When Mobile audio wikis will take off?

We were happy to found out that we are no more alone with the mobile audio wiki idea.

We already knew that some people in IBM Indian Research Laboratory are developing several audio-based information systems relying on speech technologies and have also thought to integrate text messaging (SMS) in them. However, as far as we know, they are not thinking the “wiki”-way.

Now we found out (thank you Andrea for the link) that some people in the Nokia Research Center have also been working on mobile audio wiki idea for some time. They call the prototype Mosoko.

I think it is great to see that the idea we presented in early 2006 is taking off in many places same time. This is definitely a proof of the idea. Now we just wait that someone will catch the ball and make it real.

It’s about the time to have WELL, Wikipedia and Craigslist for the rest of us. And they will be mobile.

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