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See the gas tank half-full

René A. Guzman - Express-News Staff Writer
Web Posted: 07/17/2008 10:35 CDT
(Dennis Ochoa/Express-News)
All right, knock it off. Seriously, let it go. Complaining isn’t going to drop high gas prices, so you might as well learn to see the gas tank half-full.

We don’t just mean a Zen approach or accentuating the positive. The tweaks (OK, pains) you take to make the most of your mileage can easily improve many other facets of your life. Imagine better relationships, better organization, even better skin — all for far less than $4 a gallon. All it takes is some perspective and, most important, action.

Read on and fill up on these uplifting ways to fuel your life.

Carpool your way to winning friends and influencing people. Minimize automobile emissions while you maximize business contacts? It’s easy from the comfort of a co-worker’s shared car. Steven Schoeffler, executive director of the carpooling Web site, stresses that carpooling eases wear and tear on your vehicle and the environment, but also points to more intangible benefits like good old networking and gossip, as well as finding a good doctor and just nice conversation.

Besides, “(e)very person who carpools makes the rest of the traffic go faster,” Schoeffler says. “So if half the people were carpooling everyone would get to work faster.” Hey, more time to network at work, too.

Bus your way to getting more done. From the podcast you like to hear to the (ahem) morning newspaper you like to read, you’d be surprised how much you’ll accomplish riding the bus. (Especially if you’re not the chatty type.) And thanks to VIA Metropolitan Transit’s special trip planner, you can get trip durations to really manage your minutes in transit. Just go to or call (210) 362-2020 for more info.

Budget to keep your wallet full. High gas prices force us to budget. That’s always a plus because it means more money in your pocket. Just don’t stop with what you want to save at the gas station.

“When it comes to making a dollar stretch, the first thing you have to do is find out where your money’s going,” says Louie Diaz, financial adviser and owner of Diaz Group Financial Services.

Diaz says itemize all your expenses, from the cable bill to dinner. Look where you can cut costs in each area. For instance, Diaz suggests buying certain items in bulk or switching to unlimited texting on a cell-phone plan to save on cost per text message. The last thing you want is to use credit cards to pay bills.

So you don’t only count cash that’s going out, Diaz says, pay yourself first. “Drop in an extra $20 into a family fun surplus or whatever that may be.”

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Discount Fuels3:18 AM
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