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Brigade E5: New Jagged Union puts you in control of a group of up to six mercenaries. This tactical RPG allows you to explore modern-day Palinero, a small war-torn tropical state in desperate need of order. As Mercenaries, your hand-picked team will be out to make some money... and there is plenty of money to be made in Palinero. Along the way, you may find that for someone with the right instincts and talents, there is more than money to be found in Palinero... there is power.

During your time in Palinero, you will find yourself at the center of the civil war between three powerful opposing forces. Your actions may determine the future of this tiny tropical nation... they certainly will determine yours.

Genre: Strategy
Release date: 2006-10-17
Platform: PC-CDROM
Players: 8
Developed by: Apeiron
Catalogue: Strategy First
Publishing Partner: 1C
Available for download: $14.99

  • Large and immersive game levels, rich with detail and tactical terrain elements!
  • System of combat control SPM, combining the advantages of turn-based and real-time games and wide tactical opportunities.
  • Unprecedented variety of weapons and devices, realistic modeling of weapon characteristics, ammunition and items
  • Character appearance changes dynamically with each set of clothes, equipment and weapons.
  • Day/Night changes in real-time! Use day and night tactics along with light scopes and night vision goggles!
  • Large arsenal of realistic weapons (more than 130 different weapons with more than 10000 modifications in total.)
  • Realistic combat system with intelligent AI that forces you to evaluate situations.
  • Network gaming (TCP/IP) for 2 to 8 players in three different game modes: DeathMatch, Assault and GoldenTurtle.
  • Non-linear story line set in war torn Palinero
  • International cast of player characters, 40 mercenaries to hire and more than 70 NPC's!

Optimal Requirements
  • Windows® 2000 or XP
  • Intel P4 or AMD Athlon 2GHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • 128MB Graphic Card (nVIDIA GeForce FX class or higher)
  • 8x CD-Drive
  • DirectX-compatible sound card
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • 2GB of hard drive space
  • Broadband or dialup Internet connection