Announcement – to become from October 1st 2010

We are extremely thrilled to announce today that, India’s leading online practice management software will become from October 1st 2010.

What is – is rebranded and improved version of

We would like to thank all our users – doctors, receptionists, practice administrators who have used our software and given us their invaluable feedback. It is with your help that is today India’s leading online practice management software. All the customers will be automatically upgraded to on the launch date.

This success has motivated us to do even better and provide you awesome features, tools to manage your practice and delight your patients.

Please click here to know more about the new features which will be made available to you in from October 1st 2010. If you have any questions regarding the or the upgrade we have a Frequently Asked Questions section just for that.

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FAQ's about

1. What do I have to do upgrade to

A) Nothing. You will be automatically upgraded to on 1st October 2010. Just login to with your credentials and you will be able to use the updates.

2. Whom to contact for any doubts or queries?

A) You can mail us at or call us at 022 3190 2002. We would be glad to take you through the updates or iron out the problems which you are facing

3. Why this change?

A) This change was done to create a new identity. is the leading online practice management software. We wanted to extend this advantage to the medical practices, and also launch it internationally.

4. Do I have to train my front desk again?

A) No training is required. All you have to do is go to and login with your credentials. We have our support lines open (022 31090 2002) to entertain any questions of yours on this update.

5. What is the difference?

A) With we are launching 10 new features which will benefit you. You can go through our article on 10 ways will help you. Our aim is to make bigger, better and more simpler than what you have experienced so far in

6. Does it cost more?

A) No, we have not increased the prices in, they remain the same as in

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10 new features in

Practo, our latest release takes the envelope even further. We are looking to make practice management even more faster and simpler. So here are the 10 new features in

1. Practo now supports all medical practices such as Eye, Skin, General Physician, Orthopedic and more. In fact we have extended our offering to benefit any healthcare establishments such as wellness centers, spa and homeopathy.

2. Practo welcomes you with an all new revamped Dashboard. A new Schedule section on the left side provides you information of the latest appointments scheduled at your practice. We have also added a new Alerts section on the right side. This displays the new online appointments taken, updates of the SMS which have failed and more.

3. Practo has few new changes in the ‘Manage Staff’ in the settings page. We have now introduced the roles of practice administrator, receptionist, doctor roles which allows you to add all your Staff members to the Practo experience. Allow them to receive the daily appointment schedule SMS on their mobile phone and allow more than one doctor to receive the entire daily schedule.

4. You can now Customize the FollowUp SMS date for patients. We earlier had a 6 months follow up option, which now in the new Practo can be changed to 2 weeks, 2 months or select your own custom date.

5. New fields have been introduced in the Patient Profile page. We have a ‘Remarks’, ‘Pin Code’ and ‘Custom medical history’ which can have individual specific medical history.

6. We have added a new support management software to manage all your queries. The support system also includes a ‘Knowledge Base’ which has all the products features and How to use listed.

7. Our new Subscription section on the right hand top corner, allows you to track your invoices and the payments. You can now make your subscription payments online as well via credit, debit or net banking.

8. Add patient name to their appointment reminder and confirmation SMS. Instead of ‘Your appointment has been confirmed …’, now make that ‘ Mr Kumar your appointment has been confirmed …’

9. We now provide you with unlimited *Transactional SMSes, so you no longer need to count or worry about the number of SMS you have used. We have also provided you with an option to purchase Bulk SMS at low prices to be sent from your clinic from the SMS Center.

10. We also provide the option of networking Multiple Clinics together. So for a chain of clinics or franchise of clinics, you can use one login and manage multiple clinics simultaneously.

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How to avoid bad breath

Store shelves are overflowing with mints, mouthwashes and other products designed to help people combat and prevent bad breath. Yet these products help control bad breath only temporarily.

