The reality of the Shaman (whose term of name is derived from the Siberian Tungus language) is not about New-Age Hippie flakes wearing feathers and bones all urban Vegetarian, nor is Shamanism solely based upon the Native American of North and South whom many are enamoured by of icon to make docile via a foriegn religion or that of New-Age philosophies, while the Natives to reside upon reservations or to dwell within an ever shrinking Amazon rainforest eaten up by McDonald burger Cattle. The stories of the Shaman are not all about Crystals and light of the near celibate whose once potent Myths of inner exploration became as mere fairytales made somewhat impotent and quaint of political correctness for one will find when to dig deeper, if one dares to venture, that there be very dark places indeed, which many a fairytale alludes to of Shadow. For example, the Myths of the Siberian Chukchi have a raw vitality, which are often Sexually explicit, perverse and violent, which nevertheless have a Spiritual potency to stir the imagination, but then the Chukchi live by hunting for their food hence one has to learn to kill ones prey in a land of a rather harsh environment where a Vegetarian to that of a Vegan wouldn't live very long at all. These Shadows of tale are adaptable to ones modern arena of experiential reality to perceive otherwise through glass darkly, for such fairytale Shadows are all about life and death as well as everything betwixt and in between of varied hues of meaning to also go well beyond such dualities should one learn to laugh at the terror of it all. Ones reality is essentially Predatory of nature, which one cannot deny, otherwise one will surely starve to death whether one be a Carnivore, Omnivore, Vegetarian let alone that of a Vegan for one has to remember plants are living creatures too. The Shaman has to first harrow the infernal realms before he can ascend as an ecstatic Hawk of Spirit into the sky for it be the underworld of Shadow where his true power resides in order to transform rather than to ignore. One such Shadow is that of Baba Yaga who is the elder soul of Slavic folklore; she is perceived as the old wild woman of an ancient Cannibal Crone who tears through the Russian Birch forests of Iron Wood as the fearsome whirlwind. However, Baba Yaga's Cannibal Crone aspect of Hag alludes to her ancient wisdom and power while at other times she manifests as an ultra-vixen Russian Vampire of a dominatrix when to perceive her entering into ones so called modern world of cellophane wrapped Meat.



Baba Yaga is a most powerful Witch Mistress and Shaman of all Magick and Darkest Sorceries who was perceived as an ever hungry Cannibal as well as being the Great-Grandmother of the Devil. Baba-Yaga is also seen as a Forest Spirit whom leads hosts of Familiar Spirits as her myriad helpers just as a Siberian Shaman to have. Baba-Yaga as a name differs within the various Slavic languages from one to the other for ‘Baba Yaga’ is spelled ‘Baba Jaga’ in Polish and as ‘Ježibaba’ in Czech, and Slovak. The Slavic language of Slovene has the words in reverse to have Jaga Baba. The Russian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian, all have their Baba Yaga of similarity. Baba as a name also crops up in the Sumerian to possibly indicate an ancient linguistic connection that flowed into the Middle-East from out of the Shamanistic North across Steppe long ago:

“Baba: Bau, Sumerian Tutelary Goddess of the City of Lagaš. Daughter of the Sky-god An, and spouse of the God of fertility – Ningirsu. Probably she was initially a Mother Goddess (‘Mother Baba’) and from Old Babylonian Times onwards she was known as a Goddess of Healing (‘Female Doctor of the Black Headed’), and is often equated with – Gula. King Gudea praised her as ‘Mistress of Abundance’.” (Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses, Devils and Demons by Manfred Lurker)



The South Slavic languages and folklore traditions have a similar Old Cannibal Witch whom they call Baba-Roga found in the Croatian and Bosnian, which has an equivalent in the Macedonian and Serbian. The term ‘Roga’ indicates that Baba-Roga has Horns just as a Siberian Shaman most often to wear of Reindeer antlers as a crown of Spiritual office.  Baba Yaga as a name is made up of two elements. Baba, which was made as a child’s word whose, essential meaning is that of an older or yet unmarried woman of lower social class or simply to indicate a Grandmother in the majority of Slavic languages as a slang word. Yaga may have a connection with the Tibetan term of Yagas, which was applied to Daemonic entities as well as the Sanskrit word ‘Yuga’ for ‘Time’ that was often associated by the Hindu with their Sex and Death Goddess Kali, whom shares many similarities with Baba-Yaga. Yaga is usually seen by scholars as a diminutive form of the Slavic name Jadwiga: Jaga/Jagusia/Jadzia and so forth, however some etymologists conjecture other root sources for the word whereby for example, Vasmer mentions the Proto-Slavic ‘ęgа’. However according to another far more plausible theory about the name of Baba Yaga, the word 'Yaga' has its origin in the beliefs and myths of the peoples living in Northern Russia and Finland, whom worshipped local Goddesses, which were represented by statues named 'Yaga,' from the 'Nentsy' word 'Yaha,' meaning Sea or Lake. The Russians, normally soldiers who attempted to conquer the Shamanic tribal regions of Nentsy, Finnish-Ugrish, and others, called the statues 'Babas' whereby one has the name of Baba Yaga.



