Wireless Internet Access Solutions

Eliminate internet service provider costs, and only pay for Internet access! Z Speed Tech's Wireless solution provides you with a cost-effective way to obtain the bandwidth your company needs. You get unsurpassed reliability and performance — from a single source. This is the perfect way to reduce costs and eliminate those unnecessary cables running from behind your desk and in your walls.

With Z Speed Tech's Wireless system, you get all the standard benefits of Z Speed Tech's more traditional access solutions, while you save the money you used to spend on telco fees. Our security layer features leave your internet connection secure from outside WiFi access, and leaving you still connected to a powerful network with top-level support. We have several different options ranging from local intranet support, so you and your coworkers can connect to your work portal only at work, or give you the option to be able to check needed files and folders on the go wherever you are.

You no longer have to wait for telco lines to be installed. We make it simple for you. We install the antenna and router for you, ready to pump up to 1.5Mb of bandwidth into your network.

You can even feel confident about your solution in stormy weather. Wireless Internet Access from Z Speed Tech uses technology developed to withstand interference and intense weather.

Feature Wireless T1
High-speed bandwidth yes yes
Scalable bandwidth yes yes
Telco local loop costs no cost variable (due to distance)
Geographic availability limited any (depending on cost)
Single-source solution yes depends on telco
Secure yes yes

Service currently available in limited areas.

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