Frank Stubbs

Go through their paces

Friday 23rd July 2010

Today's technology allows me to write these thoughts while watching this morning's training session. Sitting here melting in the blistering heat it is difficult to understand how it is possible to train so hard in such conditions.

But then again, I'm relatively confident none of them were sitting in the bar until 3am like the rest of us!

It's a bit like that every day here, training, pool, lunch, pool, training, dinner, bar, bed. As you can imagine, it's quite tough!

Yesterday evening's training session was very entertaining. Not only was there plenty of ball work and that great sight of the ball smashing into the back of the net but you got to see the human side too. We forget that although superstars they laugh, joke and play like any other group of young lads.

With a weekend of yet more fun and frolics ahead I'll leave you there. To the bar methinks... for soft drinks for now.



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