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Pond insects

Pond insectsThe secret of creating a successful garden pond lies in the ability to create a complex ecosystem in which insects play an important role, as they, unintentionally, provide essential food  for fish and batracians. 

The slightest water source buzzes with life ! Whereas fish and plants can be installed by human effort, insects are put in place (almost) entirely by nature ! And nature is evidently well organized, as within a few weeks of the installation of a pond many types of insects inhabit the water.  These insects, which are brought by the wind, provide an essential food source for the fish and batracians in the pond -  that is, if the pond has been well designed, of course ! To ensure that these insects survive, create a space for them - a pond should include a place where the water level is shallow, to protect them from adult fish.  A similar space should be created for smaller, weak fish.

Mosquitos are generally the first insects to arrive.  These insects, though not very pleasant for the fragile human skin, are very much welcomed by fish, as their larvae placed on the surface of the water provide delicious eating for healthy fish.  Apart from mosquitos, other insects, such as the graceful dragonfly,  inhabit the area little by little.   Detritivores, phytophages, insect-eating predators, as well as strictly aquatic species like water bugs and predaceous diving bugs will also be attracted to this humid area.

These insects will in turn attract batracians and birds.  Generally speaking, they preserve biodiversity without disturbing the internal harmony of the pond.  But certain species should be kept under surveillance.  The caterpillar of the lily moth (a small butterfly) and galerucinae (a small beetle) should be controlled as their larvae devour the leaves of aquatic plants.

Greenly should be "drowned" from time to time by simply plunging the infested leaves under water to protect the lilies from carnage ! The greedy greenfly will immediately provide a feast for the nearby fish !

The wide variety of insects attracted by stagnant water ensures the ecological balance of the pond.  To preserve this balance, ban all pesticides from the area !


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