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Yesterday, it was a dream...today a vision...and in the endless tomorrows a reality

Delmon University started with the personal dream of the founder, Dr. Hassan Al-Qadhi, to put up a higher education institution geared towards the generation and advancement of knowledge, skills, and values towards the integral formation of persons for the building of humane societies, locally and globally. Inspired by a line in an Arabic poem: "Science raises a house without columns", the founder dreamed of establishing an academic institution dedicated to Science and Technology, whereby students would be immersed in a society that understands how social, political, and cultural values affect scientific research and technological innovation, and how these in turn affect society, politics, and culture.

Delmon University (DU) dates back June 2003, when the founder kicked off his dream by preparing the legal documents needed to put up his dream-university in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Finally, on 6th July 2004, the dream-institution was licensed to operate upon the Prime Minister's Decree 2004/م ع ن / 375 under the name "Delmon University for Science and Technology". (Delmon, or Dilmun, was a land mentioned by Ancient Iraqi civilizations as a trade partner, source of raw material, copper, and entrepot of the Mesopotamia and which has been speculated to have its site in the modern-day Bahrain.)

Delmon University received its first group of students at the beginning of the Fall Semester in 2004, with 562 students eager to learn under the Bachelor of Business Administration program. The University started with five classrooms, and eight teachers were initially hired to teach. Soon after, the University saw a rapid expansion over the next years and the tremendous increase in student population has prompted the creation of various faculties. To date, Delmon University has the following academic departments: Faculty of Information Technology & Computer Science, Faculty of Administrative & Financial Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Education, and the Faculty of Law.

In addition to the programs designed and run by Delmon University, the University likewise offers programs awarded through two other partner-institutions, namely: Yarmouk University in Jordan, and Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport in Egypt. DU entered into a 5-year auto-renewable cooperative agreement with Yarmouk University on 18th May 2005. Moreover, a 3-year auto-renewable agreement of scientific collaboration was likewise signed by the University and Arab Academy in July 2004.

From its humble beginnings of only 562 students in 2004, today Delmon University is catering to 3600 students across various programs spread in six faculties. To attend to the services needed to address its clientele, the University currently employs more than 200 dedicated men and women, with commendable academic qualifications and relevant trainings and experience.

From here, Delmon University shall continue its journey to the venturous future, creating a society shaped by science and technology, and forever mindful of establishing its niche in the world as a recognizable higher education institution in the Gulf region and the Arab World.

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