GHNS Project

“Get Hot New Stuff!”


GHNS enables creative desktop users to share their work. Find out more here.

The idea of collaborative work

Free desktops empower their users to work together over the internet, and share their ideas, artwork, scripts and files. The missions of GHNS is to provide the necessary infrastructure on the client, the server and the protocols in between.

(18.04.2009) Epidermis, a GHNS-powered theme manager

Epidermis is a PyGtk+-based theme manager. It offers artwork like wallpapers, icon sets, login screens and mouse cursor themes for download in a convenient way. The content is managed and delivered through GHNS.

(17.05.2008) Progress report

Both Hotstuff and KNewStuff2 have received considerable changes over the previous months. The latter will soon be converted to a Goya-based GUI for faster and more beautiful download of entries, but work also continues to make upload and thus direct user contributions possible. At the moment most of the repositories are backed by an SVN repository. The site has been introduced as a central point for such repositories for GHNS and DXS access. In addition, the family of sites is now accessible through a RESTful API.

(20.03.2007) KNewStuff2 shaping up

KNewStuff2 will become an implementation of the GHNS specification which will also support DXS. Development has been going on for many months. With the KDE 4 release cycle becoming more refined, KNewStuff2 is currently being prepared for inclusion in the KDE libraries package (kdelibs).

(26.07.2005) DXS development on

The development of the Desktop eXchange Service (DXS) is now powered by the new site Work will result in a specification of the webservice, and a couple of implementations.

(01.07.2005) GHNS Project now at

Finally, the project has moved to its destination at The mailing list and the SVN repository have been smoothly moved over along with it.

(07.06.2005) Newsflash: Desktop Exchange Service (DXS)

Based on an idea by Michael Gebhart, GHNS should also be accessible as a webservice. The Desktop Exchange Service works similar to "traditional" uploads and downloads, except that all data is embedded in a single SOAP message. The first implementation is available thanks to the SOAP::Lite Perl module. Further work on finding a suitable format is going on.

(07.06.2005) GHNS Project goes live!

The GHNS Project, formerly hosted at, has found its new home at While the old URL remains to cover KDE-specific parts, the new one enables us to advance the project in a cross-desktop way.