Councillors and Wards

Councillors and Wards

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As a result of the Local Government Act 2000, the role of councillors has changed, with the introduction of an executive/scrutiny system. We now have 16 wards with 48 councillors.

The council is run on a system similar to that at central government, with an executive to make major policies and remaining councillors to scrutinise or examine in detail these decisions.

How Do I Contact My Councillor?

For a full list of councillors, see the Councillor Details link on the left.

You can find out who your councillor is by putting your address or postcode into Find My Nearest (see the link on the right of this page).

You can also find out who your councillor is by phoning 020 7527 2000. You may be asked to give your street name and postcode so we can find out which ward you live in. We will then tell you who your councillors are and give you their contact details.

You can see a map of wards in the borough by following the link to Interactive Maps on the right of this page. Select Council Services from the list on the right and tick the box next to Wards to display the ward boundaries. Then use the 'identify' tool to display details of each ward.

If you wish to make a complaint about a councillor or co-opted member, contact the Standards Committee.

What Do Councillors Do?

Your councillor is the person elected every four years by the majority of local people to represent your area. They can:

  • Help you if you are dissatisfied with a council service by advising or directing you to someone who can help sort out your problem and can sometimes progress the case on your behalf
  • Run advice surgeries where you can meet with the councillor for your ward and discuss your problem
  • On some occasions make home visits or solve issues over the phone
  • As a community leader put forward proposals to improve the ward they represent which may include bringing together different community groups to develop a case for change
  • Help make decisions about council services

Members' Interests

Register of members' interests and hospitality register gives more information on what councillors are required, by law, to declare as an interest. Click on the link below to link to view the register:

Register of members' interests

All councillors hold regular surgeries which residents can attend to discuss issues face to face. If you want information on your councillors' surgeries you can find that here - Surgeries


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