Halitosis, or bad breath is one thing major health concern that should be taken seriously. Halitosis is due to bacteria in the mouth breaking down proteins to volatile Sulphur Compounds that smell. These bad breath sulphur compounds are actually the waste products from the bacteria. There are other causes for bad breath too. These are:

  • Bad Breath by Food: Foods such as onions and garlic can cause short-term bad breath. The odor cannot be eliminated because it originates in your intestinal tract and you must wait a day for the odor to leave your body naturally.
  • Bad Breath by Smoking: Smoking causes chronic bad breath from the smell of the tobacco and because it leaves your gums and teeth prone to gum disease which causes bad breath.
  • Bad Breath caused by Dentures: Dentures (a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth) can cause chronic bad breath when they are not cleaned regularly. Food particles can be caught in the appliances and unless the dentures are washed regularly, the food particles will help oral bacteria thrive in your mouth.
  • Bad Breath caused by Dry Mouth: Dry mouth is a condition that can cause short-term or chronic bad breath because moisture helps to clean the tissues of the mouth.  If the mouth is too dry, bacteria cannot be moved away from the mouth leading to bad breath.
  • Bad Breath caused by Alcohol: Alcohol dries out the mouth reducing the saliva formation. Also, digestive problems occur because of alcohol causing bad breath.

Cures for bad breath involve a lot of commitment when it comes to good eating habits, proper hygiene, and proper health care. If you believe you are having issues with your oral health, there are some things you need to consider.

  • Brush your teeth in the morning, in the evening, and after every meal, especially after consuming milk products, fish and meat.
  • Brush your tongue along with your teeth regularly.
  • Wash the tongue with baking soda dissolved in warm water to reduce the acidity in your mouth, making a less-friendly environment for the bacteria to grow.
  • Clean and replace your toothbrush regularly.
  • Avoid mouthwashes with dyes and alcohol. Use mouthwash containing cetylpyridinium chloride, chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite or zinc as they serve as an antibacterial agent that can control the number of anaerobic bacteria in mouth.
  • Celery (ajmod), coriander (dhania), basil (tulsi), rosemary, thyme (hasha), wintergreen (gandapura), cardamom (eliachi), cinnamon bark (dalchini), clove (laung), fennel (saunf) or anise seeds (patli saunf) are great breath fresheners. Slowly chew any of these herbs and allow the saliva to build up in your mouth.
  • Eating plain yogurt for 6 weeks can sweeten your breath because it reduces levels of offensive compounds produced by bacteria in the mouth by 80%.
  • Rinse your mouth before sleeping with a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon added.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

If you keep teeth, tongue, and mouth clean, you will not suffer from the problem of bad breath. You should take all care in cleaning your teeth by using proper tooth brush and adopting correct brushing technique. Finding an effective cure for bad breath can be liberating for you. When you have eliminated bacteria from your mouth, you will be able to exude confidence when talking to people because you know that you have found a cure for your breath that works!

[Reproduced from Lifemojo. LifeMojo is a wellness company, helping people to live a healthier life. LifeMojo provides online and on phone nutrition consultation services to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.]

Find this article on Lifemojo.

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10 bad habits that can harm your teeth

Oral hygiene is very important. Having strong and healthy teeth are important in addition to having a pretty smile. Without proper brushing and flossing your mouth can become a breeding ground for disease. But there are other bad habits as well that can damage your teeth.

You use your mouth for many different things other than chewing food. People often engage in certain habits involving the mouth that are detrimental to oral health. You should be careful about bad things that you do with your teeth. Here are a few to avoid:

