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CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 10/4: Complete "virtual time" coverage of Raw with Hell in a Cell fall-out - John Cena joins Nexus

Oct 4, 2010 - 10:06:13 PM

WWE Raw Results
October 4, 2010 - Episode #905
Live from Wichita, Kan.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Tonight's WWE Raw #905 episode started with the usual Raw intro video rather than a potential cold open following the big events at the Hell in a Cell PPV last night. Inside the arena, Michael Cole introduced the show following the "startling and disturbing events" last night. Cole sounded somewhat dejected.

In-ring: After a pause, Nexus's music hit to bring out Wade Barrett, followed by Slater, Otunga, Gabriel, and Tarver. Barrett had a big smile on his face as Cole dejectedly said the unthinkable happened when Cena was pinned and forced to join Nexus. Once Nexus's music stopped, the crowd was hot with boos and "You suck" chants. Barrett told them to simmer down because he has a lot on the agenda tonight. He reminded the audience he won his match against Cena last night. Big heat for that statement. Before they bring out the "newest member of Nexus," there are a few issues to address.

Barrett said he has identified the two mystery men who hit the ring during his match last night. They showed Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty on the Titantron. Barrett said he did not ask either man to get involved. He said they are certainly not a part of Nexus. He claimed he needed no help defeating Cena last night. Which brings them to issue #2. Barrett waited another "you suck" chant and dryly told the audience they've already told him that.

Barrett addressed the other four members of NXT, telling them he didn't need their help. Otunga whispered that it worked. Barrett said he doesn't want to hear it. He moved on to inducting the "newest member of Nexus." He gave a big introduction for John Cena. Out came Cena on stage sans music. He was still in the standard purple and gold Cena merchandise colors. Cena stared blankly around the arena before slowly walking down the ramp toward the ring.

Cena entered the ring and stared down at the mat. Barrett waited out Cena's initial reaction before reminding Cena he's a man of his word. He said he believes Cena will come to realize over time this is the best thing to ever happen to him. Tarver was next to speak. He told Cena he put his hands on him, made jokes about him, and threatened his livelihood. Now, the joke is on Cena. He shouted at him that he failed. Barrett calmed down Tarver, who said they have a little gift for him. Tarver held up an "N" armband for Nexus. Cena yanked it out of Tarver's hand, then glared into his eyes. Tarver backed away as the crowd chanted, "Cena, Cena." Cena held the armband with his fingers, then slowly removed his own Cena armband, which drew shrieks of horror. Cena looked into the crowd as he held both armbands. Cena then slowly put on the N armband, which drew more shrieks and cries.

Slater said the public wants to know Cena's thoughts, but instead of making him feel uncomfortable, they have an official statement for Cena to read right now. Slater handed him the press release and Cena started jawing with Barrett. Barrett told him to read it...and read it now. Cena stared down at the mat as Slater told him to read it now. Cena yanked the mic from Slater and read over the piece of paper.

Cena began reading: "I, John Cena, hereby acknowledge I am a member of the Nexus." He paused after reading. He said any enemy of Nexus is now an enemy of his. Cena continued by addressing his fans. He said he hopes the fans stick by him because you're either Nexus or against us. They cut to a shot of a teen girl with arms folded looking dejected. Barrett told Cena that his first match tonight will be in a tag match against Evan Bourne and Mark Henry. He told Cena he'll get to pick his own partner from Nexus. Cena walked right up to Tarver and smiled in his face. He pointed at Tarver and acknowledged him as his partner. Barrett booked the match and said there is no time like the present, so let's have the match now. PYB (3) talk time: 11:35.

In-ring: Out came Bourne and Henry as Tarver tried to pump Cena, who continued to sell dejection with the entire matter. They cut to a replay from Monday's Raw when Nexus beat Henry and Bourne in a tag match, then Nexus took out Henry and Bourne.



The bell sounded and Cena walked center ring. Cena offered a handshake to Bourne, who accepted. Cena backed off to the corner as Tarver shouted at him that this isn't how they do it. Cena slapped in Tarver to "show him how it's done." Tarver then pounded on Bourne and shouted at Cena. Cole posed the question of whether Cena will be a willing partner on the other side of the break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Henry was working on Tarver as Cole reset a "surreal scene." Cole smiled as Henry pounded on Tarver, who was then taken into the babyface corner. Cena then pretended to stick out a hand for a tag as Tarver was isolated way across the ring. Cena continued to mockingly reach for a tag, which drew a crowd pop. Henry then tagged in and Tarver reached out for a tag, but Cena pulled his hand away. Cole wondered what Barrett is thinking about this. Suddenly, Henry and Tarver came to a standstill before Henry clubbed him across the back. Henry then stepped on Tarver's chest and tagged in Bourne. Bourne followed with a nice standing moonsault, but Tarver kicked out. Cena continued to mockingly reach out a hand for a tag.

