience with my old and ancient crystal skulls.

I believe that the crystal skulls are an example of a number of ancient tools that are being re-discovered and that will assist humanity into an awakening of our divine origins as well as share a powerful energy for Peace and Harmony for our world.


Jane Doherty and Maya








Can the ancient crystal skulls enable us to see deeply into the past and predict the future?  Jane Doherty, caretaker of “Maya”, and now a renowned psychic believes the crystal skulls possess remarkable mystical properties, contain information for the future and have a divine purpose. The experiences she has had on this fascinating journey have proven it to her.

From the moment Jane held “Maya”  she sensed a gentle energy emanating from the crystal skull. What she didn’t perceive was the powerful force behind the energy of this small artifact or Maya’s other secrets, until her life had changed forever. Only then did Jane realize what had happened and how.

This crystal skull purported to be an artifact from the  Mayan ruins, crossed paths with her caretaker in 1987 in a store in Cuernavaca. Jane spotted “Maya” in a glass case marked artifacts  along with another small skull, 2 black Jaguar statues and a feathered serpent all positioned around Maya. Overwhelmed with emotion and a deep intuitive feeling,  Jane knew she couldn’t leave the store without them even though she had no idea why. Nor could she make any sense of what she thought was a strange reaction.

 Once  Maya was in Jane’s possession, “Maya’s”  energy became Jane’s “other medium” by facilitating communication with the other side and becoming another “set of eyes” to peer into the future. Both “Maya” and Jane have their own energy, but when their energies interact some people see a large being stand behind Jane.

Maya is smaller in size  than the other skulls, but exhibits an unusual carved feature. She has 3 rows of teeth instead of the usual two rows. She  fits into the palm of a hand, which would have made  it easy to hold  and direct during a Mayan ceremony or ritual.

“Maya” was the only crystal skull present at the 1995 Solar Initiation Ceremonies at the Pyramids in Chichen Itza in Mexico, as well as, had her energies initiate an earth healing ceremony at Uxmal. Until those  ceremonies, “Maya” was a cloudy, milky-white quartz crystal skull with only a postage-sized window of clarity to peek into her, but the skull  is now 60% clear with most of her base milky-quartz.

In this presentation Jane will inspire you to believe in their mystical properties as she presents the story of “Maya” and her experiences with the skull. Jane will offer possible reasons for their purpose, show you how she uses them as an oracle, and then direct Maya’s  energy to you to help heal or unblock your energies.

Jane Doherty, named “One of the Top Twenty Psychics” by Dr. Hans Holzer, authored the book, “Awakening the Mystic Gift”, starred in the TV show, “Dead Tenants” and will soon be seen in a Movie-a supernatural thriller. She has appeared on Fox News, CNN, Reuters, Today Show, Dead Famous,  My Ghost Story and others. Woman’s World Weekly, Mystery Magazine, New York Times, NY Post have featured her.  She has been heard on over 250 radio shows including Coast to Coast, and the X-zone Paranormal radio show.



Laurie Walker and Madre

Laurie Walker


Laurie Walker first saw crystal skulls when she was a student of Nick Nocerino and DaEl Walker. She became personally involved when DaEl received his first skull, Rainbow. She immediately had an affinity for working with the skull and bringing up pictures. When DaEl bought the skull, Madre, from a private collection, she touched it and immediately heard a voice in her head. “Her name is Madre and you are her Guardian.” Madre talks to her and is training her to carry out the skull’s mission.


 Grace and Amar




How can you work with crystal skulls to manifest your desired intentions for yourself and for the world? You can learn to harness the power of intention and master the laws of attraction to attain what you desire personally and globally. Learn how crystal skulls can amplify, magnify and magnetize energy and information, supporting and empowering you to achieve your goals. Experience oneness with your crystal skull to raise your consciousness, enhance your intuition and receive intuitive guidance so you can feel confident in your choices and decisions for the present and for the future.

Connect with the power of the ancient crystal skulls and with the crystal skull grid to access ancient wisdom and knowledge, and to support yourself, the planet and humanity to raise the energetic vibration in order to be safe through these times of transition, transformation and ascension.




10:00 – 6:00


Flordemayo is a Mayan elder born in a small village on the Nicaragua/Honduras border. Flordemayo’s father was a local shaman and Flordemayo’s mother was a midwife and a healer. As her children grew, Flordemayo began to work as a healer/curandera. Flordemayo is a sundancer who considers her Mayan heritage a keystone of her work.