  1. Using teeth as tools: Many people use their teeth as tools to open bottles or a bag of chips, tear a plastic tape, rip a price tag off a piece of clothing and even on wires. Your teeth were not meant to be used like this. This can be have a traumatic effect on your teeth, causing the edge of a weakened tooth to chip off or even break. This can even cause malocclusion (poor jaw alignment) by wearing down your teeth unevenly. Keep the real tools like scissors or wire cutters handy and use them to do the work.
  2. Chewing ice: Many people habitually chew on ice, especially the leftover ice after they finish an ice-cold drink. The hardness and cold temperature of ice cubes can actually cause teeth to fracture. You could potentially chip off part of the enamel on a tooth or crack off a filling. Sometimes the damage is severe enough to require a root canal. Dentists recommend to just let the ice melt in the mouth like candy instead of crushing it with your teeth.
  3. Chewing hard objects: Many people chew pencils, pens and other hard objects. Your teeth were meant to chew food, not unnecessary things. Similar to chewing ice, chewing hard objects can fracture teeth, leading to unnecessary dental repairs.
  4. Sucking on lemons: If done on a regular basis, the citric acid in lemons can leach important minerals from your teeth and erode your teeth’s outer surfaces, making them sensitive to cold food and drinks, and prone to chipping and cracking. This doesn’t mean that you should give up on all citrus fruits and their juices. Just make sure that you aren’t holding it in your mouth for prolonged period of time.
  5. Brushing too hard: People usually think that by applying more pressure while brushing or using a hard-bristled toothbrush makes teeth more shiny. This is a false myth which should be avoided. When you brush too vigorously or use a hard-bristled toothbrush, it can wear away the protective enamel on your teeth. It could also lead to receding gums and increased tooth sensitivity (to cold and touch). Choose a soft brush and do gentle circular strokes for best results.
  6. Nail biting: Nail biting is not only bad for your nails, but it is also harmful to your teeth. It can cause broken or chipped front teeth, and gives an opportunity to germs and bacteria from underneath your nails to enter your mouth and cause cavities or gum infections. Nail biting is often a subconscious habit that is an expression of some deeper anxiety that gets worse at times of stress.
  7. Teeth grinding: Chronic bruxism (a.k.a teeth grinding) can lead to a variety of dental problems including excessive wear of the teeth; chipping, cracking, and fracturing of teeth and loosening of teeth. It can also cause pain in the jaw joints, headache and severe toothache. This habit often occurs at night while asleep on a subconscious level, usually in response to emotional stress. To limit the damage it can cause, your dentist may suggest you to wear a mouth guard for teeth grinding at night.
  8. Drinking white wine: Many people choose white wine over red wine as the latter can stain the teeth. But actually, white wine can cause more permanent problems because of its high acidity. This acid wears away the tooth enamel, exposing the darker layer underneath (the dentin), giving teeth a yellowed appearance and leaving them much more vulnerable to stains from any colored food or drinks consumed at the same time. For protection, rinse your mouth with water after you drink and eat some cheese with your drink to balance out the wine’s acidity.
  9. Excessive soft drink consumption: Excessive consumption of sweetened carbonated soft drinks is emerging as one of the most significant dietary sources of tooth decay. It’s not just the sugar in the soft drinks that is bad for your teeth. The acids included in the drink also contributes to the formation of cavities. Sugar-free drinks are less harmful, but they can still cause problems as they too are acidic.
  10. Sucking your thumb: Thumb sucking, one of the most common habit among children, interferes with the positioning of the upper and lower front teeth, causing the upper teeth to splay out and the lower teeth to fold back into the mouth. These changes in the bite position eventually require orthodontic treatment.

These are just a few examples of damaging habits that have an impact on your mouth. Will power on your part may help you exchange harmful habits for good dental exhibits.

[Reproduced from Lifemojo. LifeMojo is a wellness company, helping people to live a healthier life. LifeMojo provides online and on phone nutrition consultation services to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.]

Find this article on Lifemojo.

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Dentistry is here!

Have you registered for Dentistry 2010?

Dentistry 2010 starts tomorrow, 23rd July 2010 at Palace Grounds, Bangalore.  Scientific sessions, hand on courses, clinical seminars, an awesome trade show, its all happening at Bangalore this weekend.

Do not miss the presentation on Dental Practice Management by Bangalore based Prosthodontist, Dr. Anand V Rangan.

We are going to be there, as Technology Partners of the event. We hope to see you there too!!

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Practice Management @ Dentistry2010.

Do you find a slump in your practice of late?

Is the pressure to keep your prices competitive affecting your practice?