Tarver fought back at 7:30 before Bourne caught him in the corner with a kick strike. Tarver then followed with a belly-to-belly suplex. Tarver tried to make another tag, but Cena dropped off the ring apron to start signing autographs. Tarver was pissed. In the background, Henry snuck in the ring. Tarver freaked, then Henry scooped him up and landed the World's Strongest Slam center ring. Henry with the cover for the win as Cena signed Cole's format sheet.

WINNERS: Henry & Bourne at 8:55. The match was mainly a set up for the post-match advancement, but it was needed to "give the fanbase some hope" and let Cena act like a babyface to the crowd's delight before the impending dilemma Cena would face. (*1/4)

Post-match: Cena, with hands on hips, walked over to the timekeeper and took a mic. Cena said he would like to make a statement of his own. Cena slid into the ring and said that as the newest member of Nexus, he plans on doing one thing and one thing only. He said he will destroy it from within. Tarver pulled himself up and Cena said you can be with Nexus and against him. He then punched Tarver out of the ring and glared into the hard camera. No sign of other Nexus members as Cena went to the outside and stalked Tarver on the floor. He then clotheslined Tarver and glared down at him.

Cena wasn't done. Cena started rearranging the ring steps before bodyslamming Tarver onto the steps. He shot an icy glare toward no one in particular as the crowd cheered. The crowd wanted it one more time. Cena obliged with a second slam onto the steps. Back in the ring, Cena stalked Tarver again. The crowd wanted an STF and Cena took Tarver out by the knee with a football tackle. He then slapped on the STF as Tarver screamed out in pain. Cena's face turned red as he squeezed the hold on. Suddenly, the Raw GM buzzed as the lights flickered in the arena.

Cena eventually dropped the hold as Cole walked to the podium. Cena glared at Cole, who seemed befuddled by the email. Cole said the terms of the stipulation with the match vs. Barrett said Cena must join Nexus if he lost. He said Nexus takes direction from Barrett, and so, as a member of the group, Cena must take direction from Barrett.

[Q3] If he does not, as much as it would be bad for business, and as much as the WWE Universe would despise it, he would have no alternative...pause...but to terminate Cena's contract. Cena looked around as Cole said no one is bigger than WWE despite his popularity. Cole read that the GM (whose powers seem to be unlimited) will fire Cena if he does not co-operate. Cena slowly walked around the ring as they had more crowd shots of stunned kids. Cena squatted down and thought things over before slowly leaving the ring. Cena left the ring as the crowd chanted, "Never give up." Cena nodded, then slowly walked up the entrance ramp to the back. He disappeared from sight as they cut to a break.

Smackdown plug: What happened between Kane and Undertaker? Find out Friday night on Syfy.

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Smackdown plug: Big hype for Smackdown on Friday with Rey Mysterio's Syfy debut against Alberto Del Rio. Rey brings his high-flying to Smackdown against the "elite" Del Rio.


Immediately back from break, Alicia was in the ring doing a weird hand gesture toward Natalya, who was also in the ring. Eventually, Alicia made the gesture of a "heart breaking." Natalya won this in under 45 seconds with the Sharpshooter. She then posed in the ring and pointed to the crowd.

WINNER: Natalya at 0:38. If you blinked, you missed it. A quick squash for Natalya, but not enough emphasis on this one minute of TV for it to mean anything. (n/a)

Still to come: The Raw GM has demanded a "public apology" from Edge after Edge destroyed the Raw GM laptop last week. Also tonight is Johnny Knoxville on Raw.

[Commercial Break. I have no idea what "The Situation" was trying to do on Dancing with the Stars.]

Backstage: Knoxville was talking to Melina and Gail Kim, with new haircut, on his new movie. Out of nowhere was Zack Ryder, who was suddenly knocked down by a giant hand off-camera. Ryder fell down selling. Anyways...

Hallway: Cena was pacing around as Josh Mathews approached him wanting to know what he'll do next. Cena quietly said, "Dunno." He said he can't not be in WWE. Cena suddenly ran down a hallway and ended up Nexus's locker room. McGillicutty and Harris, in street clothes, were also in the locker room. They walked off as Barrett told Cena he has big plans for him.

Classics on Demand: Rocktober. A full month of The Rock. So, it's Rocktober vs. Brocktober, which stars fellow WWE alumni Brock Lesnar on Spike TV. Plus, a new Legends Roundtable on WWE's on-demand program.