A certain heroine whom confronts the Cannibal Witch Baba-Yaga is called Vasilisa, which is the feminine name for the Herb ‘Basil’. The folktale, 'Vasilisa the Beautiful at the Hut of Baba Yaga,' by Ivan BilibinIn portrays Baba Yaga as a monstrous old hag whom flies spiralling through the air in a Mortar to use the Pestle as a rudder while sweeping away the Spirit-Tracks of her woven ‘Web’ of journeying left behind with a broom made out of sacred Silver-Birch. Baba-Yaga is often seen to live in a H.R Giger nightmare of a Haunted Charnel house or that of a Cannibal Cabin, which is alive of sentient creature made out of the flayed skin and bones of Girls whom Baba Yaga has caught unawares to cook and eat to also feed to her familiar Spirits whose furniture is made out of the remains of her myriad female victims; her living house moves around of its own accord upon a pair of dancing Chicken legs like that of a huge steam-punk Martian War machine. The keyhole to Baba Yaga's front door of Vagina shaped frame is a dribbling vaginal orifice of a mouth filled with very sharp Sharks teeth.



Baba-Yaga’s house can also fly atop of a spiralling whirlwind of a Maelstrom like some shape-shifting Dr Who’s Tardis of a huge Amanita Muscaria Mushroom shaped UFO travelling through time, and when to take root upon the ground it will then set up a fence to automatically unfold around it; the fence is made up of human female bones with skulls on top of glowing ghost fire eyes, which to burn within their hollow sockets illuminating the night. The fence often has one pole of a femur lacking its skull, to indicate there is enough room for yet another victim of a Girl who does not answer Baba-Yaga’s questions correctly. Other legends to tell that Baba-Yaga’s house does not reveal its ‘Vaginal’ opening of door until one utters the Magical phrase:


“Turn Your Back To The Forest, Your Front To Me.”



Another Folktale, The Red Rider, by BilibinIn to tell that Baba-Yaga’s house of a flying Mushroom is connected with three riders: one in Armour Albedo White, riding a white horse with white harness, who can be perceived as the Nordic Albino Spirit Girl of the Day; a Rubedo Armoured Red rider, who can be seen as the Golden skinned Oriental Girl Spirit of the burning Sun; and one in Nigredo black Armour, who one can spy as the dark skinned Girl Spirit of darkest African Night and of deepest Shadow. Baba-Yaga is also served by numerous other infernal familiars and discarnate spectres inside of her charnel house of Initiation. Baba-Yaga will explain about the riders if asked by a Girl should she reach her house, but she may kill the Girl to verily consume whom inquires wrongly about her servants.



Baba Yaga is perceived as both an antagonist, as well as that of a source of guidance. There are various stories where Baba-Yaga helps Heroes/Heroines on their Spiritual quests as well as stories in which she kidnaps children especially young Girls whom she threatens with eating all up to gobble whereupon the Cannibal Baba Yaga becomes young again; the Cannibal aspect of Baba Yaga represents the all consuming terrifying hunger of crippling old age, which desires to win back its sensuous youth at all costs by going back in time, whereupon Baba Yaga has formulated a concoction of recipes for a Cannibal -Cookbook of a Grimoire whose spell formulae are all orientated towards regaining her youth and beauty as well as that of attaining Immortality.



The Cannibal Baba Yaga to smile of sadistic grin when she to look back to the year 1953, when Dr. James McConell began to perform labyrinthine experiments with Planarian flatworms (Dugesia dorotocephala) at the University of Michigan; the Planarian flatworms were trained by utilising the same modus operandi of extreme punishment one to find of classical conditioning so as to enforce learning over a period of months whereby the planarian worms consistently followed the most effective route through a maze. This is all old hat of course; Planarian flatworms are cheaper to buy and keep alive than lab rats; Nothing new. But it was what McDonald, I mean, McConnel did next which raised a few eyebrows.



McConnel Kept track of how long it had taken the entire first group of flatworms to successfully learn how to run the maze, he then killed the flatworms and fed their remains to a second group of hitherto untrained flatworms. McConnel fed the second group as well as a third control group of Planarians a normal, non-Cannibalistic diet; the control groups were kept isolated while being trained to run the maze using the same methodology as with the first group of flatworms.



The control group of flatworms took roughly the same amount of learning time while slithering through the maze as the first batch; however, the group, which had cannibalistically consumed the first, educated bunch of flatworms learned to run the maze considerably faster than both the control group as well as the original group upon which they had feasted; it appeared that the flatworms, which had eaten the first group of learned victims had in some small way acquired the knowledge which had been previously imparted to their unfortunate meals.



"That maybe explains the custom among cannibal tribes of eating the wise man after his death in order to receive his wisdom. General, you could go into a delicatessen and order Einstein on pumpernickel..." (Alan Moore: The Anatomy Lesson)



Baba Yaga of Cannibal Crone will no doubt relate a number of blood curdling stories to those Girls visiting her about Cannibalism before she consumes them with a touch of salad. Usually Cannibalism is indulged in as the last resort in order to survive, such as during Napoleon’s retreat from Russia in 1812. Napoleon's army of 12,000 men perished at Vilna in December and over three days the harsh Russian winter brought in its wake mass starvation, which became so extreme that the survivors began to eat parts of their already dead comrades. Four years later in July 1816 the French frigate Medusa ran aground off Senegal. Some 151 men built a raft and attempted to escape. Starvation, drowning and eventually murder led to only ten surviving. Many of whom had been eaten. One of the worst modern cases concerned a Uruguayan plane, which was en route to Chile in the winter of 1972, with 45 people onboard. The plane crashed into the Andes. Slowly they began to die of cold and starvation. After ten days it was decided to eat the recently dead in order to survive. Although eight died in an avalanche, only 19 of the original 45 survivors made it back home alive. However, there is much more to Cannibalism than this for its practice seems to be ancient indeed. Engravings of early Native Americans depict Cannibalistic imagery. It is well known that many African tribes practiced ritualistic Cannibalism, bringing us the stereotypical image of placing the evangelising missionary into the pot. The Remains of Peking Man, which were discovered in 1972 near Choukoutein in China, and possibly half a million years old, show evidence of human skulls being split open in order for their brains to be extracted. The Christian Saint Jerome wrote of Cannibalism being conducted in Scotland in the 4th century AD. Greek historian Strabo communicated that some of the tribes in Ireland practised Cannibalism. The tribal practice of Cannibalism survived the longest in Borneo and the Amazon basin where Christian missionaries were very wary of going with their religious trinkets.