Too many dental clinics around?

How do some practices keep wowing their patients all the time?

If you have been thinking on the lines of these questions and trying to figure out answers to them, you’ve got to be at the “Talk on Dental Practice Management” by Bangalore based Prosthodontist, Dr. Anand V Rangan.





Dr. Anand V Rangan

Friday, 23rd July 2010

10 – 11 am

Pierre Fouchard Meeting Room

We at, the Technology Partners for Dentistry 2010 recommend this talk to all our users. If you are going to be at Bangalore this Friday, Gayatri Vihar, Palace grounds is the place to be.

And for the benefit of our readers who will not be able to make it to “Dentistry 2010″, we will try to publish excerpts from Dr. Rangan’s talk on this blog in the near future.

See you at Dentistry!!

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[Patient Education - Post 3] How to whiten teeth at home

Here’s an interesting video demonstration of how to brush and floss right,  and in general, how to keep teeth clean and white!

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4 reasons to use

There are a few pain points, that dental and medical practices have. The introduction of technology into clinics can mitigate these problems greatly. in particular helps you solve 4 of the most common congestion points faced by practices all across.

This short slideshow better will inform you better.

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Practice of the month (June) – Dr. Ajay Bajaj

Two months ago, blog launched a series called the Practice of the Month. The intention behind this feature was to allow our users to know how the benefits they reap out of can be maximized, and we thought, what better way to do it than to get our own users speak about it. The response it garnered has been overwhelming. This series been able to give our users a better understanding of how can help them. It has also allowed those who have been looking for services like ours to gain insight into what does. Feedback about “Practice of the month” is welcome.

Shashank recently had an oppurtunity to interact with Dr. Ajay Bajaj, Smilez Unlimited, Mumbai. Dr. Bajaj has been an active user for the last 6 months and had some feedback to share. Do check out the video. The transcript of the conversation follows.

Shashank(S): Very good morning doctor, could you please introduce yourself to us and let us know for how long you have been using ?

Dr. Ajay Bajaj(A): This is Dr. Ajay Bajaj, I am a conservative dentist and an endodontist. I have been using since the last six months and I am quite happy with the product.

S: Great, Sir. Initially, what were the obstacles you faced before buying the product? Any thoughts on that?

A: Well, to be frank, I had already bought a software from one of my friends only a few days before I was introduced to . Then one of my dentist friends suggested that I take a look at I dint want to try something new, but I happened to try it. I happened to take a trial and try out the product, and I loved it.

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More on your new calendar!!

About a month ago, you got a sneak peak into the new calendar. By now, you must have got used to using the new calendar. And we at, all the while, have been striving continually to make the ‘most used’ part of the application, the calendar, more and more user friendly.

Newly introduced on the silver plan and higher plans, is operatory management. This technique lets you to assign an operatory/a chair/an X-Ray room/any resource(category) in the clinic for a particular appointment. You can create your list of categories in Settings->Calendar Settings. Those appointments which havent been assigned any category will be shown as “Not assigned”, generally in black. (TurboDoc Tip: To upgrade to Silver or higher plans, please write to / contact a customer support executive)

Also released is a facility to import not just contact data, but treatment data as well, from other software products to .  And if you need us to transport your treatment data from any other software product to TurboDoc, please do get in touch with our team using the feedback button/telephone/email to .

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Search patient records from any page!!

We have introduced a new “Search Patient” option on all pages. Meaning, you dont need to go to the “My Records” page every time you need to search for a patient record. When you click on one of the results of this search,  you land on the record page of that particular patient with all the appointments of that patient listed.

We have also recently introduced “Fluid Width”. This technology allows you to make full use of the size of the screen you have. The pages from automatically fit to the width of your screen. Mobile users will have a better browsing experience thanks to Fluid Width.

Stay tuned to for more frequent updates.

Happy TurboDoc-ing!!