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Ringside: The band Atom Smash was shown ringside, as they provided the theme for Hell in a Cell.

In-ring: U.S. champion Daniel Bryan was randomly in the ring. They're obviously short on time tonight. Out as Bryan's opponent was former WWE champion Sheamus. Wow, talk about giving away a fresh, potentially very good match-up with no hype.

3 -- U.S. champion DANIEL BRYAN vs. SHEAMUS -- non-title match

Cole noted Sheamus is a very frustrated man following his loss to Randy Orton at the PPV. Sheamus blasted away at Bryan over and over again. He landed about ten knee drops to the head near the ropes, causing a DQ. Bryan was face-down on the mat selling unconsciousness. Sheamus then finished off Bryan with the High Cross running Razor's Edge. Sheamus glared into the crowd before his music played.

WINNER: Bryan via DQ at 0:30. Of all the wrestlers on the roster to use in that spot, they chose Bryan fresh off an important U.S. Title retention on the PPV last night with no follow-up on Bryan solidifying himself as a legitimate force in WWE? We'll see if there's any type of follow-up to make right on that. It was the right booking of Sheamus in this spot needing to get his heat back after the title loss. (n/a)

Backstage: They showed Edge walking down a hallway to address the Raw GM up next.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: Back live, Cole and Lawler sold they were so distraught by Cena joining Nexus that they weren't ready to be back live on the show. They recapped Cena in the hallway a little while ago when he tried to chase down Hennig and Harris before Barrett told Cena they have a lot to talk about.

In-ring: Cole stepped into the ring, where the Raw GM podium was positioned. Cole was booed before he asked for their attention. More boos. Cole read that after the events last week, the GM will stop communicating via voice-altering methods, but through email through the "voice of WWE," Michael Cole. The concept was lame weeks ago, but it's even lamer with Cole not even trying to pretend like he's reading an email, but reading a scripted statement that he rehearsed ahead of time. They cut to a video from last week's Raw when Edge snapped on the Raw GM laptop. Back live, Cole shook his head. He read that Edge's "act of defiance" was unacceptable. Therefore, two things are about to happen. The GM wants Edge to come apologize. Then, the GM will make a huge announcement regarding the WWE Title. So, Edge, the GM is waiting, Cole said.

[Q5 -- second hour] Edge's music hit right at the top of the hour to bring out Edge dressed in street clothes. Once Edge was in the ring, he took the mic and said he won't apologize for anything. He said he's on a personal crusade against all things stupid in WWE. One is a GM ruling by email. Cole shook his head. Edge said Cole has been the personification of stupidity since 1997. He said he would rather listen to a recording of JR than a live Cole. That got a pop. Edge said he hasn't even scratched the surface of attitude.

The Raw GM buzzed and Cole smirked. He sneered at Edge and read an email that they will determine a new #1 contender to the WWE Title. And they'll do it in a 20-man battle royal. The prize to the winner is facing Randy Orton for the WWE Title at Bragging Rights. Cole smirked and told Edge he won't be in the battle royal because...pause...the GM has officially traded Edge to Smackdown. The crowd booed, then chanted "spear, spear, spear." Edge said, "Hallelujah." He said now he doesn't have to listen to a lame GM or listen to "the single biggest tool in WWE," Cole. Cole shot back, "How dare you!" Cole ranted that he is now the official voice of WWE and Edge needs to treat him with some respect. Cole acted big-time and Edge got the crazy eyes. He suggested he show Cole some respect by spearing him right off the show.

Suddenly, Miz's music interrupted. Lawler said he was looking forward to doing the show alone. Miz and Alex Riley walked into the ring as Miz called Cole a visionary for recognizing his greatness early on. Cole slipped out of the ring as Edge mocked him. Edge then called Miz a wannabee Edge. Trench coat. MITB. One-word name. Miz said they're nothing alike. Edge said he's right because Edge has been WWE champ. Edge noted the tons of things he's done on Raw, including a "live celebration." That's your PG label of the "live sex celebration" with Lita. Edge said he hasn't even seen Miz successfully talk to a woman other than Alex Riley. Riley laughed then told Edge to check himself because Miz is the future of WWE. Edge then talked up Bryan, saying Miz is tapping to Daniel Bryan. The crowd chanted, "You tapped out," as Cole tried to defend Miz. Miz then said he'll either be competing for the WWE Title at Bragging Rights or he'll be leading Team Raw in victory against Team Smackdown.