There is the distinct possibility that the practice of Cannibalism started 73,000yrs ago when the Indonesian Super-Volcano of Mt Toba, situated in present day Sumatra, erupted, which brought about a mass extinction event. Geneticists have discovered when investigating the Mitochondrial DNA that prior to 73, 000yrs ago there was a wide diversity of human genetic material; just after the Mt Toba Super-Volcano eruption there was a bottleneck in human genetic evolution, which indicates that the human race nearly went extinct for only a few thousand individuals survived in a world totally devastated by the catastrophe. Many of the animal species as well as plant life were also severely affected both on land and the sea, whereupon one can hazard a guess as to how ones ancestors survived such harsh conditions amidst a Northerly geographic locale of developing heirarchal class structures to have at the bottom rung of the ladder those of the weak to breed as mere fodder for an aristocratic Vampire class; such would have thence birthed the later Nosferatu legends. The Northerly locale as well as Africa would have been furthest away from the epicentre of the Sumatra Super-Volcano eruption where those who had survived may have possibly indulged in Cannibalism; it is from those few survivors that we all derive our shared DNA. Curiously enough, it is also around the same time of the catastrophe that human Art started to appear out of virtually nowhere to hence flourish, which explored the Spiritual impulse to have made us all truly human.



Cannibalistic practice inspired a number of writers such as Jean Jacques Rousseau and Jules Verne who used Cannibals as fictional heroes; and it appears to this day there are many who are fascinated by good fictional Cannibal such as Hannibal Lecter being an obvious example. When survival isn’t an obvious candidate for Cannibalism, why did so many people indulge? The Missionary James Chambers came to the conclusion, after studying people in New Guinea in the 1940s that it was all down to mere dietary taste; Human flesh simply tasted better than other fodder around. Chambers conclusions agreed with the 19th century explorer Alfred St Johnston, who argued that the Fijians ate human flesh for its own sake. However, studies of modern Western Cannibals offer up another dimension of disturbing insight.



When the insane Wisconsin Ed Gein whom practiced Necrophilia was arrested in 1957 he was found to be driven by unquenchable twisted sexual urges, which led him into digging up newly buried female corpses for a number of years. He not only satisfied himself sexually with their inert rotting bodies, he also devoured parts of the corpses. Wayne Boden, who was arrested in Calgary, Canada, in 1971, was dubbed as the ‘Vampire Rapist’ whom Raped and killed four women, that he had already dated; he would bite deeply into their breasts and nape of neck. This is as close to Cannibalism as one can get close to. Many sexual assaults are usually caused by being ‘too rough’ with a sexual partner, which can go as far as biting off nipples and inadvertently swallowing them. At the lower end of the spectrum one has the romantic love bite without ones Vampire canines being involved in penetrating the flesh.



Many researchers argue that this is an Erotic form of absolute possession, which is extremely sexually charged. It appears that many of us are far closer to being Cannibals than we ever dare to admit. Cannibalism tended to die out in tribal societies when other civilising influences came to bare. Some researchers of theological bent of missionary mind argue that this is because those tribes whom practiced Cannibalism suddenly understood the concept of the Soul communicated to them by Christians. However, this does not stand up to scrutiny since the Christian Eucharist involves symbolic Cannibalism to have bread and wine being symbolic of the body and blood of Christ to consume. A further problem is that virtually all tribal societies from varied cultures around the world had similar concepts concerning the Soul. Ritualised Cannibalism can in fact be seen as being ’Soul’ driven. For example, when dead enemies are eaten, Cannibalism can be seen as absorbing the strength, youth and prowess of their adversaries as well as controlling the spirits of their enemies. When ritualistically eating recently dead relatives, especially older ones of pre-burial rites when laying their bones to rest within an earth tomb, it is as if the Cannibal is attempting to imbibe the attributes of their elder’s Wisdom, Knowledge and Power of Soul force as well as the courage to continue living, for their relatives are still alive within them. For instance, some Amazon tribes ate the bone ash of their kin, this is definitely not taste driven, but far more fundamentally spiritual of nature where the Soul is equated with the memories of the dead being passed onto the living.



As late as 1654 a Silesian bandit was recorded eating an unborn baby’s heart to make him self stronger of youth. Hungarian anthropologist Oscar Maerth went so far as to argue that Cannibalism was responsible for the birth in intelligent thought. Half a million years ago Maerth argues that we became human through eating the brains of other humans, thus increasing our intelligence; whereby one has the dark fairytale of the Cannibal Witch Baba Yaga eating Sweet-Meat Girls in order to regain her youth and empowered sexuality as well as to increase her intelligence quota, which to have once enabled her to tackle the long bread queues of Moscow; although now she is tackling the queues outside McDonalds in Red- Square, but only because she is hunting down her next Sweet-Meat of a sugared Starlet whom is in turn stalking a Big-Wallet husband.