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For the doctor, from the web: keeps posting quality information on its Facebook group. Here are some of the latest posts:

1. David After Dentist : 55 Million hits -

2. Dr Vivek Saggar does a 18 implants case -

3. Is your kid scared of going to the dentist?? -

So, if you havent yet joined our Facebook group, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and join us!

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Praises from Users !!

So, here’s some of the appreciation we have been receiving lately at

“Looks good now keep up the frequent updates”- Dr. Karthik V (March 22nd 2010)

“Very well done. I am very happy” – Dr. Kedar Bakshi (March 11th 2010)

“New changes to the patient information and appointment scheduling is super!” –  Dr. Joshua Sheih – (March 1st 2010)

” New calendar- really nice. Good work!!!!” – Dr. Tushar Hegde (March 2010)

We love a pat on the back too, so if you feel like giving us some kudos, be our guest!

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How safe is your data online?

This question can be further broken down to 3 basic questions -

1) How safe is the web today?
2) What are the right questions to ask your web application provider (gmail, facebook etc) ?
3) Is safe?

1) How safe is the web today?

In the past 10 years, web based solutions & technologies have come a long way. They have evolved wonderfully to provide a better solution for storage, backup and access of data vis-a-vis client/server systems. This can be attributed to, to name a few, the below.

- Advanced web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox have made browsing the web safer and faster
- Better encryption techniques like SSL, 256 bits encryption that ensure higher levels of security
- Higher bandwidth allows better security measures to be employed
- Mainstream commerce like booking movie / railway tickets has to a phenomenal extent, moved to the web. This has underlined the need for more online payments which in turn has brought in more investment and research into security

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Abhinav Lal in action. is built using highly advanced technologies. PHP, being one of the hottest tools in web technology today, is a widely discussed topic in web developer circles. PHP is one of the technologies used to build .

The CTO of , Abhinav Lal, was invited to speak at a conference of PHP developers held at Microsoft Campus, Bangalore on 24th April 2010. At, we believe in an open standard for technologies, so that intellectual wealth can be shared among like minded individuals, and used for the benefit of improvement in web technologies. Abhinav spoke on an emerging trend called “Job Queues”. Here are a couple of images from the event!

Image Credit: Pic 1 , Pic 2

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Do Rough Surfaced Implants Really Have An Advantage Over Smooth Ones?

[Guest Article by Dr. CP Mathai, a leading Oral Surgeon who practices at Malad(W), Mumbai. Dr. Mathai has been a user for several months]

The smooth surfaced classic implant is as good as extinct. In its place we are faced with a number of ‘rough surfaces’. Each manufacturer seems have some sort of unique surface and claims magical properties for their own surface.

How much of a difference the newer rough surfaces make to the ultimate success of the implant compared to the older smooth machined surface has been an area of much controversy.

A retrospective analysis of thousands of implants placed over the past many years at the world renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota published in the latest issue of The International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants claims interestingly enough that ”….there was no significant difference in the survival rates of smooth and rough-surface implants….”
It is worth looking into this study in some detail, because, beyond the assertion that forms the title of the paper are many other significant findings that are quite interesting.

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Posted in Dental Information, Viewpoint | Leave a comment @ PGCon-2010 is proud to be associated with an upcoming dental conference, the PGCON-2010 which will be happening over the last weekend of May, 28th, 29th and 30th in Bangalore, India.

PGCON 2010 is an event of the Federation of Operative Dentistry in India in collaboration with the Indian Endodontics Society. This conference boasts of few good pre-conference coursesScientific paper sessions and even a Bangalore site seeing opportunity - Don’t miss it. is committed to giving back to the Dental community by helping organisers of conferences communicate and organise their events better. Do let us know if there are more such opportunities where can be used, at no extra charge. Mail us at

(You might recall a blog post in which we had mentioned that had played a similar role in IDC 2010 at Chennai back in February.)

Looking forward to seeing you at PGCON 2010 – Bangalore!!

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Customer feedback – Dr. Sumedha Acharya

While we are continually trying to give our users tools that makes life easy for them, heres what one of’s happy customers in Bangalore, Dr. Sumedha Acharya of Anugraha Dental Clinic thinks of our service. Take a look at the video.