Edge called Miz WWE's ultimate Jackass. He pounded Riley, then knocked over the Raw GM laptop and podium. Riley then took a spear from Edge, but Miz caught Edge with the Skullcrushing Finale from behind. Miz slowly got up after delivering the finisher while Edge sold face-first on the mat. PYB (3) talk time: 12:46. JC: Good TV segment. WWE needed a reason for "Raw vs. Smackdown" to happen at Bragging Rights and Miz vs. Edge as the leaders of the teams is a good set up. I don't see Edge ever getting over a full-fledged face, but this worked well opposite Miz. No word on the "Player to be named later" in the Edge trade.

Backstage: They zoomed in on John Cena staring straight ahead. Barrett told Cena he might think what he did to Tarver was clever, but it helped him out since he's been looking to get rid of Tarver for a while. Barrett said that's the kind of initiative he was looking for. He then instructed Cena to help him win the battle royal. Otunga chimed in from behind that in the event Barrett doesn't win, he has to help Nexus. Barrett shot Otunga a look and said that is not happening. Barrett corrected Otunga that Cena must help Barrett win...or he's fired.

[Commercial Break]


Smackdown plug: Cole hyped Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown this Friday.

4 -- LAY-COOL (Unified divas champion MICHELLE MCCOOL & LAYLA) vs. BELLA TWINS

Already in the ring back from break were the Bella Twins. Out came Lay-Cool as their opponents, with Lay-Cool able to cross over between brands with McCool the "Unified Divas champion." In the process, the "attraction" of being able to see brand-specific talent on separate brands continues to be watered down little by little. The Bellas quickly pulled off the Switcheroo and McCool went for a roll-up, only to be crucifix pinned. Layla was great selling from the ring apron. She had her back to the pin and started celebrating until the Bella's music hit. McCool sold embarrassment being pinned as Layla tried to make sense of what happened.

WINNERS: Bellas at 0:59. The combined length of two Divas matches tonight is shorter than the already super-short standard Divas match on Raw. (n/a)

Backstage: Maryse resumed her role of trying to hit on the Raw GM. Ted DiBiase then stormed in from the same entrance as Zack Ryder, only to take the giant hand to the face. DiBiase thought it was Knoxville who was sending the love letters and messages to Maryse. Maryse then took the giant hand to the back, sending her crashing onto DiBiase. Knoxville apologized profusely as DiBiase huffed and puffed in anger. Maryse shrieked as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Raw replay: They went back to last week's Raw when DiBiase and Maryse were greeted by the love message on the Videotron.

Announcers: Cole said a lot of strange things are happening to the "Million Dollar couple." Cole and Lawler then set up a video preview of Knoxville's "Jackass 3D" movie due out October 15.

In-ring: Justin Roberts gave a full intro for Knoxville, who came to the ring alone. Cole noted the coincidence of the movie coming out on his birthday. They cut to a sign in the crowd that said Knoxville needs an RKO. In the ring, Knoxville put over his movie. Suddenly, DiBiase's music hit to interrupt. Out came DiBiase and Maryse to the ring. Knoxville apologized and asked for no hard feelings. Knoxville said he was just trying to make Maryse laugh, kind of like when Maryse saw DiBiase without any shorts on for the first time. DiBiase mocked Knoxville before slapping on the Million Dollar Dream. DiBiase smiled, then hugged Maryse. Awkward hug.

Suddenly, the latest message came on the Videotron: "You...Are...Mine." Yes, it's Goldust. Goldust entered the ring from behind and dropped DiBiase with the Final Cut. He then told DiBiase he doesn't want him. He slithered over to Maryse and said he doesn't want her either. Maryse sold shock and relief at the same time. Great sell. He then stroked the Million Dollar Belt and grunted. "I want you," he told the belt. Lawler asked if things could get any more bizarre tonight. Goldust played around with the title belt as Cole sarcastically noted all of this build-up has been for Goldust desiring the title.

Still to come: 20-man battle royal with Ryder, Primo, Harts, Nexus, Santino, Darren Young, Truth, Kozlov, DiBiase, Regal, Henry, Bourne, Morrison, Barrett, Cena, Sheamus, and Miz.

Tuesday night: NXT moves to The first elimination, plus Vickie Guerrero vs. Kaitlyn "in a wrestling match," said the voice-over woman. Apparently it's a novel idea now to have a wrestling match on a wrestling show.


[Commercial Break]

Make-a-Wish plug: They rolled footage of current and former WWE wrestlers doing Make-a-Wish grants through the years. Back live, Cole and Lawler put over the wish-granting. Cole then segued into talking about the news-filled Raw thus far. They talked about Edge being traded to Smackdown. No mention of the Player to be Named. Perhaps just cash (or ratings...well, not right now) considerations.

Raw recap: John Cena started off the night as a member of Nexus, then destroyed Michael Tarver, who has apparently been booted from the group.

