Isle of Man
"Arrane Ashoonagh Dy Vannin" (Isle of Man National Anthem)
"O Land of Our Birth"

Words by: William Henry Gill (English), John J. Kneen (Manx)
Music by: traditional
In use since: 1907, officially adopted 2003

The Manx anthem was written by William Henry Gill in 1907 with a Manx translation later by John Kneen. It was performed for the first time that year, but yet the melody dates back originally to 1770 and a traditional Manx melody known as "Mylecharaine's March". It was given official status in 2003 as the Manx national anthem ("God Save the Queen" also being given official status as the Manx royal anthem at the same time).

Special thanks to: Ben Cahoon for some of this information.

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