C90-CR (M3)

Disposable, shoulder fired and one man carried infantry weapon. Five versions specifically designed to defeat diferent targets: anti-tank, anti-bunker, anti-armour/fragmentation, smoke/incendiary, and training. VN38-C night vision device.


Hand grenade with electronic double timer fuze instead of pyrotechnic devices. There is not electrical energy stored and the detonator remains out-of-line until the hand grenade has been thrown. 100% delay functioning tested.


Mortar munition with 21 anti-tank and fragmentation submunitions whose electronic fuses are equipped with self-destruct and self-neutralization features, so eliminating the risk of live munitions being left on the ground.


Infantry weapon with a 600 metre range, with reusable optronic firing control unit featuring total day/night capability, laser rangefinding, lateral target displacement sensor, and future aiming point display. Three ammunition types specifically designed to defeat different targets, anti-tank, anti-armour/fragmentation and anti-bunker, that can be fired from closed spaces.


Night vision device specially designed to be used with the C90 weapon system, allowing full night combat capability.


Night vision device for multiple specific functions; it can be used:
-with the HK G-36 E , and optionally,
-with the C90 family of weapon systems
-independent, for observation and surveillance, with a 4X magnification.


The last member of the Alhambra family of products; type-classified by Spanish MoD and in service.
The Alhambra D/O is a multi-mission version: it has the same performance and features as the original model, but in addition, it can be transformed in a Less Lethal Hand Grenade, just removing the steel balls envelope with an easy and fast operation.