A wise woman of the earth, Flordemayo has been a Curandera Espiritu, a healer of divine spirit, her entire life. And through her keen vision she is able to sense other realms of light, sound and color. As a seer, she is able to see the effects of existing imbalances on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels within a person’s energy system.

Flordemayo is a founding member and President of the Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge, based in Estancia, New Mexico. She has been widely recognized for her healing ability and wisdom, including being the recipient of the Martin de la Cruz Award for Alternative Healing. This prestigious honor is given by the International Congress of Traditional Medicine. Flordemayo has been recognized as a ‘Priestess’ by the Maya.

Since 2004, Flordemayo has been a founding member of the Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, a group of traditional female elders drawn from around the world, whose work it is to travel and unite people through a circle of prayer.

A frequent contributor at international conferences such as the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Bioneers, we are most honored to highlight the visionary work of Flordemayo.

For more information on Flordemayo, visit: or

Accompanying her will be mz imani:


DaEl Walker with Rainbow and ZAR



DaEl Walker is the author of the Crystal Book, the Crystal Healing Book, and The New Crystal Book (In Romanian). He is the Director of the Crystal Awareness Institute, researching and teaching energy healing using quartz crystals and ancient technologies. With the ancient crystal skull Rainbow, he has been able to photograph images from inside the crystal skull. Since that time he and his wife, Laurie, has been constantly involved in working with ancient crystal skulls.

1995 was the year of ZAR. (zar) This skull does not represent a human. This skull came to me from a mystery group. I was told the skull said it would stay with me until it was time to move on.

It is hollow, of very dense, opaque white with yellow tints to it, like old bone. It weighs about 10 pounds and is full sized. It has large oval eyes, a small pointed nose bone, and almost no chin. There heavy ridges over the eyes, like Neanderthal Man, and the cheekbones are extra heavy. The frontal area is extra large and so is the back of the skull, indicating extra power in both the reasoning and intuitive areas. It varies from a human skull in at least 9 ways.

Psychic channel Barbara Marciniak’s channels, the Pleidians, say it is not from this Earth. ZAR has been called “a hybrid between human and alien”.

ZAR feels very old and very wise.



Mario and Pancho

Pancho, a crystal skull was discovered many years ago in a region that was once inhabited by one of the oldest civilizations in Mesoamerica. His founder gave the skull to a family that dedicated their lives to raising awareness about Mesoamerican peoples, history, and culture. The family came to call the skull Pancho. In 2009, after the death of his grandmother, Mario Bojorquez became the guardian of Pancho. Mario has been residing in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1995 and has owned and operated a very successful tour and travel business.

Ever since Mario got Pancho he has been diligent about sharing him with the community in Las Vegas. Mario’s first communication from Pancho occurred when he was taking the skull to a bank safety deposit box. On the way, Mario heard Pancho’s voice telling him, “I want to be revealed, I want to be exposed”. Since Mario really doesn’t come from a metaphysical or spiritual background, he was very surprised to have heard this communication but he heeded to the message and decided that instead of hiding him in a dark box that he would reveal and expose Pancho to the world.

This is the first time that Mario and Pancho attend any event about crystal skulls. Mario believes he has in his possession a very unique and powerful skull that has information that is very important for the New Generation. Many people who have met Pancho talk about the strong energy that he emits, some people receive messages and healings, other just say how happy he is and how happy they feel when they are around him.

Mario and Pancho are looking forward to being a part of this conference and meeting other guardians, researchers and people intrigued by the crystal skulls.


Jaap van Etten PhD – The Crystal Skulls Human Spiritual Evolution presentation

In this presentation information will be given on how crystal skulls are supporting our spiritual evolution. The contemporary crystal skulls form the training ground for developing the skills needed to enable us to connect optimally with the ancient crystal skulls and the information they contain. In the same way as we need both ancient and contemporary knowledge to move to new understandings, we also need ancient and contemporary crystal skulls for our spiritual evolution (“shift”).

Boris Schneickert’s “KRISTALLISIERUNG Meditation “





Boris Schneickert lives in Konstanz in the South of Germany with his wife Julia. He works with crystal skulls since nearly 10 years and is president of IKA International, a crystal skull organization with more than 350 members in 15 countries.

He organizes the IKA-crystal skull conferences one time a year (every year in another city) and many regional events. Boris is also leading peace meditations, workshops and Earth healings with many crystal skulls. He became famous with the crystal skull “RoseHeart” giving lectures in schools and cinemas and speaking on TV and on large conferences in Europe. interviews with Boris have been printed in two books in the United States.

