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Film News : Hollywood Insider - 6/10/10

By Hollywood Insider | October 6, 2010

victorwebsiterHad a few too many drinks with my manager tonight at Lucques on Melrose. Excuse any typos.

The new Scorpion King is…

Hearing that ex-Melrose Place and Castle star Victor Webster has been cast as the new Scorpion King, a role made famous by Dwayne Johnson. Webster, you may recall, was up for Superman Returns at one point. The Roel Reine (Death Race 2) helmed Scorpion King : Rise of the Dead film will see Mathayus (Webster) taking on impenetrable bad dudes in the wilds of the Northern Tribes in 3000 BC. Webster beat muscleman Mike O’Hearn - also a Superman contender - to the part.

Glee Prequel?

Glee fans with talented kids might want to get their agent onto this one : The show is looking for some young tykes (age 7 or 8) to play the main characters as kids. They need a young Rachel Berry, young ‘Puck’, young Brittany, young Mercedes, and young Santana Lopez for an episode (7th of the season) to shoot sometime next week. I’m guessing it’s a ‘flashback’ episode.

Spider Surprise

Were you as surprised as I was to see Emma Stone sign on to play Gwen Stacy, not Mary Jane Watson, in the new Spider-Man film!? Here’s what I hear happened : Stone was interested in doing the movie, but she didn’t want to commit to a series of films. Since the character of Gwen Stacy is only going to be in the first couple of films (there’s speculation that she might even meet her bridge-y death at the end of the first film), Stone - who the studio was very, very keen on after she helped give them one of their most successful films of the year, Easy A- asked if she could play that part instead, that way she’d be soon free to pursue other projects. One of those projects might be 21 Jump Street, also for Sony, in which she’s being courted to play Tom Hansen’s girlfriend, Jules. The movie, which Jonah Hill is writing and co-starring in as Doug Penhall, is in the pipeline for next year.

Superman auditions in November

Zack Snyder is doing Superman. Did not see that happening, but as our friends at Vulture pointed out, the studio needed someone that could get the job done soon… and fast. Darren Aronofsky wanted to work on the script a little longer. Whatever… I’m sure Zack will do fine. ”I hear they’re going to start auditioning for the main role in November, names preferred”, I’m told via email from one casting agent. She didn’t know of anyone in particular going up for the part but had heard, over the last few months, that “the dead boyfriend on Damages and the True Blood guy are interested or have been mentioned, and will likely get to test, but if the studio is after “names” it’s likely [the studio will] be shooting a bit higher. I’m expecting a big name to be cast.” I’m not a big watcher of either True Blood or Damages, and my contact didn’t respond to my next email before this went to print, so I’m just going to have to guess she’s referring to actors Noah Bean and Moyer? Don’t know. Personally, I’m hoping now that Snyder’s involved, that Jon Hamm, who worked with the filmmaker on Sucker Punch, might get a look-in.

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