As for the experiment with the Planarian worms similar results were later obtained when unschooled worms were injected with the RNA of successful maze-running worms; this led to a controversial theory of the relation between RNA and memory. The hypothesis was that information is somehow encoded within RNA molecules, which could be physically transferred from one individual to another.



Unfortunately, or should one say fortunately, later scientists were not able to reproduce McConnell's findings, and the "memory RNA" theory was then totally discredited. However, how does this then explain the Cannibal flatworms' improved learning times? It seems to have been due to a sloppy experimental technique. The original flatworms left some sort of chemical trail in the mazes, which remained after they had been ground up. McConnell's team didn't wash the mazes in between tests, and the Cannibal flatworms were able to follow the trails later; it appeared that it had nothing to do with their diet; although, later experiments produced further similar results of unnerving regularity in Rats, Goldfish and Canaries and such do not secrete slime trails.



You can still see echoes of the Cannibal Planarian worm experiment within the science fiction of technological fairytales belonging to the 1950's era. For example, a recurring theme in Larry Niven's early work is "memory RNA", where people obtain learning injections, and pills, which impart the experiences, intelligence and knowledge of other individuals from where the memory RNA was originally derived from. (See ‘World Out of Time’ and ‘The Fourth Profession’.) It would then be better for Baba Yaga to have injections or to take a pill rather than to consume little Girls, but then again she is a wise Old Witch who knows of such Witches concoctions to even travel back in time.



This idea of physically going back in time is investigated in the book, "Entering the Circle," by Dr. Olga Kharitidi, a Siberian psychiatrist who wrote about her alleged real-life experiences with Siberian Shamanism and Russian Mysticism. One particularly interesting experience she wrote about was with a middle-aged female Shaman, which one could perceive as a Baba Yaga Witch who appeared to be in her 'teens. The woman showed Olga a photo album of a Grimoire filled with pictures of herself, which she reviewed upon retiring each night. She started with the older pictures then worked her way back in time until she reached the photos of herself as an infant, at which time upon capturing the point of the hypnagogic state she soon fell asleep "as a baby once again." An intriguing idea, but there is no additional verifiable anthropological information from other sources put forward by Dr. Olga Kharitidi; yet one has a valid Sorcery technique to work with so as to try out for ones self of Baba Yaga experiment, whereby one consumes ones own self of youth to regain via intense visualisation.



To seek out Baba Yaga's aid is usually that of a most dangerous act for a Girl whom desires to learn the arts of Sorcery from Baba Yaga for she will have to give a portion of her youth in years of life as payment for such infernal teachings; although, if the Girl is carfty enough she can win back that which was given in order to thence escape into the ordinary world as a powerful Sorceress in her own right if she doesn't get eaten first. There is often an emphasis placed upon the need for proper Spiritual preparation to acquire the necessary purity of inner nature let alone to learn basic politeness, to not waiver when faced by ones darkest all consuming Fear inspiring perverse sexualities of bestial nature, which Baba Yaga to awaken within one to go beyond in order to transform through understanding, for if one does not do so, Baba Yaga will entirely consume ones body and soul.



The folktale of ‘Vasilissa the Beautiful’ is very similar to the fairy story of Cinderella where one to have a young girl called Vasilissa who is somewhat like a Goth Chick of a Wednesday Addams whom has in her possession a Voodoo Doll of carved Mandrake Root gifted to her by her departed Mother of a Siberian Shamanka. Vasilissa is sent to visit the Cannibal Witch Baba-Yaga on an errand by her money hungry lesbian Stepmother and two incestuous step-sisters whereby she ends up becoming enslaved by Baba-Yaga. However, the old Crones servants of Familars are a motley crew of a Dead yet Alive Schrodingers Cat, a Dog with three Legs and one eye, a Gate made out of sewn together Zombie Girls and a Hanging Tree from which hang dead lolipop Maidens whom help Vasilissa to escape because she has been kind to them. In the end, Baba Yaga is turned into a one eyed crow but it was all as a ruse on Baba-Yaga’s part to initiate Vasilissa into becoming a Shaman of a Rusalka just like her wise Mother. In other versions going by the title 'Vasilissa the Brave' the heroine of the tale is gifted a Crystal Skull by Baba Yaga when Vasilissa answers her three questions correctly; Vasilissa then returns home and when to do so the Crystal Skull glows with an eerie light to shoot forth thunderbolts at the Stepmother and her Daughters, which turns them to ash wherefore freeing her father from their Vampire hold over his fortune let alone his life.



Another story of similarity to Vasilissa the Beautiful, concerns the Heroine Marusia; this fairytale starts in exactly the same way of similar themes as the Vasilissa story, with the demise Marusia's Mother of Nentsy descent whom was a one time famous Ballerina whereupon the father, probably some Morphine addict of a Surrealist Artist likened to Salvidor Dali remarries a Femme-fatale of a Stepmother, who treats Marusia very badly to abuse at every opportunity. The Stepmother becomes exceedingly jealous of Marusia’s almost incestuous relationship with her father, whom she entirely dotes upon to model for his rather erotic paintings whereby she sends Marusia off to the Cannibal Witch Baba Yaga in the hope that she will be eaten.


It turns out that Baba Yaga is the sister of the Stepmother to whom Marusia is sent in order to acquire more Morphine and Needles for her father’s all consuming addiction rather than to go to her Convent School. Marusia sets out with a napkin tied up with a ribbon containing a little bread, some oil and a small amount of ham of travelling snack while to journey into the uterine iron wood of Baba Yaga.