Locker room: Cena was shown holding the N armband in his hands again. Otunga then walked up to him alone. He said he heard what Cena said earlier, but Nexus isn't all bad. He said Barrett can be a bit demanding, but he knows deep down they can make this work. Cena continued to hang his head dejectedly. Otunga told Cena he'll be there for him if he needs to talk. Cena looked up and sold thought as Otunga walked off.

Back to the announcers, Cole and Lawler noted Cena will be fired if he does not follow Barrett's orders, including the battle royal. Cole then brought up Chris Jericho's name as someone besides Edge who won't be in the battle royal. They replayed footage of Randy Orton, the champion who has not made an appearance on the show yet, punting Jericho in the head last week. Cole gave a medical update that Jericho is "expected to be out indefinitely" after the Punt.

In-ring: John Morrison came out first for the #1 contender battle royal. R-Truth was out next as Cole groaned for his ring intro music. Santino and Kozlov came out next, followed by Sheamus. John Cena's music hit for the first time tonight. Cole said it's a bit odd. No sign of Cena. The announcers sold confusion over him being in the match, apparently not recognizing they just showed him on the graphic. Continuity, fellas. Cena's music stopped, then Nexus's music hit to bring out Nexus with Cena following behind. Cena sold a reluctant solider for Barrett as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]


5 -- 20-MAN BATTLE ROYAL -- #1 contender match for the WWE Title

Back live, everyone was assembled in the ring. Nexus + Cena were on one side against the Raw wrestlers. The bell sounded and Bourne was out at 0:08. Sheamus took out D.H. Smith. Regal was out via Cena. Cole then made a mistake saying Sheamus was unable to "retain" the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell. That would be "regain." Santino, then Zack Ryder were out. Primo was next via Mark Henry. Henry is taking out frustration from Saturday. Henry tried to eliminate Barrett, but Cena made the save. Henry asked Cena what's up. Nexus then ganged up on Henry and Cena could only watch as Nexus eliminated Henry. Otunga got in Cena's face, so Cena dumped Otunga over the top rope. Cole said Cena only has to help Barrett, not anyone else in Nexus. Barrett and Cena pointed fingers at each other as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Morrison was on the offensive and even went after Cena before attacking Barrett. During the break, Barrett took out Kozlov. Also, Darren Young was kicked out via Nexus. Not a lot of prestige to this match with some of the involved participants. Also, no inclusion of the #2 champion on the Raw brand, Daniel Bryan, is curious. Cena and Barrett stood in one of corner, then Cena went after DiBiase. Sheamus teased an elimination of Slater, but to no avail. Morrison then took out Slater, which drew a pop.

At 10:00, DiBiase nearly eliminated Cena, who held on for dear life. Cena then broke free and saved Barrett from being eliminated. Nice "nearfall." Morrison then eliminated Kidd via springboard Flying Chuck. Down to about eight guys, including a very quiet Miz. Miz then got some TV time working on Morrison. Cena continued to play a bodyguard for Barrett before Cena and Miz came face-to-face. Truth then grabbed Miz from behind, but Miz kicked him away. Morrison suddenly busted out a sweet huracanrana from the ring apron taking Miz over the top rope to the outside. Sheamus and DiBiase then tried to separate Cena from Barrett as they hit the top of the hour.

[Q9 -- over-run] Cole reset the show as Cena began clubbing Sheamus to protect Barrett. Gabriel suddenly teased an elimination before Truth awkwardly eliminated Gabriel with a kick. Cena and Barrett are the last two Nexus members now. Truth was out next, reducing the number of Raw wrestlers left. Barrett then dumped DiBiase over the top rope, ending his surprisingly long stay in the match. So, it's Morrison and Sheamus vs. Cena and Barrett. Lawler asked the "gray area" question of what happens if Barrett is eliminated, does Cena get fired? Cole said he doesn't know. Morrison then smashed Barrett with a kick from the apron, but he fell off the ring apron and eliminated himself.

So, it's Sheamus, Cena, and Barrett. Cena did his usual routine on Sheamus before dropping the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena then tried to eliminate Sheamus, but Sheamus came back with the Irish Curse backbreaker. And the crowd quieted down. Sheamus then stalked Cena for the Brogue Kick, but Cena ducked and Cena clotheslined Sheamus off the apron to the floor. So, it's Cena and Barrett. The crowd knew what was up as the two men slowly walked toward each other. Cena wanted to square off, but Barrett pointed over the top rope. Would Cena winning a guaranteed #1 contender match over-rule him getting fired? Puzzles wrapped in riddles. The crowd was hot as Barrett ordered Cena to eliminate himself. Cena slowly backed away to the ropes as the crowd loudly chanted, "Let's go Cena." Cena and Barrett then came forehead-to-forehead for a big meeting of the bulls. Cena gritted his teeth and approached the top rope. Cena then climbed over the top rope onto the ring apron. Cole said this is everything he lives for and he can't quit a match. Lawler said he's gone if he doesn't do this. Cena then slowly dropped to the ground and his feet hit the ground. Barrett is your new #1 contender.

