A Centrist is an independent and someone who does not hold themselves to the party politics of the right or left. Being a Centrist is to have the freedom of political thought. A Centrist can support some liberal principles and some conservative principles while having the freedom to disagree with both. A Centrist cares about finding the right workable solution to a problem regardless of whose idea it is or whether it is from the right or the left or from anywhere else. Centrists usually agree on an efficient government, fiscal responsibility and restraint, and freedom of choice on personal issues, and a strong diplomacy and national defense.”

Thank you to all that cast your vote for me on August 3, 2010.

I am sorry I did not get the job done for you.

The people spoke and they hired Mr. Clay. I respect your vote.

Congratulations’ Mr. Clay.

God Bless,

Candice “Britt” Britton

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