On reaching Baba Yaga’s Addam’s Family type Mansion, she is greeted by a sighing flesh eating birch of a hanging Witch tree from whose branches hang dangling naked Witches amidst an unkempt graveyard. Marusia gives the ribbon to the hanging tree so as to hold back its branches made up of groping lesbian hands; a rusty gate topped with talking Girlie skulls, whose hinges of human sinew she lubricates with the oil; a hungry emaciated Dog of a Vegetarian Cerberus watching Bestiality videos within his kennel, which she gives bread to; a sensual sadomasochistic Marijuana smoking aristocratic Hippie chick Cat Girl, which she gives the ham to; and a bondage French maid of a Gothic Lolita fetish fashion freak Zombie Girl, who she gives the napkin to so that she can cut up and tie her bloodied hair into pigtails.

This unforced kindness is repaid handsomely. The Cat Girl warns Marusia that Baba Yaga is intending to eat her all up. The Cat Girl carries out the task that Marusia is given by Baba Yaga, that of weaving the human hair of her female victims into fashion accessories at a loom of bones (ter clack, ter clack), thus giving Marusia a chance to make her escape. The Cat Girl also gives her a Magic Mirror once belonging to salacious Catherine the Great and a Siberian Mammoth ivory bone Comb to also help her.

While the three headed Dog, the French maid Zombie Bondage Girl, the gate of Girlie Skulls and the flesh eating Hanging birch tree of dangling naked Witches do not actively help Marusia, they do not hinder her, as they were expected to by the furious Cannibal Witch Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga berates her familiars soundly to whip on discovering Marusia’s escape. They merely point out Marusia's kindness to them and the fact that although they have served Baba Yaga faithfully for many years, she has not rewarded them with any kindness whatsoever.

Baba Yaga gets all dosed up on hallucinogens and chases after Marusia at high speed within her Jaguar XK, which she has named Mortar and Pestle. On hearing her, Marusia throws the mirror onto the ground whereupon it becomes an enormous lake of menstrual blood (or a river, depending on the version). Baba Yaga either drinks it (so that her iron teeth go rusty) or goes back to her house to get three defrocked Priests who are built like oxen who drink it dry; on hearing the Mortar and Pestle again, Marusia throws down the comb, which becomes an impenetrable forest of wiry pubic hairs, which defeats Baba Yaga. In some versions, she breaks her iron teeth, which have become rusty.

So Marusia returns home and tells of her inspiring story to her wealthy Drug-head father, who verily drives away the Stepmother; both of them then live happily ever after together while Marusia looks forward to acquiring all the inheritance money for her self alone via a dodgy Needle she had obtained from Baba Yaga.


The story of the boy Tishka starts entirely differently. An old man and woman have no children of their own. The man goes off into the wood in order to carve a log into the likeness of a child so as to assuage the deep sorrow of his barren wife, which miraculously takes on a life of its own as a Pinocchio after it has been dressed up in baby clothes and rocked within a cot whom they name Tishka; the mother severely warns Tishka while he is growing up into a very animated inquisitive teenage wooden puppet about the Cannibal Witch Baba Yaga who is known to seduce boys; so when Baba Yaga eventually turns up pretending to be his mother bringing Tishka midday food, he is not fooled since she to look far too young of Cat-Walk Model ultra Vixen.

“That's Not My Mother's Voice I Hear. I Think That Baba Yaga's Near!!”

Off goes the Baba Yaga to the Cossack Ironsmith of a Black Magician, whom advises her to use her iron tongue so as to empower her seductive wiles; next time Baba Yaga visits him, Tishka is fooled by her expert iron tongued fellatio whereby he is transformed into a real flesh and blood boy and thereby captured by Baba Yaga. Tishka is then brought back to the hut situated within Baba Yaga's infernal realm of the Spirits where he stays for a time to be Succubus ridden by her insatiable sexual appetites. Tishka learns much about Baba Yaga's Tantric Sex Magick in the process. Baba Yaga attempts to make Tishka into her servile slave otherwise she will eat him, but he doesn't succumb. Baba Yaga eventually becomes bored with Tishka whereupon she asks her wanton daughter to cook Tishka, while she goes off to visit her Coven of dark Sisters in the Hood.

Baba Yaga’s daughter has other ideas before cooking Tishka, far more carnal of nature whereby Tishka tricks the daughter into riding an oiled up spatula of a dildo which is used to insert food into the toothed vaginal orifice of an oven, by getting her to demonstrate how Girls play with themselves. Then Tishka suddenly pushes Baba Yaga’s writhing daughter into the oven and runs off when to hear of Baba Yaga's return in her bone hearse; he then hides within a nearby oak tree of almost phallic proportions.

Returning home, Baba Yaga eats what's within the oven; she then bathes within a Vampire coffin bath tub of virgin Maidens blood, boasting how easy it was to fool Tishka. While watching youthful Baba Yaga from atop of the tree to spy through window bathing naked of seductive Sorceress, Tishka nearly ejaculates him self out of the tree. Tishka in his bravado can't resist telling Baba Yaga how easy it was to fool her daughter, and says he's happy that she found her good to eat.

Furious, Baba Yaga in her uncontrollable rage flies through the window and tries to eat through the phallic tree trunk, but it's too sturdy of punped up veins and all her teeth nearly break in the process, which only makes the tree become ever more erect to grow taller. Back to the ironsmith she goes, and returns with an iron toothed chainsaw, with which she uses to chomp through the tree.