Post-match: Exit Cena. Enter Randy Orton. 127 minutes into the show, Orton stomped out to the ring for the first time on the show with WWE Title belt in hand. Orton entered the ring and started circling around Barrett who peered down at him. The circle became smaller before they were within inches of each other. Orton then held up the WWE Title belt and maintained a glare with Barrett. Glare returned. "Is Randy Orton WWE's final hope?" Cole asked as they concluded the show.

WINNER: Barrett at 19:35 to become #1 contender to the WWE Title. The crowd was hot for the story, so that was a good sign for Week 1 of Cena as a Nexus member. Orton vs. Barrett is quite the intriguing one-on-one match, with the added back-story of Cena expected to help Barrett try to win the match.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The wrestling quotient was really weak this week and the follow-up on Daniel Bryan's star-confirming PPV match last night was a disappointment. Evaluating "John Cena with Nexus Week 1," I would rate it 7/10. There are a lot of different ways this could go, especially with Harris and Hennig officially involved in the proceedings, plus Otunga perhaps forming a sub-unit of the group. There's a lot more hope in this show than last week's Raw, which seemed to be a ship heading for nowhere. Edge leaving Raw at the same time Jericho is temporarily written off certainly hurts the star-power department. That seems to be why the vast majority of emphasis going forward will be on Cena, Nexus, and Barrett. Plus, now there's Orton as the sole top face. Miz also has to factor into the Bragging Rights hype as the "leader" of perhaps a heel Raw faction against a babyface Smackdown faction, which is now short Christian. Raw's hit in the star-power department also makes it that much more head-scratching why they failed to follow-up and elevate Bryan after the win last night.

