Friday, September 24, 2010

Report from the media conference call with NFIB's Brad Close about Mark Kirk

Count me among the growing legions of people who believe that the policies of the Democrats have made the recession worse. Fortunately there are elections in a little more than a month that can put America back on track.

The tea party movement has rightly been the major story of the 2010 elections, but a growing under-theme is the rallying of America to the side of the job creators, which is of course small business.

So I was glad to hear that the Mark Kirk for Senate hosted a media conference call this morning with National Federation of Independent Business Vice President Brad Close.

NFIB supports independent and small privately held businesses, but it is not small--it has 10,000 members in Illinois alone.

Regular readers of my blog know that small business owners are worried about the direction of this country and Close agrees, citing ObamaCare and the threat of union card check as among burdens facing the members of NFIB.

"He's always been a strong voice for NFIB and small business owners," Close said of Kirk, "[while serving] in Washington."

"We've endorsed Mark Kirk's campaign for Senate. He added, "We've worked with him for a long time and we believe he is the proven small business candidate."

As for the Bush tax cuts, Kirk supports extending them for everyone, something his Democratic opponent, Alexi Giannoulias, does not. Most small business owners want them extended, a concern echoed by Close: "The biggest issue for them out there right now is the tax rate--which is not being addressed."

Also not being addressed is another upcoming millstone facing small business: the ObamaCare 1099 requirement. The health care reform bill will require businesses to fill out an IRS 1099 form for each $600 transaction.

These concerns were not dealt with in the recent small business bill celebrated by President Obama.

Since there were a lot of mainstream media reporters on the call, I felt compelled to ask a question about card check and the possibility of it being voted upon in the upcoming lame duck session. I don't think MSM reporters are aware how much businesses loathe card check. "The president spoke about [card check] a few weeks ago," Close replied, "saying it's still a priority of his administration, so that concerns us." Senate Democrats are trying to figure out a way of getting a compromise version of card check in the lame duck session.

Close didn't mention that there are two elections on November 2, one for the remainder of Obama's old term, and one for a full six year term. If Kirk wins both, he can vote against card check in the lame duck.

Close did warn of a regulatory version of card check, which could be implemented by the National Labor Relations Board now that former SEIU lawyer Craig Becker, a recess appointment of the president, serves on that body.

Remember: Kirk is on the side of the job creators.

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We've been had: Stimulus didn't save us from depression, it made things worse

In today's Detroit News, Nolan Finley tells us we've been lied to. Not only did the Democrats' $862 billion stimulus (correct figure) not prevent another Great Depression, it made things worse.

Wait a minute -- economists are now saying the Great Recession ended in June of 2009, when the economy began growing again.

But President Barack Obama is defending the $787 billion stimulus package, which failed to deliver the promised reduction in unemployment, by claiming it kept the economy from falling into a depression.

And yet, according to some economists, the recession was over before the stimulus dollars were spent.

We've been had, folks. Nearly $800 billion of our money was spent to end a recession that was already over. The massive spending didn't put Americans back to work. So all we end up with is a hugely expanded government and a gigantic debt that will be repaid with higher taxes on either ourselves or our grandchildren.
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Pollster Luntz: GOP could win Illinois House

The good news continues to roll in for Illinois Republicans. (Oh, I've waited so long to write something like that!)

Here's respected pollster Frank Luntz said on Hannity earlier this week:

The Illinois House for the first time since 1994 has a chance of going Republican...because of all of the wasteful spending in the state, because of the hostility of the Democratic political machine in Chicago.

But he offers a caveat. The Illinois GOP needs money. Click here to make a difference.

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Roskam speaks on the Pledge to America

A rising star--or is he a star already--among the House Republicans is Rep. Peter Roskam of Wheaton, Illinois.

He spoke at yesterday's unveiling of the House GOP's Pledge to America.

Here is an excerpt of Roskam's comments.

I'm Peter Roskam from suburban Chicago and this is a morning of very distinct contrasts. We have on the one hand an economic plan that has been put upon the United States and its citizens by folks in Washington that are convinced that they have all the answers and their answers have underperformed. A nagging 10 percent unemployment and a tripling of national debt over a 10 year period. That's what is. Now what we're presenting today is what can be. What is the opportunity, where is the optimism, and where are the concrete ideas that we can move forward? Our agenda says look, let's concentrate on job creation, let's concentrate on ending uncertainty, and let's concentrate on making America competitive once again.
The National Federation of Independent Business--more on them later, enthusiastially endorses the pledge, they've declared:

Stopping job-killing tax increases while providing small business owners with a significant tax deduction will free up resources and the pent up unease that is gnawing at so many of our nation's entrepreneurs.
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