If you want to tell us how you feel about, please go ahead and hit the feedback button or mail us at We are all ears.

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Patient Education Series – Root Canal Treatment Video(RCT)

Educating patients about their condition and the proposed cure is a very important aspect of the whole treatment. In order to help doctors pass on information to patients, has come up with a new initiative – The Patient Education Series. Starting now, we will periodically update this section with informative videos that will help doctors inform patients about treatment procedures.

Here’s the first one – an interesting video to help you educate your patients about Root Canal Treatments. And how they are done. We will be happy to receive your feedback about this, and requests for videos through comments are welcome.

Video credit : harrymcdull

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What is a web browser??

The web browser is your single entry point to the internet. The importance of the browser is thus as much as the internet is important to you.

Traditionally, the internet has been just a collection of web pages. You could read and collect information about things you were looking for. But today, the internet is growing more and more powerful. Web pages are now web applications. People use the web for communication, for entertainment, for productivity, for research, for banking, for shopping, for taking backups, for browsing photos, for creating art, for sharing memories, for expressing themselves.. the list is growing as you read this..

So, now that we have established the internet’s role, the importance of the web browser is all the more obvious. The browser not only lets you access the internet, but its also responsible for letting you do this faster, safer, with all the tools to manage your online life.

Let’s detect your browser:

All this said, many of us are not sure which web browser we are using. A faster, safer, stable web browser means you will save time on every single web site you visit, your data is private and safe. Modern web applications, like Gmail, Facebook, give you a better experience on the newer browsers. So you must choose the right browser, and also try and apply the updates as they are rolled out. And the best news is, all of these browsers are free and so are the updates.

You can of-course choose stick to the browser that comes by default on your computer(the blue E), or you can make a choice today, and experience the web the way its meant to be!

Here are links to the best browsers available to you today :

Mozilla Firefox

Opera Web browser

Google Chrome

Safari for Windows from Apple
Your online security is Firefox's top priority. Firefox is free, and made to help you get the most out of the web. The fastest browser on Earth. Secure, powerful and easy to use, with excellent privacy protection. A fast new browser from Google. Try it now! Safari for Windows from Apple, the world’s most innovative browser.
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Practice of the Month (May 2010) – Dr Mohammed Ali, Ayesha Dental Clinic Bangalore

We are starting a brand new series from this month on the blog called Practice of the Month. This section will cover one practice every month and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using as a practice management solution in clinics. The objective of this initiative is to provide tips to existing users on how to effectively use to optimize the value derived from it and also let doctors who are planning to subscribe to get the feedback from existing users in order to make an informed decision.

This month we are featuring Ayesha Dental Clinic, Bangalore. We candidly spoke with the head doctor of the clinic Dr. Mohammed Ali,  on his experiences while using the product. Take a look at the video. The transcript of the discussion is right below the video.

If you have any feedback or would like to be featured in this section please write to

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PGCon 2010 – Event Summary

The PGCon 2010 was held over the last weekend of May 2010 at Oxford Dental College, Bangalore. The event was organized by FODI and IES.

A large number of delegates were benefited by the pre conference program, which included presentation of scientific papers and also lectures and hands on courses by renowned faculty regarding advancements in dentistry. The event was a successful one with a participation of over 800 delegates. was invited to participate in  PGCon 2010. We were involved in the communication division, and our communication channels channels were used for event updates and information exchange between delegates and organizers.

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Appreciation for – PedoPlanet, Chennai.

Pedoplanet Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, a chain of Paediatric Dental Clinics in Chennai celebrated the 6th anniversary of the opening of their first clinic recently. On the occasion, they also started off operations at their clinic in Velachery. Part of this function was to recognize and appreciate the different 3rd party providers that they believe are responsible to the tremendous success of the chain., having been associated with PedoPlanet as their Practice Management Partners for the past several months, had the honor of  being recognized at the event. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Prathibha KM, MD, PedoPlanet, said, “During the period of our association, has definitely made a difference by making it simpler for us to manage our practice and clinic”.  A statement that touched the hearts of those at, the plaque we were presented with read, “We dream without fear because you create without flaw”.