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Austin News: Steve Austin and The Rock in a movie together?, Austin talks possibility of working with wrestling stars on future movie projects
Austin News: Watch the first movie clip from Steve Austin's latest DVD action movie, additional details on "Hunt to Kill" DVD features (w/VIDEO)
10/6 WWE results in Hidalgo, Tex.: Kane vs. Mysterio main event, Del Rio, NXT Season 2 Rookie, Tag Title match
McMahon News: McMahon vs. Blumenthal Debate II - Blumenthal says indep. contractor classification "could be criminal," Blumenthal references McMahon tipping off steroid doctor (w/VIDEO)
WWE News: Report on WWE's government lobbying efforts, firm claims it was hired to make WWE "more acceptable to politicians and the media," McMahon and Blumenthal debate lobbying record
WWE News: Matches airing on tonight's Superstars - familiar Harts vs. Usos main event, former Nexus member in singles action
TNA News: Hulk Hogan health update after surgery Wednesday - TMZ reports Hogan upbeat, in "a lot of pain" following "very painful" procedure
TNA News: Detailed preview for tonight's live TNA Impact - Foley vs. Flair, final Bound for Glory hype, $100,000 match, new characters debuting, tag team name on the line
McMahon News: Latest poll numbers in Connecticut Senate race - Linda McMahon drops in the polls following Monday's TV debate
WWE HELL IN A CELL RESULTS 10/3: Keller's ongoing "virtual time" report on live pay-per-view event
CALDWELL'S WWE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS PPV RESULTS 9/19: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Six-Pack Challenge, Kane vs. Taker, Miz vs. Bryan
WWE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS RESULTS 9/19: Keller's ongoing "virtual time" results of live pay-per-view event
9/11 ROH INTERNET PPV LIVE RESULTS: Caldwell & Radican's coverage of "Glory by Honor IX" - ROH Title match, Haas & Benjamin debut
RADICAN'S 9/10 DGUSA "Enter the Dragon 2010" PPV review - Insane 4 Way, Chikara-Kamikaze USA 8 Man Tag, Hulk-Mochizuki
CALDWELL'S TNA NO SURRENDER PPV RESULTS 9/5: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Angle vs. Hardy, Pope vs. Anderson
KELLER'S TNA NO SURRENDER PPV RESULTS 9/5: Ongoing coverage of TNA World Title semi-finals, Nash & Sting vs. Jarrett & Samoa Joe
VIP - 8/15 WWE Summerslam PPV Audio Roundtable: Keller, McNeill, Caldwell discuss in-depth Nexus's failure to destroy WWE, Daniel Bryan & Undertaker's returns, DQ finish in Orton-Sheamus, more (65 min.)
WWE SUMMERSLAM RESULTS 8/15: Keller's ongoing live pay-per-view report - Cena & Bret's Team vs. Nexus, Orton vs. Sheamus
CALDWELL'S WWE SUMMERSLAM PPV RESULTS 8/15: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live PPV
TNA HARDCORE JUSTICE RESULTS 8/8: Keller's ongoing results of live PPV from South Phila... Orlando, home of Disney World!
CALDWELL'S TNA HARDCORE JUSTICE PPV RESULTS 8/8: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of ECW-themed PPV headlined by RVD vs. Sabu
CALDWELL'S WWE NXT RESULTS 10/5: Complete "virtual time" coverage of NXT Season 3, Week 5 - first episode on WWE's website
NWA FROM HOLLYWOOD TV REPORT 10/1: Colt Cabana, PWG BOLA 2010 winner in the main event, The Sheik, Title match hyped for next week
KELLER'S TNA IMPACT REPORT 9/30: Belated detailed report on last Thursday's final hype for Before the Glory live special this week
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 10/4: Complete "virtual time" coverage of Raw with Hell in a Cell fall-out - John Cena joins Nexus
KELLER'S WWE RAW REPORT 10/4: John Cena joins The Nexus, wrestles as Nexus, reads statement regarding joining Nexus
KELLER'S WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT 10/1: LIVE premiere on SyFy includes Cena vs. Kane, Show vs. Nexus, Taker vs. Punk
PARKS' WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT 10/1: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the live debut episode on SyFy
"COUNTDOWN TO SMACKDOWN" TV REPORT 10/1: CALDWELL'S review of WWE's sports-like countdown show leading to the live Smackdown premiere on Syfy
CALDWELL'S TNA REACTION TV REPORT 9/30: Complete "virtual time" coverage of TNA show following Impact on Spike TV
CALDWELL'S WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS 9/30: Complete coverage of Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston, Divas tag match
CALDWELL'S WWE NXT RESULTS 9/28: Complete "virtual time" coverage of NXT Season 3, Week 4 - final episode on Syfy
KELLER'S WWE RAW REPORT 9/27: Jericho vs. Orton headlines, plus final hype for Hell in a Cell PPV
10/6 Question of the Day Reax #3: Torch readers with more ideas on shaking up WWE's business & product - seasonal schedule, Start Over by unifying top titles, Brand Split or no Brand Split, more
QUESTION OF THE DAY 10/7: What are your expectations for tonight's live TNA Impact broadcast?
Question of the Day Reax #2: More proposals on big changes to WWE's product - Tag teams, space out PPVs, wins/losses on the TV screen, Raw storylines lead to Smackdown matches, more
Question of the Day Reax #1: Torch readers share ideas on addressing WWE's business downturn - seasonal schedule, dropping PPVs, R-Rated PPVs, Fantasy League
QUESTION OF THE DAY 10/6: What big picture change would you make to WWE's product to address a downturn in business in 2010?
Torch Reader Reax: NXT Online debut, Is Orton vs. Barrett worth a Bragging Rights PPV buy?, More Raw Reax
