Jigsaw 8/31/2010: It seems like everyday now there's a new blog poping up on With Young Lions Cup fever and our Maryland and New York debuts, that's no surprise. Among all these blogs though, one stuck out to me...that's the one by my good friend Quack.

Ya see, in Quack's blog he stated that he'll be joining up with UltraMantis Black for this year's Cibernetico. Mike, you know I don't trust this guy and it's because of him that CHIKARA's in the current mess with the BDK. But if you're in for the fight, you know I've got your back, even if that means teaming with Mantis. So sign me up for the squad. On October 23rd in Easton, we bring an end to the BDK - but it's going to take all of us, the originals.

Photo courtesy Scott Finkelstein

So I say this to the rest of the CHIKARA locker room...rudo and tecnico. It's time for us to stand up and shut 'em down. To the guys that have been here since day one - the guys that helped build this company into what it is today - I say we follow Quack's lead and put our grudges aside to end the war the BDK has brought.



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