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SPOILERS: TNA Impact tapings for Thursday
» Reported by Adam Martin of
» On July 26, 2010 at 11:16 pm

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I got to the Impact Zone a little late tonight. When I walked in, there was an in-ring segment with the Hardcore Originals (including Team 3D), Hulk Hogan and Abyss to set up Dreamer vs. Abyss in the main event. Hogan noted Tommy Dreamer was there as a guest of TNA.

*Sarita vs. Angelina Love. Love defeated Sarita.

*We are shown a video clip with Orlando Jordan and Eric Young setting up a tag match tonight. Young seems to be doing a deal where he's acting goofy because he was kicked in the head.

*Ink, Inc. defeated Orlando Jordan and Eric Young. Jordan kissed Socal Val while making his way to the ring. Young brought a male fake model in pink feathers down to the ring with him and put it in their corner.

*A Universal employee warned everyone not to hop the rail as a kid did last time. Dixie Carter and Hermie Sadler are in the house.

*Tommy Dreamer did a promo backstage saying that he might not have a TNA contract, but tonight he's going to show Abyss what Extreme is. The Abyss vs. Dreamer bout is a Hardcore match.

*Ric Flair came out and announced Beer Money were the final two members of Fortune. So, it's Beer Money, AJ Styles and Kazarian in the group. Flair announces he will return to the ring against Jay Lethal next week. Robert Roode says that when they defeat the Motor City Machineguns in a Steel Cage tonight, they will be the new Tag Team champions. Kazarian cut a promo about being in Fortune. Styles cut a promo about being the Global champion. Kurt Angle came out and told Styles he was next on Angle's list.

*As they set up the Steel Cage, Jeremy Borash pushed fans to order VIP packages for TNA Hardcore Justice as they are close to selling out at

*Beer Money vs. Motor City Machineguns in a Steel Cage (Match 3 of 5 match series). They are doing traditional tag rules inside the Cage. Roode is busted open. The crowd is into this one big time. The roof came off the Impact Zone after Alex Shelley flew from the top of the cage to land on Beer Money. James Storm nailed Roode with the beer bottle accidentally and both members of BM were pinned. 2-1 now and the Guns are still alive. Awesome match.

*Matt Morgan comes to the ring to Mr. Anderson's music. He mocks calling for the mic but doesn't get it until his third try. Morgan mocks Anderson introducing himself and makes up a bunch of fake info about himself calling himself 8 foot tall and 484 pounds. Ken Anderson comes out on the ramp and has a mic lowered for him. Anderson comes down to the ring. Morgan makes fun of the attack on him last week. Morgan dares Ken to hit him which Anderson eventually does. Morgan gets the upper hand again and chokes Anderson with the mic chord. Jeff Hardy comes down to make the save and unloads. Security comes in to break them up. Morgan gets a couple cheap shots in until D'Lo Brown, Simon Diamond and Al Snow come in and yell at security to end the segment.

*They air a graphic listing an Eric Bischoff announcement as well as Jeff Hardy & Ken Anderson vs. Matt Morgan and...a TNA security guard.

*Rob Terry pinned Kazarian in 30 seconds.

*Anderson & Hardy vs. Morgan & Security Guard. Morgan walks off and leaves the Guards to fend for themselves. Hardy pins one with a Twist of Fate.

*Bischoff came out and announced that the 8/12 Impact will feature the former ECW stars in action and that RVD will take on Abyss in a ladder match with Janet above the ring.

*Dreamer vs. Abyss. Dreamer is in control but they go to ringside. Dreamer uses a beer can on Abyss, then throws the trash can full of weapons into the ring. The crowd is totally behind Dreamer. Dreamer does the whole ECW baseball slide into Abyss with the trash can in front of abyss' face. Dreamer brings out a barbed wire board. Dreamer picks up the trash can but Abyss punches it in his face, then chokeslams Dreamer to get the pinfall victory.


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