WWE Raw Reax #2: "I’m trying really hard to enjoy this version of WWE catering to younger fans, but it’s wearing thin"
WWE Raw Reax #1: Very mixed reviews on John Cena's first night with Nexus - was there too much Cena & Nexus on Raw?
QUESTION OF THE DAY 10/5: Is Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett a strong-enough PPV main event to entice a PPV buy?
RAW POLL: Rate WWE's booking of John Cena's first week as a member of Nexus if you saw Monday's Raw
Question of the Day Reax #2: More reader feedback on how to book Raw going forward - should John Cena unite, tease tension, or go against Wade Barrett?
Question of the Day Reax #1: Torch readers book John Cena's first night as part of Nexus, how the angle could play out until 2011
HITS & MISSES - ROH TV on HDNet 9/27 & 10/4: Tyler Black on ROH TV, ROH champion in six-man tag, top stars built up heading to Final Battle 2010
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - WWE: Wade Barrett Is A Lucky Bloke, Squashing Daniel Bryan, The Cena-Nexus Antidote, Early Absurd Bragging Rights PPV Line-up
10/4 WWE Raw Hits & Misses: John Cena and Nexus, Edge-Miz, Sheamus Squashes Daniels Bryan, Battle Royal
HITS & MISSES - WWE HELL IN A CELL PPV 10/3: Opening U.S. Title match, Orton-Sheamus, Kane-Taker gray area, Raw GM, look-ahead to Bragging Rights
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - Hell in a Cell PPV Review: Pre-PPV Predictions vs. Actual Outcomes vs. Absurdity Predictions In A Katy Perry-Endorsed Three-Way Match
GARDNER'S KEY MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Chris Jericho leaves WWE via Orton Punt, can WWE fill the void?
NEWTH: Comparing recent TV ads by Linda McMahon and Richard Blumenthal - who's winning the important political battle of style over substance? (w/VIDEOS)
9/27 WWE Raw Hits & Misses: Build-up to the Hell in a Cell PPV, Edge vs. John Cena, Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - WWE Raw: Edge vs. GM Laptop Competes Against Bears vs. Packers?, Mick Foley Book Plugs, Why Does Cole Only Hate Mid-Card Babyfaces?
9/24 WWE Smackdown Hits & Misses: Kane - Undertaker, Alberto Del Rio takes out Christian, Big Show, Kaval, Ziggler vs. MVP
9/23 WWE Superstars Hits & Misses: Primo vs. JTG, Goldust vs. Regal, Cena vs. Nexus Replay, suggestions to improve the show
GARDNER'S KEY MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Randy Orton wins the WWE Title - can Orton help turn around WWE's business?
TNA IMPACT FLASHBACK - TWO YRS. AGO (10-23-08): Live Impact Top 10 Things - Main Event Mafia forms, Sting & Nash TV main event, Foley's "ownership" interest, new title introduced
WWE RAW 10/4: Place Your Bets on tonight's Raw - Week 6 of current PYB season with Cena joining Nexus
WWE HELL IN A CELL PPV FLASHBACK - 2009 (10-04-09): Top 10 Things To Know - DX vs. Legacy, Battle of Future Stars V.1, PPV Headliners now out of WWE
WWE OCTOBER PPV FLASHBACK - 2008 (10-05-08): Top 10 Things To Know - HBK vs. Jericho ladder match main event, MIA PPV headliners, Who's in WWE & TNA in 2010?
WWE SMACKDOWN FLASHBACK - TWO YRS. AGO (10-03-08): SD debut on MyNet, 10 Things To Know - Hunter vs. Jericho vs. M. Hardy main event, J. Hardy chasing Hunter, Who's in WWE & TNA in 2010?
TNA IMPACT FLASHBACK - FIVE YRS. AGO (10-01-05): Impact debuts on Spike TV exactly five years ago, Top 10 Things To Know - Hardy in main event, Who's still in TNA in 2010?
WWE OCTOBER PPV FLASHBACK - 2007 (10-07-07): Top 10 Things To Know - Triple H wrestles three matches, Six-man tag with three current TNA wrestlers, Who's in WWE & TNA in 2010?
WCW NITRO FLASHBACK REPORT (03-30-98): Jericho's famous "Man of 1,004 Holds" promo, Top 10 Things To Know - night after WM14, Piper vs. Hogan, Who's in WWE & TNA in 2010
WCW THUNDER FLASHBACK REPORT - 12 YRS. AGO (09-24-98): Top 10 Things To Know - Goldberg main event, Jericho's Raw name-drops, early Eugene cameo, Flair vs. Bischoff, Who's in WWE & TNA in 2010?
WCW NITRO FLASHBACK REPORT - TEN YRS. AGO (09-25-00): Top 10 Things To Know - Russo challenges for WCW Title, Goldberg vs. Steiner, Who's in WWE & TNA in 2010?
WWE RAW 9/20: "Place your Bets" Scoreboard after Week 5 - Review last week's scores; No contest this week with taped Raw
McNEILL FLASHBACK (5 Yrs Ago): Seven Reasons You Can't Blame TNA For Jeff Jarrett
WWE STATS REVIEW: Wrestler Rankings for number of matches in first-half 2010; how many matches are top stars on pace for the full year?
5/16 TNA Stats in Review: Current champions, 2010 Win/Loss Records, TV & PPV & house show results
5/3 TNA Stats in Review: Current champions, 2010 Win/Loss Records, TV & PPV & house show results
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 1999 - Muchnick, Rick Rude, Owen Hart, Renegade...
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2000 - Solie, Albright, Duncum, Tsuruta, Blue Demon, Al Costello
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2001: Johnny Valentine, Terry Gordy, Chris Adams, Bertha Faye, Helen Hart
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2002 (Wahoo, Thesz, Rocco, Mr. Wrestling)
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2002 (Wahoo, Thesz, Rocco, Mr. Wrestling)
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2003 (Hawk, Hennig, Blassie, Liz)
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2004
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2005
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2006
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