PLNTD on Cobblestone

On August 9, 2010 we launch PLNTD on the Cobblestone Community Network.  Through Cobblestone, we are able to develop the second major component of our network launch--relational communities.  PLNTD is structured within three primary spheres: publicly (without conditions), semi-publicly (with conditions), and covenantally (with assessment). We want our website to be accessed by any and all who would find our resources and literature helpful to them, but in order to shape our network community, we have pre-determined parameters for the semi-public relational communities. These parameters are:

1. Full agreement to our core values (gospel-centered, confessional, missional, distinctively Baptist)
2. Full agreement to our confession (Abstract of Principles)

If you have signed up for our e-newsletter prior to the time of the relational communities launch, you should have received an email with an invite to join PLNTD on Cobblestone.  By joining PLNTD's relational communities, you are indicating adherence to the core values and confession foundational to our network identity.  For some general directions, here are some basic instructions:

1. Click on the link to join Cobblestone Community Network.
2. Set up your personal profile with info about yourself, church, etc. (no anonymity or pseudonyms)
3. Browse and join the groups that interest you from the dashboard menu bar.  
4. On the right sidebar of each group, you can access all discussions, files, photo galleries, events, etc.

Relational Communities

Below are annotated descriptions of each of the six communities we have started.  These relational communities through Cobblestone will serve an important role within PLNTD because the nature of a decentralized network depends greatly on the contributions of everyone committed to the regular exchange of giving to, and receiving from, the network itself. That means your participation and involvement will not only serve your immediate purposes as someone involved in church planting but also help shape the network as a whole. To this end, we prayerfully anticipate great opportunities for kingdom advance as we share the passion in our hearts, the dreams in our heads, and the overflow of gospel-centered lives!

1. Church Planter Community

The church planter community allows for future church planters to share their experiences, ask questions, receive assistance in assessment and discerning God’s call, and providing resources tailored to various stages in the church planting process. Various issues in this community include the calling of a church planter, theological education and training, casting vision for new church plants (including a church planting proposal), and cultivating the necessary skills to lead in church planting.

2. Church Planting Church Community

The church planting church community is a place where pastors of established churches can collaborate together on making the transition to becoming reproducing/multiplying churches and all the challenges that arise in this process. Practical helps, personal encouragement, and biblical counsel are intended to aid in this important work of revitalization. Various topics include the nuts and bolts of residency centers, such as assessment, training, funding, leadership development, etc.

3. Coaching Community

The coaching community exists for experienced church planters to be trained in coaching and reinvest into the PLNTD network through new church planters within their geographic area. Coaches can share resources and communicate best practices with one another while offering assistance and encouragement to one another.

4. Strategic Partnership Community

The strategic partnership community serves as a means to channel financial resources to specific church planters or church planting churches within the PLNTD network for kingdom advance. This community allows the planters and churches to communicate the vision and provide updates, while the financial contributors (whether individuals, churches, or businesses) are able to see how their financial partnership is working to advance the gospel through planting new works in the network.

5. Pastors Fraternal Community

We know that there are pastors who are not actively involved in church planting. Perhaps they have questions or reservations or simply don’t know where or how to begin. The pastors fraternal is a place for pastors to share their thoughts about church planting and receive input from other pastors about how to get involved directly through their own church and indirectly through partnering with church plants in their geographic region.

6. Training/Conferences Community

As PLNTD continues to develop, we are planning future training opportunities on various levels: nationally through conferences, regionally through cohorts, and locally through outposts. In this community, we will provide announcements about these future training opportunities and allow folks to network together both before and after the training to discuss, debrief, and possibly even collaborate together.