At this NYC 101010 “Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls” World Mysteries event he will lead the special meditation “Kristallisierung” which will connect the ancient with the new crystal skulls and creates more consciousness and peace for our Mother Earth.





Stephen Mehler – The New York City Crystal Skulls connection presentation  




STEVEN HALPERN PhD Meditation and Healing music presentation



Steven Halpern





Steven Halpern is the world’s leading composer and recording artist of music for relaxation, wellness and “sound health.” whose healing music has helped millions of people worldwide to experience the blessings and the benefits of deep relaxation and inner peace.

Steven Halpern’s work has been covered in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as by CBS, ABC, NBC and the BBC. Steven has written hundreds of articles, as well as a syndicated monthly column for over 20 years.

Since 1975, Steven Halpern, Ph.D. has been a very popular speaker at the worlds leading holistic health and complimentary healing centers and conferences: Steven has presented workshops at Esalen, the Omega Institute, and Kripalu, the International Alliance for Accelerated Learning, The Whole Life Expo. We are so very honored and grateful to have him join us with his music at this 101010 Ancient Crystal Skulls World Mysteries Event in NYC.

Steven has his very own personal and special connections to the Ancient Crystal Skulls.


Kirby Seid “An Awakened Journey with The Light Labyrinth”


Kirby Seid is a teacher of crystal workshops with an emphasis on metaphysical application. He has studied metaphysics, shamanism, and music for many years, with a degree in humanistic psychology from UC Santa Cruz. He has been entrepreneur for 20 years crossing the globe in search of fine minerals, fossils, crystals and artifacts; providing them to museums, collectors, spiritual teachers and shamans. He connects with different artists, Shaman, healers and teachers to produce sacred artifacts and tools for the spiritual practices. He is founder of Ancient Technologies; a business and laboratory dedicated the advancement of the “Light Labyrinth Project”; a collaboration with other artists and teachers formally from Apple Computer and the Exploritorium in San Francisco. This is the application of quartz crystals with resonant light fields and sound. Combining these resonant qualities with Human Consciousness, profound states of self-awareness are achieved.. Kirby facilitates workshops across the country. He is dedicated to teaching people about new technologies combined with ancient tools for the exploration of consciousness through beauty and co-creation.

Currently Kirby is engaged in a masters degree program in Intuitional Medicine, and continues his Shamanic practice and studies. Along with Michele Nocerino, Kirby facilitates presentations and workshops with Sha Na Ra, F.R.Nick Nocerino’s discovered ancient crystal skull. Specific lectures and presentations include topics related to contemporary crystal skulls, ancient crystal skulls and artifacts, as well as the physics and metaphysics of light and crystals. Experiencing non-ordinary states with the Light Labyrinth and Holotope technologies, Kirby facilitates a direct experience of the synergy of art, science, and spiritual practice. Kirby continues to have different styles of both contemporary and ancient styles of crystal skulls carved for collectors.


Mystery Guardian and the Mysterious Ancient Crystal Skull “OMG -This change’s everything”


With the first time ever, publicly revealed “Skull of Consciousness”. An anatomically accurate 33 pound crystal skull which has been until now, a mystery. 

Upon meeting the mystery crystal skull, the late crystal skulls researcher F.R.Nick Nocerino was quoted as saying

“this skull far exceeds my expectations of an ancient crystal skull.”


The closing of the full circle event with a rare 13 Crystal Skulls Ceremony









The ATLANTEAN ORB will be on display at this event scheduling private sessions.

Arthur Fanning – The Atlantean Orb


The Mysterious Crystal Sphere of Atlantis

Legendary Atlantis still holds a fascinating mystique for many. Stories of the ancient land that sank deep into the Atlantic Ocean have endured for more than 2000 years.

As controversial as the land of Atlantis remains, it is still an enigma that cannot be disproved … while many scholars of old believed the existence of Atlantis to be a historical reality.

To add more mystery to the dilemma, a baffling mystery exists today surrounding an unusual crystal sphere said to have been found in a submerged pyramid in the waters near the location where Atlantis was said to have existed.

The Astounding Discovery of Dr. Ray Brown

Known as Ray Brown’s Atlantean Crystal Sphere, the discovery of the sphere occurred during a scuba diving trip to the Bari Islands in the Bahamas in 1970. While diving, Ray Brown – a naturopathic doctor – became separated from his friends and while he searched for them, he came upon a strange pyramid structure.

