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How to run EVE Online under Linux

EVE on Linux Installing EVE Online on Linux

As of  March 10th, CCP will no longer offer Linux support for EVE Online; however, we want to be sure our Linux players don’t get left behind so we’ve put together a guide that explains some work-around solutions that utilize third-party programs. Please note that CCP cannot offer technical assistance with problems that might arise during installation or use of one of the third-party programs mentioned below but you can usually get any help you might need from their respective web sites

There are a few options.


CodeWeaver Games

Do note that after installing EVE under Linux it can happen that you see a black screen for a while, be patient.  The log on window will appear eventually.


To install Wine either use your distributions package management software or download the source and compile/install it manually.  Information on how to download and  install Wine for a few distributions can be found here

To install EVE using Wine follow these steps.
1. Download the Windows client from our homepage
2. Right click on the EVE client installer and select "open with Wine Windows Program Loader"
3. This starts the EVE client installation process.
4. Follow the instructions here to get EVE to run fully.
5. When completed simply run the EVE online Client using the Shortcut created on your desktop.


Wine-Doors is a frontend application for Wine and includes easy installation for a number of additional programs and games with easy installation procedures.  Wine-Doors binaries and sources can be found here

To install EVE using Wine-Doors follow these steps:
1. Download the Windows client from our homepage
2. Start Wine-Doors
3. Find EVE Online in the list of available applications and press the install option behind it, then press Apply.
4. Navigate to where you saved the EVE installer and press Open.
5. This starts the EVE client installation process.
6. Install all Windows Fonts available
6. When completed simply go to Applications --> Wine --> Programs --> EVE and select EVE Online to start.

1. Install the Cedega application
2. Download the Windows client from our homepage
3. Start the Cedega Gaming Service application
4. Press Install
5. Under  GDDB Profile  drop down box select EVE online and browse to the EVE client installer file under Program.
6. Press Continue and the EVE client installation is started.
7. When the client installation is completed use the Cedega Gaming server Application to launch EVE.

CodeWeaver Games

1. Install the Codeweavers games application
2. Start the CodeWeaver Games application and select EVE Online from the options list and press next.
3. The installation process takes care of all requirements so there's not much else you need to do at this point but wait for it to complete apart from pressing Yes and Ok  from time to time.
4. When  the installation is complete un tick "Run EVE-Online" and press finish.
5. The application finalizes the installation process, when completed  press Finish.
6. Start the EVE client by double clicking on the EVE icon on your desktop.

In some cases you might need to download a patch, the EVE client does this automatically for you as well as patching the client itself,