Two flocks of Geese fly by. The first will not take Tishka. Neither will the second, although Tishka is advised by the leader of the second flock to ask the scraggy ugly Gosling at the back. The ugly Gosling spreads her wings and takes Tishka back home across the boundary fence of skulls marking out Baba Yaga's infernal realm. (One can of course perceive said Geese as surreal Steam-Punk hot air Balloonists. As for the ugly Gosling one will then have a rather strange looking Girl flying a raggedy phallic Zeppilin!) Once home, Tishka is greeted by his weeping parents, yet joyous since he is now a real flesh and blood Man. They reward the Gosling Girl handsomely. The Gosling Girl then miraculously transforms into a beautiful Swan Maiden of a Princess who had been prior cursed by Baba Yaga; the Princess duly marries her long awaited Soul-Mate Tishka who has now been awakened from being a mere thick log head to become a Shaman leader of the Birds.



A similar motif of Baba Yaga initiation is found in the folktale of Prince Ivan in ‘The Death of Koschei the Deathless’. Koschei is a type of Marquis de Sade Black Magician Ghoul of a Nosferatu (Vampire) whom lusts after young Girls to abduct; they are verily enslaved as his servile sex slaves via his ability to access their Dreams to thereby lustfully torture, draining them of their life essence who are then transformed into his Psychic Battery groupie entourage of salacious spectral Succubae whom provide his power. Of course, the more Sex Slave Barbie Doll Psychic Batteries he has under his dominion to spin into arousal the more powerful he becomes!

Koschei of a prior Freddy Krueger is associated with Baba-Yaga who has many monstrous Lovecraftian minions whom aid him in his dark Aleister Crowley Necronomicon inspired deeds such as the 'KOSTCHTCHIE', perverse Russian Goblins, hideous in appearance, who live in the mountains of the Caucasus, which are especially lustful after very naughty young Girls whom they hunt down within the night, dragging their pursued sleeping prey under their beds into dug out labyrinthine entrail tunnels leading towards the infernal abode of their master Koschei.



Prince Ivan is aided by the Familiar spirit animals of Baba-Yaga whom seemingly work against the Cannibal Bone Crone in order to eventually overcome Koschei who is essentially his own Demonic Shadow and again a ruse on Baba-Yaga’s part to teach Prince Ivan to overcome his own negativity to transform. Koschei is also the Negative Male aspect of the Animus while Prince Ivan is the Positive side of the Animus belonging to the feminine psyche should one look to Jungian psychology in order to gain deeper insights; whereby a Woman seeks to transform her shape-shifting Bestial Koschei of an Incubus into Princely Ivan within her psyche. However, she may far prefer to become as a Sex Slave bound to shadowy Koschei of an all consuming Tentacle Sex Beast rather than be as an equal to Ivan within her Erotic fantasies to also spill over into real life with a partner of an Adam.

A Freudian psychologist will perceive such dark fantasies to be very much associated with her Father fixation to become nigh religious of Patriarchal focus; this is especially the case if she has been indoctrinated into Christianity, Islam or Judaism of 'All Father' orientation, whereby one to find a large proportion of Women are sexually attracted to domineering Male Bastards; hence one can gather why Freddie Kruegar of a Koschei has become a Cultural Icon of an Anti Hero due to him being secretly fantasised over by many a Woman, just as one to find with Dracula let alone Satan or that of a mundane Jack the Ripper psychopathic rapine Gangster.

One can say that some Women like to be treated Nasty and rough in order to be kept keen whereby the Nice guys don't have a chance in Hell to get into their pants. But then a Nasty Bastard of a Koschei, Rasputin or a Ghengis Khan for example, has the muscle of influence, temporal power and worldly wealth even if he be far older than the Women he mounts while a Nice guy is just, well, Nice. As the saying goes, Power is an Aphrodisiac, which Women find most attractive, whether it be Magickal, Spiritual, Religious, Political of hue let alone Financial or otherwise of influence such as in the Arts in regards to Music etc!

Suffice to say Baba Yaga attracts those Women who rebel against the Patriarchal structured society within which they feel constrained whereby they seek out their own individual sense of Woman Power, which is invariably that of their undeniable Sexuality, for it is the reason why so many Men go to the lengths that they do in order to have a taste of the feminine flesh to savour, whence they are but puppets on the end of a Woman's G-string, thereby Koschei is Baba Yaga's Bestial pet!

To put it simply, if one does not have the Bucks one does not get the Fucks, for love to go out of the window since one cannot put any Mammoth meat on the table, while the ravages of Time takes its perceived toll upon ones fleshly mortal frame to decay, with ones Mind to go the same way!


Within F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," is a fictitious character who was born as an old man just like Koschei, and as time progressed, he grew increasingly younger. It goes without question that we accept this as an impossible scenario, since our current body of scientific knowledge holds that a human's natural cycle is to be born tabula rasa, starting fresh as a newborn, only to experience decay and disease while being exposed to the antagonists of ones physical existence. However, if one can think ones self being healthier, can one also think ones self as being younger? Time is primarily perceived as flowing from the Past towards the Future at the Macrocosmic level of everyday experiential reality but at the Microcosmic level of the Quantum where ones Consciousness to reside, within whose domain one to also experience Dreams, the physicist to find that Time can also flow backwards from the Future towards the Past, which is indivisible from ones Consciousness, for Time and Consciousness are one and the same entity let alone for a particle, which to make up ones material physicality to be in many places simultaneously.


