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Stan Marsh
Stan is your average, American 4th grader living in a pretty f*cked up town. When crazy things happen in South Park, he and Kyle often provide the voice of reason and help to fix the problem.He briefly was the head of Scientology, the coach of a Pee Wee hockey squad, and is great pals with the Super Best Friends. Stan has a sister named Shelly, a gay dog named "Sparky", and was crazy in love with Wendy Testaburger". They broke up for a while but have since patched things up.
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Stan Chooses Scientology

Stan chooses Scientology over his friendship with the boys.
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Preview - The Race Is Tomorrow

Season 13: Pinewood Derby
Randy and Stan work late into the night to finish their pinewood derby car before the big race.
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More Lies

Season 6: My Future Self 'n' Me
Stan has no success confronting his parents about their lies.
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Stan's a Timecist

Season 8: Goobacks
Stan's parents accuse him of being an ignorant timecist.
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User vs. Profile

Season 14: You Have 0 Friends
In the ultimate battle of social networking, Stan takes on his all-powerful profile.
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Preview - Stan & Wendy

In a preview of tonight's episode, Stan confronts Wendy about "The List."
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Stan's in Trouble

Season 2: Merry Christmas Charlie Manson
Stan's parents are alive and going to Nebraska to find him.
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Stan's Missing

Season 2: Chickenpox
Stan's missing, and if they don't find him he could die.
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Hockey Nightmare

Season 10: Stanley's Cup
Stan's dad has a nightmare about Stan's pee wee hockey days.