Big news! Thing Labs is merging with AOL!

We are pleased to announce that as of today, Thing Labs is merging with AOL. This deal has been in the works for a little while, and we’ve been dying to tell you all, but today it’s official!


First things first: Brizzly is sticking around. Of course anything can happen in the future, but nowhere on our list of things to do is there a “KILL BRIZZLY” item. For more info about this and other questions you might have, see our handy FAQ below:

Whoah, why are you selling to AOL?
Why not?!?! They have some great products, excellent brand recognition, and lots of people who are doing interesting things. This obviously gives us a boost in resources and huge opportunities to make the web even more awesome.

But that’s how my grandmother connects to the internet.
Well, thank goodness for them, then. How else would you get those pictures of dogs and cats doing adorable things or whatever?

Seriously, they have this cool product you’ve probably heard of called AIM. And a bunch of interesting websites (Engadget, Urlesque, TMZ, Joystiq, and many more) that you may or may not know are owned by AOL.

What will you be doing over there?
AOL has asked us to take on a couple of things, including heading up AIM and Lifestream. We’ll also continue working on Brizzly, including some version of Picnics and the Brizzly Guide.

What will happen to Brizzly?
Some or all parts of Brizzly will live on at AOL. One of the reasons we joined forces is that AOL recognized the great products we’d built and saw places where Brizzly, the Brizzly Guide and especially Picnics could tie in with some of their efforts.

What about the bear?
First of all, he has a name (Phineas.) We hope Phineas will stick around. He’s adorable. Plus he takes care of our office mouse problem.

Do bears really eat mice?
Yes. Phineas also likes Pop Chips.

Will you be staying in San Francisco?
Sometimes. AOL just moved most of its Bay Area operations to a fancy new space in Palo Alto, where we’ll spend most of our time. But we still have a lease on a place in San Francisco, and darned if we’re going to skip any opportunities to hang out on the roof deck.

Can I come work with you?
If you do cool things that line up with our needs, sure! Check out our jobs page to submit your information.