Manoj Kumar, Regional Head – Sales & Support, provided valuable insight on the science of practice management.

Dr. Muthu gave a first hand account of how practice management tools can be used to enhance productivity and efficiency of dental offices. In appreciation of he said, “This is the first company that brought in payments on a monthly basis and therefore concentrated not on the selling the product but on actually implementing it and making sure it is used the way it is to be”.

We at would like to thank PedoPlanet for recognizing our efforts in bringing about a change in the way practices are managed. Appreciation like this motivates us all the more to put in more for out cause.

Many congratulations to PedoPlanet on their 6th anniversary. also wishes them all the best for their new clinic.

Below are a few of snapshots from the event

Manoj Kumar speaking on the occasion

Dr. Muthu and Dr Prathibha presenting the memento

The PedoPlanet Team

The memento

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Adding photos, X rays, reports now easier and powerful

Storing photos online has a lot advantages. This allows you the power to not only access patient records from any internet enabled device but also to pull down x-rays and other photos anytime, anywhere! To empower yourself with the amazing new photos and files management system on, watch the informative video below.

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Have you checked out the new treatment records? now has a comprehensive treatment recording page. Additions include – two level treatment categorization, mode of payment, discounts on payments, and, oh wait. We suggest you take a look at the video below and get the complete idea!

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Categorize Treatments and add pricing catalog

Questions that users always asked us – how can I categorize my treatments, do I have to enter the cost of the treatment every time, are all answered. The video that follows will help you with how you can get started with the new treatment settings and pricing catalog!

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New updates on swears by “fewer your options, lesser the confusion”. Moving on these lines, and as an attempt to make life with easier for our users, we have come out with some cool new updates.

Here’s an image of the new dashboard.

The changes on the dashboard are that you can add photographs of patients, the ubiquitous dropdown button is not there anymore – to make modifications on an appointment, you just need to hover your mouse over it and the different options are shown.

The other new updates are explained in separate videos on . Do take a look at them, they will help you make the best out of your!

We would love to hear from you about what you think about the new release. If you have anything to say about it, bouquets or brickbats, please email them to !!

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[Patient Education Series - Post 2] – Dental Implant Video

Over the last decade, the number of dental implants and bone grafts has increased manifold. The advancements in the technologies used in implant dentistry, the obvious benefits of an implant over other makeshift measures, the availability of information on the subject to patients, and also the rise in standard of living of people in general have been some of the causes that may have resulted in this increase of dental implants.

Here’s an interesting video(a 3D animation) that will help you educate your patients about dental implants – a tool that we hope will be useful for you to explain the procedure of implants to patients.

We would love to hear from you what you would like us to write about. Kindly write to us with your suggestions to

Video Credit: ashishPUNE

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Dentistry 2010 is upon us!

Come July 23rd, and its Dentistry time. Dentistry 2010 is a dental congress organized by the IDRR. The dates are 23-25 of July 2010 and it’s happening at Palace Grounds, Bangalore!

The conference lays emphasis on several in-house hands workshops and clincal seminars by eminent clinicians from across the world. The scientific sessions will be monitored by the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. There is also going to be a mega trade show which will enable exhibitors to showcase the latest technologies and trends to the delegates.

Says Dr. Sibi Xavier, Chairman – Organizing Committee and Editor, IDRR, “The Venue for Dentistry 2010, The Palace grounds in the heart of the city is one of the main attractions. Dentistry 2010 will provide a great opportunity to all in the dental industry to expand their market in India and to create new connections with establishments from around the world.”

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5 ways how iPad will change your practice

Finally, a computer which does not need any installation, setup, hardware or software configuration, virus protection, training to use. This magical computing device is called the Apple iPad. Is this device a necessity or a luxury? Can this device help improve your practice?

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