Koschei the Deathless of round-about way is also covered in Dr. Ellen Langer's book, "Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility" in regards to the aging process. Ms. Langer is a Harvard social psychologist who wrote about her remarkable experiments on aging in relation to our collective beliefs and environmental "reminders" of how we are supposed to chronologically age. In the most significant Langer study documented, a group of (Koschei) elderly men whom lived for an entire week within a completely isolated environment who were made to look and feel like they were back within the time zone of 1959. The men were instructed to not just reminisce about the past, but to also live and act as though they were really back in that period of time.


At the end of the week, the (Koschei) men exhibited improved health, gait, flexibility, mental acuity, hearing, and memory as well as an increased libido without the use of Viagra. Pictures of the men, along with pictures of other men from a control group, were shown to non-participants, and they selected the 1959 group as looking younger than the controls.


The myths to relate that Koschei cannot be killed by conventional means by targeting his body. His Soul is hidden separate from his body inside of a Needle, which is within an Egg, and in turn inside of a Duck whom is residing in a Hare kept within an Iron Chest; sometimes the Chest is made of Crystal or of Gold. The Chest is buried under a Green-Oak Tree, which is on the island of Buyan (Olkhon), amidst (Lake Baikal) an ocean. As long as his Soul is safe, he cannot die. If the Chest is dug up and opened, the Hare will bolt away. If it is killed, the Duck will emerge and try to fly off. Anyone possessing the Egg has Koschei in their power. He begins to weaken, becomes sick and immediately loses the use of his Magic. If the Egg is tossed about, he likewise is flung around against his will. If the Egg is broken (in some tales this must be done by specifically breaking it against Koschei's forehead), Koschei will die. In essence the Soul of Koschei is isolated from external influences within a particular 'Time-frame' of his 'Needle' focus where his youthful self-image exists just like the male subjects of Dr Langer's experiment.


Dr Ellen’s years of experiments have repeatedly shown the same results pointing to the extraordinarily altered realities of subjects who experience a younger appearance, increased vitality, and improved overall health simply by changing their beliefs, behaviours, and perceptions about aging and disease. Langer demonstrated how every day we mindlessly absorb labels about growing old and accept that along with age naturally comes disease. Our way of thinking is stuck on this one-way Needled track because we are constantly informed by our scientific community, 'it's just how things are.' Langer is the exception to this way of thinking and had the curiosity and ingenuity to explore beyond our self-imposed boundaries and to actually test the hypothetical Baba Yaga waters of entirely halting or reversing the aging process.


Yet another version of the Vasilissa folktale, which was recorded by Alexander Afanasyev (Narodnye russkie skazki, vol 4, 1862) where one to find the 'Maiden' Vasilissa being faced with three impossible tasks that she solves using her Magic Voodoo doll given to her by her 'Mother' who in turn is connected with the Cannibal Witch Baba-Yaga as an Addam's Family member of Great Old Grandmother 'Crone' aspect who are in essence the three-fold faces of the Goddess associated with the flow of all consuming Time. The Baba-Yaga of Polish folklore varies in some details whereby the Polish Baba Jaga’s Charnel Slaughter House has only one Chicken Leg like that of a central ‘Column’ of an Irminsul. Slavic Witches are often perceived as living in Psylocybin mash Gingerbread Houses, which attract young Girls to partake of as sweets to get all heady upon whereby to lose all their senses to then be gutted as Fish and duly dragged into an oven to be reborn from as wanton Rusalka. Such Gingerbread House Witches are also commonly named Baba-Jaga.


Other fairytales, such as that of ‘The Feather of Finist the Falcon’, a Hero meets not with one but three Baba Yagas. Such Sorceresses are usually benevolent, giving the Hero advice or Magical presents, or both but at a cost for he has to make love to them first. Baba-Yaga can assume the form of a Monstrous Old Hag or to take on the form of a seductive Turanian Sorceress whose beauty is beyond her feminine kin of mortal realm and divinely dark of sexual prowess. Should the Hero go beyond his Fear of loving the Hag he has to then face her Sexual Hunger of youthful Sorceress to fulfil, just one of them are enough to drain him, but three, more likely to Kill him stone dead, though he to depart the world with an ecstatic smile on his face while his Shamanist Spirit to soar as a Falcon. Should he survive all three, they will watch over him as his ever youthful Lovers to win, forever, for the three Baba Yaga Sorceresses represent his mastery over Time its self!


Other stories tell of different sides of Baba Yaga's character. In one, she adopts a young Girl prostitute in return for shelter as an old woman, since she desires a grandchild of an apprentice for she is lonely. The child later leaves not wanting her tortured past to burden the old woman. Baba Yaga takes on another guise of form in order to shape-shift into of a Maid so as to visit the village to find the Girl where she overhears other grandparents within the village telling stories of how awful and frightening Baba Yaga is whereupon she leaves. Later she reveals herself and is reunited with the Girl who recognises her even in her 'awful' Hag aspect to then become her more than willing apprentice in Witchcraft.

Within many a Baba Yaga tale one will often find her saying of traditional exclamation , "I smell Russian people here!" The reason why Baba Yaga says this is because Russians used to use Birch tar for their clothes in order to make them waterproof, which greatly offended the noses of the Shamanic tribal peoples whom lived in the Northern forests.

Yet another Baba Yaga story tells of three Girls who go to visit Baba Yaga seeking out her Wisdom, Knowledge and Power. The First tells Baba Yaga that she has come because her mother had asked her to, whereupon Baba Yaga swiftly eats the Girl. The Second tells Baba Yaga that she has come of her own accord, and she eats her too.

The Third says: 'In large part I'm on my own errand, but in large part I also come because of others. And in large part I have come because you are here, and because of the forest, and something I have forgotten, and in large part I know not why I come.' Baba Yaga looks at her for a quizzical moment, says 'You'll do,' and shows her into the hut.