Though startled by the find, he investigated and was amazed that the sides of the pyramid were completely smooth and the joints between the individual blocks to be nearly imperceptible.

Upon entering the pyramid, Ray was further astounded by the clean, smooth sides of the interior: no algae or coral grew on the walls. Not only that, but he was able to see the interior clearly as the room was well lit but there was no detectable source of light.

He tried to remove a a multi-faceted red gemstone attached to a metallic rod that descended from the center of the ceiling, but was unable to dislodge it.

About four feet below the point of the red gemstone, stood a bronze metal sculpture of two open hands, and resting upon the palms of the hands was a crystal sphere, about four inches in diameter.

He was surprised that he could lift the crystal sphere easily. And so he seized his prize and headed toward the exit. As he did so, he felt an invisible presence come near and a voice that warned him never to return.

Concerned that his prize might be taken away from him by the government as salvage treasure, Ray kept the unusual sphere – and his story – hidden until 1975. At that point the sphere was displayed for the first time in Phoenix, Arizona at a psychic fair.

For What Purpose Was the Crystal Sphere Created?

Inside the sphere are the images of three pyramids, one in front of the other. At another angle, some have claimed to see a faint image of a large single eye serenely gazing out at them. Thousands of tiny fracture lines also appear and may be electrical in nature, like some form of microscopic circuitry.

The use of the crystal sphere in ancient times is not clear: only speculative at this point. Some say that the crystal sphere was used in conjunction with other powerful faceted stones (perhaps the red stone Ray Brown saw in the underwater Pyramid?) to draw in and concentrate enormous energy from the earth, then generate and project the resulting tremendous power. For good or for ill purposes, no one can say.

Paranormal Events

Ray Brown’s Atlantean crystal sphere has only made a few public appearances since 1975.

The last public appearance was the 090909 Crystal Skulls World Mysteries Conference in Arizona. Interestingly, whenever the sphere has been displayed, mysterious occurrences have often been reported: phantom lights; feeling a breath of wind; hot and cold sensations; tingling of energy; hearing voices. Some have claimed to experience healing from the sphere.

At times, compasses have been affected when placed next to the crystal while some metals seemed to have become temporarily magnetic.

Deeper Observations and the Magic of the Sphere

Aruthur Fanning, the current guardian of the sphere, says that the sphere is also known as “the eye of God” and sees only the truth of our nature. Thereby, one of its important purposes is to empower each of us as we truly are and bestow peace, protection and joy.

Arthur also cautions that whatever intention you bring to the sphere that it will be the thing that is amplified and manifested. As the sphere is here to help usher in the new consciousness, it is imperative that we are clear about strengthening our connection to the Divine as the sphere will see to it that we have the experiences to achieve just that.

With an emphasizes that the power of the sphere is to awaken one’s true self and align us with our inner beauty. “communication” with the sphere adds that there were four identical spheres created: two were destroyed in Atlantean times as they were used for evil purposes; the third still remains hidden in a submerged temple; the fourth is in possession of Arthur Fanning.

Those who are interested in extraterrestrials, angels, Atlantis, ancient Egypt and Power Music to experience the sphere for themselves.

The Future of the Sphere

When Ray Brown passed on at the age of 89, the Atlantean sphere came into the guardianship of Arthur Fanning.

Currently, the Atlantean crystal sphere resides in Sedona, Arizona. Its power is being utilized in conjunction with crystal bowls and ancient sacred mantras and currently the Atlantean Orb is also being utilized to charge crystal jewelry which will be available through Jewelry of Spirit at our event in NYC..


Healing Ceremonies, lectures, interactive healing workshops, Tibetan and Quartz crystal bowls sound healing music, private sessions and much more.

*Special Note: Crystal quartz singing bowls build a marvelous and also ultra powerful impact of sound and vibrations which resonates thru both you and your natural environment. The particular playing of the chakra-tuned “Singing” Quartz Crystal bowls’ angelic tones and their rippling vibrations may have a serious personalized and also recovering results. Quartz crystal music supports the vibration of white light which eventually refracts to the rainbow palette and also acts directly on our chakras if the bowls are played. This has the strength to generate a positive transfer of our awareness. The properties of the bowls contain the same electromagnetic fields as exist within all life forms. Clear quartz integrates the harmony in our own electromagnetic energies. With the pure tone of the quartz crystal bowls it’s possible pattern the power field organization and sway cellular expression of wellness.