The Haunted Charnel House of Cannibal Baba-Yaga Cabin walking about upon Chicken legs inspired Nicholas Roerich to sketch the ‘Hut of Death’ (1905), which was his artistic expression of the ‘Burial Traditions’ belonging to the Ancient Slavs. The ‘Cabin on Chicken Legs, which has no windows or Doors’, within which Baba-Yaga dwells sounds at first like a pure fantasy story; however, the Hut of Baba-Yaga is very likely an interpretation of a construction, which is popular among the Shamanistic orientated Hunter-Nomadic peoples of Siberia of the Uralic (Finno-Ugric) and Tungusic families, whom invented such a Hut to preserve supplies against wild animals when away hunting during long periods of absence. A Log Cabin of a Hut, which is Door-less and windowless is built upon columns made from the stumps of two or three closely grown trees that are cut at the height of eight to ten feet.


The Tree stumps with spreading gnarled roots gives one an impression of ‘Chicken/Bird legs’; whereby the only access into the storehouse of a cabin is via a trapdoor in the middle of the floor.


Animals such as Bears are very strong whom are smart and stubborn enough to eventually break through any door, but they find it difficult to use a ladder or to climb up a rope in order to use their weight and strength against the trapdoor without falling. A smaller Hut of Ritual construction was used by Siberian Shamans to place figurines of their deities within. There is an underlying matriarchal influence among Siberian peoples for the female Shamans to have one shared name of 'Udyan' with other similar tribal variants while the Male Shamans have many names of title.


The deity of Baba-Yaga living in a Charnel house of the Dead supported by a column is that of a bone-carved doll in rags living in a small cabin on top of a tree stump, which is also the same as Vasilissa’s Doll. The name of Vasilissa as mentioned previously, is the feminine name of the herb Basil, which was often burnt as Smudge Stick Incense. Vasilissa is also known to have in her possession a ‘Golden-Boat’ that the Shamans of the area to call their Drums, which they perceive as their Boats to Trance travel over the ‘Astral waters’ of the Spirit world. Baba-Yaga is said to barely fit into her cabin for she to have her legs in one corner, while her head is in another one, with her nose growing into the ceiling to make it all bent out of shape, which would be indeed the case if one is attempting to fit a full grown Crone into a small ritual house made for a small figurine of a deity.


Archaeological findings have indicated that the Ancient Slavs had a funeral tradition of cremation in huts of this type standing atop of a column. In 1948 the Russian Archaeologists Yefimenko and Tretyakov discovered small huts of the Baba-Yaga type which had traces of corpse cremation within them as well as having circular fences around the huts.The little huts also contained gifts including comestibles.

Baba-Yaga was also perceived to have control over the waters of Life and Death whereby to find many a ‘Standing Stone’ or that of rough hewn wooden effigies called ‘Yagas’ or 'Golden Babas' to be often found near water; while the symbolism of the Chicken Legged Hut is associated with many a Siberian female Deity who often has Bird Associations. The Bird symbolism symbolises the ecstatic 'Out-Of-Body-Experience' of self-induced-Trance and Conscious Dreaming, which the Shaman has mastery over. The Yagas/Golden Baba's, which represented a local Goddess would often be asked for advice since they are believed to be empowered with deciding the fate of people. The Shamans who talked to the Goddess would also offer specially prepared ritual meals to the Yagas/Golden Baba effigies as sacrificial offerings, which also explains the necessity to feed Vasilisa's Doll in order to 'activate' it.


Baba Yaga the Cannibal Crone is a most fearsome, wild creature. She is above all very powerful in Witchcraft, and to be feared and respected. She is an aspect of the Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone. Confronting and integrating her lessons make the heroines of her tales stronger and wiser. In confronting her, the heroines have to listen to their female intuition and that of their own intrinsically natural feminine Sorcery. Baba Yaga represents Life, Death and Rebirth, and has similarities to the Hindu Goddess Kali and the ancient Greek Goddess Hecate. Baba Yaga is essentially a Wise Woman. The Anglo-Saxon word 'Witch' originally meant 'Wise'.

Within the so called modern age, Women are starting to learn how to respect the Crone aspect of their lives. This is a balancing aspect for the 'Youth Cult', in which being young is beautiful and desirable whereas becoming older is seen as something to be avoided, which is unavoidable... perhaps; for Baba Yaga does know ways and means to halt the aging process. The Crone aspect shows the Wisdom, Knowledge and the Power of the Grandmother.


So you had better watch out Girlies for Baba-Yaga be after all of you, and should you partake of her Sweeties to Choke upon she will turn one into a Navki after dismembering you in her Charnel House, whereby after being knitted back together again as her Frankenhooker Bimbo Babe Siberian Dolls you will then Trance Journey Channelling Deities as reborn Shaman Rusalka forever, for there will be no turning back.

Perhaps, soon, you will hear a disembodied whisper in the night when one to look at ones youthful reflection of Maiden to blossoming Mother within a scrying mirror to fear creeping old age of Crone hunting one down,

"Hello Sweetie Girl… do you want a Sweety… my little Sweet Meat."  

But then again the Wise Old Crone Baba Yaga knows many a Hyperborean secret of Shamballa longevity to bestow if one is brave enough to step across the watery menstrual blood Moon threshold of Dreams into her uterine Luna realm of Agharti Iron Wood betwixt Life and Death, in-between worlds, to hence become as an ageless Maiden of a Rusalka.